Yoshiu Washuu
Yoshiu Washuu
Name Yoshiu Washuu
Japanese Name 和修 吉雨 (わしゅう よしう)
Romaji Washū Yoshiu
Species Ghoul[1]
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliations CCG
Washuu Clan
Relatives Daikichi Washuu (Father) †
Tsuneyoshi Washuu (Son) †
Yoshitoki Washuu (Grandson) †
Kichimura Washuu (Grandson)
Kishou Arima (Grandson) †
Rize Kamishiro (Granddaughter) †
Hairu Ihei (Granddaughter) †
Matsuri Washuu (Great-grandson)
Iyo Washuu (Great-granddaughter-in-law)
Manga Debut :re Chapter 4
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Yoshiu Washuu (和修 吉雨, Washū Yoshiu) was the previous chairman of CCG. In collaboration with Adam Gehner, he invented the quinques.


Yoshiu Washuu is a man of average height and weight, he has long white hair with stubble on his chin.


Nothing is known about his personality.

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