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Yoriko Kuroiwa
Yoriko Kosaka

Kosaka Yoriko

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Yoriko kosaka re

Yoriko Kosaka


Name Yoriko Kuroiwa
Yoriko Kosaka
Japanese Name 黒磐 依子
小坂 依子
Romaji Kuroiwa Yoriko
Kosaka Yoriko
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 17 – 18 (Tokyo Ghoul)
20 – 21 (Tokyo Ghoul:re)
26 – 27 (:re Ch. 179)
Gender Female
Born May 1, 17 BSBI[1]
Height 157 cm[1]
Weight 50 kg[1]
Blood Type O[1]
Affiliations Kiyomi High School (Formerly)
Occupation High School Student (Formerly)
Relatives Unnamed parents
Takeomi Kuroiwa (Husband)
Iwao Kuroiwa (Father-in-law)
Unnamed Mother-in-law
Unnamed son
Ward 20th Ward
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Novel Debut Days: Chapter 2
Seiyuu Chinatsu Akasaki
English VA Jad Saxton
Film Actor Seika Furuhata (2017)
Nana Mori (2019)
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Yoriko Kuroiwa (黒磐 依子, Kuroiwa Yoriko), née Kosaka (小坂, Kosaka), is a human and was Touka Kirishima's human best friend and classmate when they attended Kiyomi High School together. She loves to cook and hopes to become a chef someday.

She is now working as a waitress in a bakery, and is the wife of Takeomi Kuroiwa.

Appearance Edit

Yoriko has short hazelnut hair in a bob-cut and blunt bangs. She has a very kind and pleasant demeanor, always seen wearing her school uniform and a warm smile.

Her hair is unchanged after the timeskip, though she puts it up using a bandana when at work.

After the Clown Siege, she has allowed her hair to grow out almost back to its original length.

Personality Edit

Yoriko is a friendly, sweet and caring girl who strives to become a cook. However, as ghouls cannot eat human food, her refined cooking tastes, normally tasty to humans, tastes even more horrible to ghouls than standard food.[2] She cares deeply for Touka Kirishima and worries over her, but she often enjoys teasing about Kaneki being her so-called "boyfriend." In return, Touka holds her in high regards and surprisingly cares deeply for her too; much like Kaneki with Hide.

Plot Edit

Doves' Emergence Edit

When Touka got sick, Yoriko delivered food to Touka's residence and discovers Ken Kaneki at her place, mistaking him for Touka's boyfriend.[3]

Owl Suppression Operation Edit

Yoriko and Touka make plans to visit the zoo during summer break. After the Anteiku Raid, Yoriko goes to the zoo alone to wait for Touka.

√A (Anime) Edit

In the √A anime, Yoriko spends most of her time helping Touka prepare for her university entrance exams.

Rose Extermination Edit

As Ginshi Shirazu and Takeomi Kuroiwa go to a bakery (on Saiko Yonebayashi's pleading because she was hungry and said there was a delicious bakery nearby), Yoriko appears holding a tray of baked rolls, calling out Takeomi.[4] She adds quietly to herself; "That figures" when Shirazu asks Takeomi if he knows her he simply calls her by her last name.[4]

Post-Rushima Landing OperationEdit

She greeted Takeomi when he visited her bakery with Saiko Yonebayashi and Koori Ui. When her manager becomes worried at the increasing ghoul attacks, she tried to calm him down. She was then surprised when Takeomi asked to marry her, but accepted soon after.[5]

Post-Clown Siege Edit

Marriage of Takeomi and Yoriko

Takeomi and Yoriko standing side by side after their marriage.

She was shopping for a wedding dress before turning around as an unknown person called her name. Later during a confrontation with Touka at :re, Tooru Mutsuki pulled out a mangled hand with an engagement ring and a photo of Touka and Yoriko.[6] Mutsuki claimed that Yoriko was arrested for being suspected of harboring ghouls.[7] However, this was a lie to provoke Touka, and Yoriko later celebrated her marriage to Takeomi safe and sound.[8]

Yoriko Kosaka's interrogation

Yoriko during her interrogation.

Some time later, she was arrested under suspicion of violating the Ghoul Countermeasures Law by supporting ghouls.[9] Based on counterfeit evidence, she was trialed and sentenced to death. In reply to the prosecutor's request from April 15, 5 ASBI (April 15, 20██) regarding permission to carry out the death penalty, Bureau Director Kichimura Washuu gave order on April 23, 5 ASBI (April 23, 20██) to enforce the court judgment.[10]

Epilogue Edit

She continues to bake bread as a hobby while taking care of her firstborn son.

Relationships Edit

Touka Kirishima Edit

Yoriko has been close to Touka for a long time and she seems to support Touka in the same way Hide does with Kaneki. Touka also cares deeply for her friend and defended her against some classmates who tried to bully her. Yoriko is not aware that Touka is a ghoul, however, and often brings her food or tries to get Touka to eat with her at lunch.

Since the destruction of Anteiku, they have not seen each other. Yoriko tells this to Takeomi and he is investigating what happened to Touka.

After being arrested and starved in isolation, Yoriko thought back to her days in school with Touka. She felt regret for not realizing that she was hurting her friend by feeding her regular food, while Touka had to endure the pain for Yoriko's happiness. Showing that even when being informed that Touka is a ghoul, Yoriko still cares for her friend deep down.

Takeomi Kuroiwa Edit

Takeomi was Yoriko's classmate in elementary school for several years, although he often transferred because of his father's duty. Both of them still remember each other. She noted that he never talked much but had a strong presence and was incredibly athletic.[11]. Takeomi eventually asks Yoriko to marry him.[5]

Tooru Mutsuki Edit

The two are never really seen interacting. However, Mutsuki does present what is supposedly Yoriko's mutilated hand. This shows that Mutsuki has little concern for her well-being and sees her as a means of hurting Touka. Later, it is revealed Mutsuki never harmed Yoriko and it was simply a ruse to try and provoke Touka. However, he does express some jealousy at her and Takeomi's wedding.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Yoriko is an ordinary human, living a peaceful life. Her only notable skill is her exceptional cooking.

Trivia Edit

  • She likes cooking and her bread is especially good.[1]
  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, she is featured as the "Four of Hearts."

References Edit

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