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Members of the gang.

The White Suits (白スーツ, Shiro Sūtsu) is a gang of ghouls named for the distinct style of clothing worn by members. They are noted for their strong loyalty to one another and model their structure after a traditional organized crime syndicate and model their power structure by individual strength. Their group was under Aogiri Tree but after its downfall they eventually became a part of Goat, and leadership was given to Ken Kaneki.[1]



The gang was initially made up of the subordinates of Aogiri Executive Yamori, though did not seem to be an official group at the time. In the two years since Yamori's death, Naki had expanded the group from its original three members to a much larger gang under his command.

The White Suits were sent to the Auction to provide security along with others, and charged into battle when the CCG began their operation. Under Naki's leadership, the group quickly gained the upper hand in the battle, before being confronted by Akira Mado. Mado succeeded in wounding Naki but Gagi and Guge threw themselves in front the investigator's bullets when they tried to finish him off. This caused Naki and the other White Suits to fight back with renewed vigor, taking down numerous investigators.

Part of the White Suits, including Shousei and Hooguro, participated in Kanae von Rosewald's tasks to ambush the Quinx Squad. At least five of the White Suits who ganged up on Haise Sasaki were easily defeated singlehandedly however.

The White Suits were among the Aogiri members who were sent to steal Ginshi Shirazu's corpse. Numerous notable members of the White Suits were among the Aogiri members who escaped Rushima.

Kaneki, Naki and Tsukiyama

During the Clowns' assault on CCG, Ken Kaneki asked for a great number of white suits.[2] This angered Naki, who refused to follow the orders of the person that killed Yamori. In order to gain the White Suits' loyalty, Kaneki challenged Naki to a fight and defeated him but stated taking over the gang was not his goal. Instead, he requested that Naki and the White Suits fight beneath him as members of his organization.[1]

In the following weeks, a large number of suits were produced for members of Goat, as part of a plan involving the White Suits being led by Shuu Tsukiyama.[3] Following a large-scale assault by the Clowns, the White Suits deployed as the main force of Kaneki's plan.[4]


The gang is made up of numerous strong ghouls who can fight against multiple investigators with relative ease and just brawn. Gagi and Guge demonstrated this by causing some notable difficulty during their fight with Koutarou Amon.

During the Auction Mopping-up Operation, they managed to kill numerous investigators and after the deaths of Gagi and Guge they attacked with renewed vigor and are seen killing several members of Kenta Isai's squad.

Six months after the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation, despite the inroads and strong efforts the CCG have made against Aogiri Tree, the White Suits are regarded to be as strong as they have ever been.[5]

According to Kaneki's orders, White Suits are revealed to be even larger.[2]


  • Except for Gagi and Guge, all of the members including Kaneki have been shown to crack specific fingers in the same manner as Yamori.