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Wakayama (,) is the current Prime Minister of Japan (内閣総理大臣, Naikaku-sōri-daijin, or 首相, Shushō). He is the highest ranking government official in the nation of Japan, and a long-time associate of the Tsukiyama family.


Wakayama is a middle-aged man with black hair parted to the side and combed to his right. He has distinct nasalabial folds.



Mirumo, at the behest of his son, calls in a favor to have a large amount of metal detectors transported to the CCG.


Mirumo Tsukiyama[]

Wakayama and Mirumo are close family friends, and seem to have a cordial relationship. This includes Mirumo being able to directly contact him at any time, and make personal requests that the Prime Minister uses his authority to fulfill.

Powers and Abilities[]

Wakayama is the highest government authority in the nation of Japan, governing the nation under the approval of the Emperor and the National Diet. As such, he has considerable financial, bureaucratic, and military resources at his disposal.


  • Wakayama is a fictional character, taking the place of the current Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe.
  • Itsuki Marude briefly wonders if his connection to the Tsukiyama's means he's a ghoul. It's not clear if the question was serious.
    • However, the PM's species isn't actually confirmed one way or the other.


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