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V (ヴィー, ) or Vasuki (ヴァスケイ, Vasukei) was a secret organization that operates in the shadows and fulfills an agenda of maintaining a "balance" of the human and ghoul societies. Their efforts to maintain this ostensible "equilibrium" have been failing because of the ghoul terrorist organization, Aogiri Tree, and its leader, the One-Eyed Owl. The cabal is aiming to eliminate this faction because of the danger to its policy.[1]


Yoshimura, formerly known as Kuzen, was among one of their cleaners, individuals tasked with dispatching those who threaten the organization including humans, ghouls, and rival organizations. He then met a human woman named Ukina, who he eventually fell in love with, and impregnated. Kuzen later discovered Ukina was a journalist who tried to expose the organization. V eventually discovered her identity and their relationship, and ordered Kuzen to assassinate her. Kuzen refused to do so, but after Ukina's pleading, he complied. Shortly afterwards, Kuzen defected from V, and out of fear for his child, abandoned her in the 24th ward together with Ukina's diary in the care of Noroi, where she could be out of V's grasp. However, Kuzen's daughter would soon reappear, attacking the CCG Headquarters, and out of fear for her becoming a target of V, Yoshimura took on her identity as the One-Eyed Owl and began acting in her place.[2] Just before the Owl Suppression Operation, Kaiko and other members of V arranged a rendezvous with the former cleaner. Kaiko offered Yoshimura redemption by surrendering his daughter and pledging his loyalty to V, but he declined. Upon rejection, Kaiko told him to die and there was no escape for "a bird in a cage" like him.[1]

After Ken Kaneki's capture by one of their agents Kishou Arima, the former was placed under strict monitoring during his rehabilitation and induction as a ghoul investigator under the identity of Haise Sasaki. This was due to his status as an artificial one-eyed ghoul. After her arrest, Eto Yoshimura, using her writer persona, released her final novel, King Bileygr, that suggested the Washuu Clan had a long-standing alliance with the ghoul secret society, V. She further alleged the clan was involved in a conflict with a powerful one-eyed ghoul and this conflict resulted in the formation of the CCG with the cooperation of V.[3]

To Haise Sasaki, Eto also claims that Rize Kamishiro was a ghoul who fled from V. She further explained the Rc Scan Gates do not trigger upon reading the Rc cell patterns of ghouls affiliated with V or those related to them.[4]

Kaiko later discussed with Kishou Arima and Nimura Furuta the arrest and probability of the One-Eyed Owl being the One-Eyed King. Both agents respond that it is highly possible. He ordered Arima to exterminate Matasaka Kamishiro because of his familial connection to Rize and tasked Furuta with the responsibility of monitoring Kaneki and Eto.[5]

Furuta later informed Eto during one of his visits to her in Cochlea that V ordered her editor Shunji Shiono's death because of his role in publishing the novel that exposed their conspiracy to the general public.[6]

During the Third Cochlea Raid, Furuta restarted the pressing machine and crushed the ghouls inside who were using it to escape into the sewers while numerous members of V stood behind him.[7] These other agents were later killed during their confrontation against Eto while she used her kakuja to aid the surviving escapees in fleeing the ghoul detention center.[8]

Kaiko later collaborated in the assassination of CCG Chairman Tsuneyoshi Washuu and the massacre of the Washuu Clan (sans Matsuri Washuu) along with Uta, Donato Porpora, and Furuta.[9]

The agents of V are sent to the 22nd ward to eliminate the Nameless King's White Suits battalion. They are described as being an urban legend who serve the Washuu Clan. They designate themselves as main branch special Investigators and an unnamed Ghoul Investigator states they are mobilized when the Commission of Counter Ghoul is being threatened by a dangerous enemy.[10]

Souta ruminates that the dispatching of V agents to reinforce the CCG was fairly quick and he dismisses Ken Kaneki's newly founded organization Goat as paltry due to his reasoning that by engaging V agents the CCG will designate them and the Clowns as menaces to be exterminated. Souta orders the dispatchers to regard both the Clowns and Goat as hostiles.[11]

Kaiko is seen walking to the CCG Laboratory Division with his subordinates while discussing the White Suits battalion being members of Kaneki's forces. Kaiko notes Souta is more intelligent than he appears to be. His subordinates mention business with Rize Kamishiro but Kaiko states he has no reason to believe information regarding the issue has been leaked. He notes Kuzen left them a troublesome gift and that these Ghouls who threaten the peace must be eliminated.[12]

Kaiko and his subordinates later ambush the S2 Squad Leader Matsuri Washuu to liquidate him. Matsuri questions Kaiko if the assault of V agents, CCG investigators and Clown underlings is being masterminded by Souta. Kaiko retorts the Washuu bloodline has become a problem for V. Matsuri vows to survive the ambush but is eventually defeated and supposedly eliminated.[13]



Differences in the anime

In the Tokyo Ghoul anime, however, events played out differently. When V learned about Yoshimura's family and his betrayal, they tried to eliminate them. Kuzen fled together with his family, but Ukina was killed during their escape, and as a last resort, Kuzen had to leave his child in an abandoned house. Shortly after Kuzen had successfully survived V's attack, he returned for his infant daughter, but the child was taken away.[14]


Manga Depiction

Anime Depiction


  • V is associated with the tarot card The Hierophant (V).
  • Interestingly enough characters recruited later in life into the organisation instead of being born into it and have no blood relation to the washuu still through unknown means attain the same distinct RC pattern as natural-born members. Members like Kuzen who were scouted for their abilities after catching the organization's eye have somehow acquired this pattern cultivated over centuries within the washuu line through breeding and cannablism. Odder still, is the fact that this trait is inheritable to children of these recruits regardless of them being unaffiliated or staunchly antagonistic to V in the case of Eto Yoshimura. It is unknown how V christens it's new initiates and recruits with this pattern.