Tsukuru Tsukiyama
Name Tsukuru Tsukiyama
Japanese Name 月山 創
Romaji Tsukiyama Tsukuru
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliations Tsukiyama family - Former Head
Relatives Mirumo Tsukiyama (Son)
Shuu Tsukiyama's mother (Daughter-in-law) †
Shuu Tsukiyama (Grandson)
Kanae von Rosewald (Granddaughter) †
Emma von Rosewald (Daughter) †
Kanae von Rosewald's father (Son-in-Law) †
Nathanael von Rosewald (Grandson) †
Arunolt von Rosewald (Grandson) †
Tsukiyama family
Rosewald family (Eliminated)
Novel Debut Days: Chapter 3 (Mentioned)
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Tsukuru Tsukiyama (月山 創, Tsukiyama Tsukuru) was the former head of the Tsukiyama family. He was the grandfather of current head Shuu Tsukiyama and Kanae von Rosewald, and father to Mirumo Tsukiyama.



Little is known about his personality, though he seems to have been a man that enjoyed adventuring around the world and the company of beautiful women. Mirumo describes him as having been a shameless playboy, while Shuu mentions him to have been a great man with keen business sense.


In the aftermath of the World War II, Tsukuru was responsible for adding considerably to the Tsukiyama Group's influence. He was described as an adventurer that traveled the world, and expanded the company's sphere of influence through Exporting and Importing valuables.

At some point, he passed away and his son became the new head of the Tsukiyama Family.


Mirumo TsukiyamaEdit

Little is known about their relationship, though it seems Mirumo didn't care for his father's promiscuous behavior.



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