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The Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation (月山家駆逐作戦, Tsukiyama-ke kuchiku sakusen) is an operation launched by the Commission of Counter Ghoul to eliminate the members of the wealthy Tsukiyama family. The initial operation was focused on the Tsukiyama Estate, with the goal of exterminating the president of the Tsukiyama Group and his family.

It later moved to the Luna Eclipse, with the goal of exterminating the Tsukiyama heir apparent and the ghouls who associate with them.


S1 Squad[]

S2 Squad[]

Quinx Squad[]

Kijima Squad[]

Shimoguchi Squad[]

Itou Squad[]



Tsukiyama Group[]





  • Eto - Wounded by Haise Sasaki (Retreated)
  • Mr. Kurei - Killed by Shiki Kijima
  • Mairo - Killed by Hairu Ihei
  • Matsumae - Killed by Nimura Furuta
  • Noro - Killed by Kuki Urie and Ginshi Shirazu
  • Kanae von Rosewald - Died rescuing Shuu Tsukiyama
  • Mirumo Tsukiyama - Captured by the CCG (Later Escaped)
  • Tsukiyama Household Employees - Captured by the CCG
  • Asada Company Helicopter Crew - Shot Down by the S2 Helicopter
  • Numerous Unnamed Ghouls

Decorated Investigators[]

  • Haise Sasaki - Promoted to Associate Special Class


  • The destruction of the Tsukiyama Group, an international business conglomerate owned by ghouls.
  • A major blow is dealt to Aogiri with the death of Noro, an incredibly powerful direct subordinate of the One-Eyed King.
  • The death of Ginshi Shirazu, leader of the Quinx Squad and test subject in the experimental Quinx Project and the designation of Kuki Urie as the new leader.
  • The theft of Ginshi Shirazu's body by Aogiri, providing Dr. Akihiro Kanou with the data he needs to begin replication of the Quinx.
  • Ken Kaneki recovers his memories and transfers from the Quinx Squad. He is promoted to Associate Special Class and becomes known as the "Black Reaper."
  • Mirumo and Shuu Tsukiyama escape custody, with the aid of Renji Yomo, Touka Kirishima, and Chie Hori.
  • The death of Karren von Rosewald, the last member of the Rosewald family.