Touko Harima
Name Touko Harima
Japanese Name 張間
Romaji Harima
Species Human
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Affiliations CCG
Quinque Doujima 1/2 (Koukaku)
Manga Debut Chapter 56
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Touko Harima (張間, Harima) was a student at CCG's Academy in the same year as Koutarou Amon.[1] She was killed in the line of duty.[2]

The quinque Doujima 1/2, which was wielded by Amon, is a memento left by her.[3]


She seems to have had shoulder-length brown hair and dark eyes.


It is mentioned that she was a cheerful and kind woman. In the anime, it is also stated that she was intelligent and strong-willed.


She died during a Whack-a-mole operation in the 24th Ward.[4]

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Nothing is known about her abilities, as she was never shown in combat. According to Amon though, only excellent new investigators are sent to the 24th ward.

Her quinque, Doujima 1/2, is a weapon best suited for physically powerful attacks.


  • Her full name was only seen in romaji in the anime, as such, the kanji for her first name is currently unknown.


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