This page clarifies the spoiler policy applied in the Tokyo Ghoul wiki.

What is a spoiler?

The One Piece Wiki defines a spoiler as follows:

A spoiler is any piece of information that reveals plot elements which some people may wish to remain unrevealed so that they may enjoy the source material to its fullest extent, without having any previous knowledge of the outcome. Some examples of spoilers would be the death of a major character or an unexpected plot twist.

Policy rationale

The goal of the Tokyo Ghoul wiki is to chronicle events in the plot of Tokyo Ghoul. As such, the wiki does not protect visitors from being spoiled of latest plot developments. If you do not want to be spoiled, you should avoid reading the articles.

However, spoilers of the latest chapter regularly appear before an English version in visual form becomes available. These spoilers can be hard to verify, and many readers might not be aware of their content. For this reason, it should be avoided to add information derived from these spoilers.

At the same time, discussions of latest news and developments among users should not be hindered. However, these discussions should mostly be centralized at one point in the wiki.


  1. In general, it is forbidden to add information derived from spoilers to article pages, if the chapter has not become available yet in an English version of visual form.
  2. The previous rule does not apply to the page of the chapter the information is about.
  3. Edits to the infobox fields of characters listed below are allowed. Before you make an edit based on this rule, it is your responsibility to verify that the information is correct. You must not invoke this rule if you cannot perform this verification. Wrong edits can be treated as a violation of the spoiler policy and/or vandalism.
    • Edits to the following character infobox fields are permitted under this rule:
      • Age
      • Birthday
      • Height
      • Weight
      • Foot Length
      • Rc level
      • Class
      • Division
      • The kanjis that the name is written in in Japanese, if the name itself was already known before.
  4. Other spoiler edits are only permitted after an admin has explicitly approved the edit request before the edit was made. This rule cannot be invoked if the request is made after the edit was performed, even if the request would have been approved. Admins cannot approve their own edits; they have to get approval from another admin.
  5. For comment sections, 1. and 2. are applied analogously. That means that discussions about spoilers are not allowed in the comment sections of articles except of the comment section of the corresponding chapter page.

Policy violation

Edits that violated this policy are to be removed from article pages.

An editor violating the spoiler policy for the first time should be warned and informed about the violation. In the case of grave or repeated violations, the editor may be blocked.

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