The Tokyo Ghoul Wiki uses a unique dating system to represent in-story events in Tokyo Ghoul. Thus far, the years in which the story takes place is unknown; however, the time and order of events can be determined. Therefore, this system is needed to better determine the sequence of events over several years.

SBI Edit

The Steel Beam Incident occurred in the first chapter of Tokyo Ghoul, the night Rize Kamishiro was crushed by steel beams. It serves as the center of the system's timeline — events and dates are designated years dependent upon its time (in years) from the incident.

For convenience, the following is used:

  • ASBI stands for after the Steel Beam Incident
  • BSBI stands for before the Steel Beam Incident

Application Edit

The year of the Steel Beam Incident — from January 1st to December 31st — is year zero, or 0 ASBI. The following year being 1 ASBI, then 2 ASBI, and so on. The same for the prior year, 1 BSBI, 2 BSBI, etc.

SBI timeline

Examples Edit

January 3, 3 BSBI
Three years before the incident on January 3rd.
February 4, 0 ASBI
In the year of the incident on February 4th.
March 5, 2 ASBI
Two years after the incident on March 5th.

Editing Edit

For editors: To format dates that use this calendar, please use the {{SBI date}} template. See also: {{SBI date range}}

Usage Edit

Main article: Template:SBI date/doc

The template has a total of four parameters: {{SBI date|<year>|<month>|<day>|<link>}} The year must be the first field and in only numbers. Negative numbers will be used to format years before the steel beam incident.

Examples Edit

Using the previous set of examples:

Input Result
{{SBI date|-3|1|3|no}} January 3, 3 BSBI
{{SBI date|0|2|4|no}} February 4, 0 ASBI
{{SBI date|2|3|5|no}} March 5, 2 ASBI
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