This page clarifies Comment Standards applied in the Tokyo Ghoul wiki.

Policy rationale

While we encourage open and free communication with others, this must be balanced with maintaining order within the community. This includes conforming to Wikia's Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. To achieve this, comment sections will be subject to moderation and held to a minimum stand of behavior and substance. This aids in creating a community that is welcoming, informative, and relatively free from hostile or abusive behavior.


  • Negative Comments: Comments of a negative nature should have substance and constructive criticism included in them. In general, comments that are simply "x sucks", "I hate x", "I want x to die" or the like are not conductive to discussion, and just there to cause arguments or annoy people. If you don't like a character or story detail, back it up with some thought. The comment sections are there for people to discuss, not simply for you to bash something.
  • Zero Substance Comments: Comments completely lacking in any substance, such as "First!" or the like are not conductive to discussion. We discourage the posting of nonsensical or thoughtless comments, as these do not contribute anything but clutter to comment sections.
  • Personal Interactions: Everyone is expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. You don't have to like each other or agree, but keep it civil.
  • Off Topic Threads: Comments should remain relatively on-topic, related to the subject of the page. There is a Forum for discussions unrelated to Tokyo Ghoul, and users should select an appropriate page to place their comments in.
  • Vulgar and Offense Language: Wikia Terms of Use prohibits the use of abusive or offensive language, and we will be further enforcing this going forward. Comments should not contain slurs, overly insulting language, or overflow with obscenities. In relation to the above "Negative Comments", comments such as "x is a bitch" or the like will be subject to Mod Edits, Warnings, and/or removal.
  • Spamming: Posting of the same comment in multiple locations, or multiple times on the same page. This clutters up the comments section, and does not contribute to the overall community. Users are asked to select the most appropriate page and post it there, as opposed to placing the same content in multiple threads or pages.
  • Illegal Material: It is necessary to keep a certain distance between the Wiki and scanlation groups. As such, it is not permitted to post links to Scanlations or to openly discuss groups. Please do not link to any site carrying scanlations, and be careful about discussion of the groups that put them out there. We will remove the Spoiler header from the Chapter page when it is released, and you can easily find things through an internet search. Please do not ask others to link you, or tell you where to find scans.

Policy violation

Comments in violation of these standards will result in one or more of the following consequences:

  • Informal warning from Staff.
  • Removal of offending comments or content.
  • Request to leave the thread.
  • Request to stay off a particular page or pages for a set period of time.
  • Warning for Misconduct.
  • Banning

Repeat offenders, or particular grave offenses, will be subject to a block of increasing time depending on severity and number of offenses.

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