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The Tokyo Ghoul Trump is a themed deck of playing cards featuring the cast of the series.

It was part of a contest giveaway for readers who purchased the first two volumes of Tokyo Ghoul:re. The deck is composed of 53 normal cards and three Joker cards. Two versions of the deck were produced: the Special Prize edition given out via lottery and a mass-produced version available at Jump Festa. There were initially 10,000 decks in existence, distributed to the winners of the contest. The Jump Festa version of the deck retailed in JUMP Shops in Japan in 2019 for ¥1,400 (12.71 USD at the time), and commercial sale resumed in summer 2021.

List of cards[]

Hearts Suit[]

Diamonds Suit[]

Spades Suit[]

Clubs Suit[]



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  • The Twos are members of Aogiri Tree.
  • The Threes are members of the Quinx Squad.
  • The Eights are members of the Clowns.
  • The Nines are members of the CCG.
  • The Hearts Suit is primarily composed of rinkaku users.
  • The Diamonds Suit is primarily composed of koukaku users.
  • The Spades Suit is primarily composed of bikaku users.
  • The Clubs Suit is primarily composed of ukaku users.
  • The Queens Suit is primarily strong female characters.
  • Both the Kaneki and Sasaki Aces of Hearts are included in the deck.
  • The Special Prize version has a black-and-white back, and its Jokers are Arima, Juuzou, and Takizawa. The Jump Festa version has a red-and-black back, and its Jokers are Furuta, Kaneki, and Kanae.
  • Additionally, there was a 'Replacement Set' also awarded via lottery to promote the release of Tokyo Ghoul: Jail containing 5 cards featuring the debuting characters from the game.