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Tokyo Ghoul: The Fool (東京喰種トーキョーグール〈The Fool〉, Tōkyō Gūru 〈The Fool〉) is an action adventure game for the PƧP.

The game is sold as a normal edition and as a special edition that includes a mask.

The game was announced by the CEO of da-sui Corp., Mr. Ishida, on April 1st 2013.


We were surely born to commit sins.

In Tokyo, despair is lurking.

Ghouls are running rampant in Tokyo. Living in hiding during everyday life and shrouded and mystery, ghouls were posing a threat, and people began to feel fear.

The ones pursued (ghouls) and... the pursuers (ghoul investigators).

The story begins when one ghoul and a rookie investigator take each other's lives.

Those deaths, they pierced.

What on earth do the survivors see in this mad town, what do they feel ⸺.



  • The game announcement was an April Fool's joke and it's not an actual game.

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