For the manga, see Tokyo Ghoul: Jack.

Tokyo Ghoul: Jack (東京喰種トーキョーグール【JACK】, Tōkyō Gūru: Jack) is an OVA produced by Studio Pierrot based on the manga of the same name.

It was released on September 30, 2015 and had a limited theater run preceding the OVA which premiered on September 5, 2015.

Staff Edit

  • Animation Studio: Studio Pierrot
  • Director: Sōichi Shimada
  • Character Design: Kazuhiro Miwa
  • Screenplay: Chūji Mikasano
  • Animation Director: Atsuko Nakajima
  • Sound Director: Noboru Haraguchi
  • Music: Yutaka Yamada

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Bonus Edit

  • Original CD: Tokyo Ghoul "Gururaji" (Natsuki Hanae (Ken Kaneki) and Daisuke Namikawa (Kishou Arima)).

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Tracklist Edit

  • 01. Zero
  • 02. Ace
  • 03. Deuce
  • 04. Trey
  • 05. Seven
  • 06. Nine
  • 07. Jack

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Drawn by the animation director, Atsuko Nakajima.

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  • The OVA adapts the following chapters:
  • OVA/Manga differences:
    • Arima picking up a loafer while walking down the streets was cut.
    • Arima and Fura going to school at night was cut.
    • Tanaka doesn't appear in the OVA.
    • Ogata getting stabbed by Tanaka was cut.
    • The meeting between Lantern, Yamori and Katou was cut.
    • Katou cutting a woman's hair and trimming Minami's hair is not shown.
    • Minami didn't witness Arima and Fura fighting Katou, instead, she was unconscious throughout the entire fight.
    • Minami recognizing the ghoul Arima killed as Katou was cut.
    • Arima doesn't tell Minami how he knew she was a ghoul during his fight with her, instead, Arima remains silent throughout the entire fight.
    • Arima telling Fura that he's found Lantern after defeating Minami and stabbing Yamori was not shown.
  • Some scenes are rearranged, and some are added for the OVA.

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