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Tokyo (東京, Tōkyō) is the setting of the Tokyo Ghoul series. For general information on Tokyo, see also wikipedia:Tokyo.

Noted in a light novel, the ghouls of Tokyo are more aggressive than those in the rest of the country.[1]

Wards Edit

Tokyo is divided into 24 wards. For more information on the wards 1-23 in reality, see also special wards of Tokyo.

Ward Name Important places
1st Ward Chiyoda CCG Main Office, The Chateau, CCG Laboratory Division
2nd Ward Chūō
3rd Ward Minato Chandra Crest
4th Ward Shinjuku HySy ArtMask Studio
5th Ward Bunkyō Ghoul Investigator Training Academy, Teihou University
6th Ward Taitō Orca
7th Ward Sumida Ghoul Restaurant
8th Ward Kōtō Luna Eclipse
9th Ward Shinagawa
10th Ward Meguro
11th Ward Ōta 11th Ward Base
12th Ward Setagaya Corniculum (ghoul detention center)
13th Ward Shibuya CCG 13th Ward's Branch Office, Seishin High School
14th Ward Nakano Helter Skelter
15th Ward Suginami
16th Ward Toshima
17th Ward Kita
18th Ward Arakawa
19th Ward Itabashi
20th Ward Nerima Anteiku, CCG 20th Ward's Branch Office, Kamii University
21st Ward Adachi Tsukiyama Estate
22nd Ward Katsushika
23rd Ward Edogawa Cochlea (ghoul detention center)
24th Ward Underground Route V14

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