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At the pre-dawn of December 19th, the seventh day of the Rushima Landing Operation, Cochlea's defense was penetrated by a rogue team of ghouls led by Ayato Kirishima, while the former investigator Haise Sasaki released its prisoners. Their primary goal was the rescue of Hinami Fueguchi, who was currently imprisoned in Cochlea. Many individuals and parties, such as Eto Yoshimura, Nimura Furuta, V, and the Clowns also make their respective moves during the attack.


CCG and V[]

CCG Mainland Defense Team[]



Rescue Team[]



Squad 0[]


CCG and V[]

  • Kishou Arima - committed suicide after being defeated by Ken Kaneki, death falsified to have been caused by Ken Kaneki.
  • Shinme Haisaki - killed by Donato Porpora
  • Tsuneyoshi Washuu - killed by Nimura Furuta
  • Numerous unnamed members of the Washuu Clan - killed by Nimura Furuta, Uta, and Donato Porpora.
  • Numerous unnamed ghoul investigators
  • Numerous unnamed prison guards
  • Numerous unnamed V agents - killed by Eto Yoshimura


  • Numerous unnamed ghouls


  • Haise Sasaki defects from the CCG and claims the mantle of the One-Eyed King.
  • The death of Kishou Arima, the CCG's strongest and greatest investigator.
  • The takedown of Aogiri Tree's leader, Eto Yoshimura.
  • The death of Shinme Haisaki, the warden of Cochlea.
  • Arima Squad, led by Take Hirako, defects from the CCG.
  • The destruction of Cochlea, and escape of many dangerous prisoners including Donato Porpora and Fuka.
  • The assassination of Chairman Tsuneyoshi Washuu and the massacre of the Washuu Clan, conducted by his illegitimate son Nimura Furuta.