Can we have a small section in the home page where we can see the release dates of the latest and next issues and episodes like in The Walking Dead wiki?

Hi, well there is not much point in that. The anime is over and it's unknown if it will be continued, unlike TWD series. Which leaves only the manga. Unlike the comics, the manga usually gets scanned earlier than the official release date. So even if we write when it will be next chapter, the scanlators will release it earlier, and some people will think we misled them. We cannot predict when the scanlators will release it, as they can always drop the series or slow down due to personal reasons. The manga is coming out each week, except 4 times a year, when there is a double issue (2 of those times are in December). If the manga was irregular or the magazine was changing dates each time, yeah, it would have been helpful to tell the people when it's the next one, but it's fixed on releasing each week on specific day (officially). (Unok (talk) 00:17, March 29, 2015 (UTC))
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