Tago being introduced
Name Tago
Japanese Name タゴ
Romaji Tago
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Died around April 21, 5 ASBI[1][2]
Affiliations Goat
Ward 24th Ward
Manga Debut :re Chapter 99
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Tago (タゴ, Tago) was a ghoul and a member of Goat. He was killed by Hajime Hazuki.

Appearance Edit

Tago appeared to be a largely build man with a large scar under his right eye.

Personality Edit

He appeared to be a pretty straightforward person who loved to play games, he also was a friendly person and a friend of Fuka.

Plot Edit

Tago was playing a card game together with another member of Goat while keeping watch over Goat's base in the 24th Ward until they were disrupted by a sound in another room. The three men then decided to take a look around but before Tago could discover what the sound was, he was suddenly attacked and killed by Hajime Hazuki.

References Edit

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