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The Suzuya Squad.

Suzuya Squad (鈴屋班, Suzuya-han) is a squad within the CCG led by Juuzou Suzuya. The team consists of five members. After Kishou Arima's death and the defection of Arima Squad, Suzuya Squad was named the new S3 Squad (S3班, Esu-san-han).[1]

The S3 led by Suzura was transferred to the TSC, and is active as the leading force of security measures.

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Skull Masks Investigation Edit

First Class Juuzou Suzuya and his squad attend an investigation meeting that was about the gang of ghouls known as the Skull Masks, who have recently gained a lot more members and food range has expanded. The squad comes to the decision to eliminate their leader

The squad splits up, looking for clues that could lead them to finding the Skull Masks. Juuzou and Hanbee then find a suspicious old man who has a foul, suspicious stench so they decide to follow him. The two then get distracted and talk about the reasons of Hanbee becoming an investigator. Whilst this is happening, the old man who was suspect is attacked by the Skull Mask Leader.

Juuzou and Hanbee engage the leader but are then surrounded by numerous members of the ghoul gang. As Juuzou is slicing up the ghouls with his quinque, the leader counters it and damages it. Hanbee quickly intervened and stabbed the Skull Mask Leader in the back with his katana quinque. After the battle, Suzuya squad goes to a donut shop.

Auction Mopping-up Operation Edit

After Tooru Mutsuki and Kuki Urie faced Big Madam and her bodyguards in an unsuccessful attempt, Juuzou and the Suzuya squad appeared with Suzuya's Jason and their quinque's they were able to take care of Big Madam with little effort. After the subduction of Big Madam and Juuzou's last conversation with the latter, they pulled out and regrouped with the other investigators after the operation.

Post Auction Mopping-up Operation Edit

After the operation, Suzuya squad gained even more "popularity" within the CCG for taking care of Big Madam, an SS-rated ghoul, with almost no effort showing the great potential and prowess of this squad. Juuzou Suzuya was promoted to Special Class investigator,at only 22 years old, making him one of the strongest CCG members alive. Keijin Nakarai was promoted to First Class Investigator, while all other members were promoted to Rank 1 Investigators.

Rushima Landing Operation Edit

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  • They are one of the few squads that survived with all members 'till the end of the show,thus granting their status within the newly-formed TSC as leading security squad.

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