Suzu Sanzu
Name Suzu Sanzu
Japanese Name 山頭スス (さんず すす)
Romaji Sanzu Suzu
Species Quinx
Half-human (Formerly)
Status Alive
Gender Female
Affiliations Quinx Squad
Washuu Clan
Sunlit Garden
Occupation Peacekeeper
Relatives Hairu Ihei † (Distant relative)
Shio Ihei † (Distant Relative)
Washuu Clan (Branch Family)
Manga Debut :re Chapter 179
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Suzu Sanzu (山頭スス, Sanzu Suzu) is a third generation Quinx and alumni of the Sunlit Garden. She is a member of the Ihei Branch family, and enlisted to work alongside her idol, Ching-Li Hsiao.

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She resembles Hairu Ihei.

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She is a distant relative of the Ihei branch of the Washuu Clan. She entered the chateau because of her adoration for Hsiao. She has a higher physical ability than those in her lineage.

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  • Half Human Physiology: Her heritage grants her superior physical abilities, similar to those of a Ghoul. These are further enhanced by receiving the Quinx Surgery.

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