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The Garden.

The Sunlit Garden (白日庭, Hakubitei), also sometimes referred to as the Garden (庭, Niwa), is a facility owned by the Commission of Counter Ghoul. It is responsible for providing "talented" children with a special education, though it is not publicly disclosed what this means. The organizations V and the Washuu Clan are also involved in the Garden's management.


The facility has not been shown, leaving many mysteries concerning its appearance or location. Flashbacks of the facility feature a field of flowers, though it is unknown whether this is literal or symbolic.

The children of the facility wear a simple uniform, consisting of a white high-collared shirt and black slacks. Other children, such as Rize and Furuta, are shown wearing white hospital robes.

True Purpose[]

The Sunlit Garden is a facility that breeds and raises half-human children, training them to become talented Ghoul Investigators upon their graduation or to join V.[1] It also houses "bred" Ghouls such as Rize Kamishiro, used to preserve the pure-blooded Washuu bloodline.[2]

Former Members[]