Sui Ishida (石田 スイ, Ishida Sui), born December 28, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, is a Japanese manga artist.


In 2010 he won the Young Jump 113th Grand Prix award with Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種トーキョーグール, Tōkyō Gūru). In March 2011, the same oneshot was published in the 2nd Issue of Miracle Jump. And later in September 2011, Tokyo Ghoul started as a series in Weekly Young Jump 2011-41 Issue. In December 2011, he made another oneshot about Rize Kamishiro that was published in December 2011 in Miracle Jump 6th Issue, which was later collected in the fifth volume of Tokyo Ghoul.

In 2013, he also started Tokyo Ghoul: Jack in the digital magazine Jump LIVE.

After the ending of Tokyo Ghoul and around one month later in October 2014, the sequel manga, Tokyo Ghoul:re, was published in Weekly Young Jump and ended in July 2018.

Before the serialization of Tokyo Ghoul, Ishida wrote the webcomics The Tale of Longing for Sex (セックスしたい物語, Sekkusu Shitai Monogatari) under the pen name Nashimoto (梨元, Nashimoto) and THE PENISMAN under the pen name Sotonami (そとなみ, Sotonami).


  • The Tale of Longing for Sex (セックスしたい物語) (2009) (webcomic)
  • THE PENISMAN (2010) (webcomic)
  • Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種) (2010/2011) Miracle Jump 2nd Issue (oneshot)
  • Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種) (2011) Weekly Young Jump 2011-41 Issue (series)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Rize (東京喰種 リゼ) (2011) Miracle Jump 6th Issue (oneshot)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Jack (東京喰種[JACK]) (2013) Jump LIVE (series)
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Joker (東京喰種 ジョーカー) June 30, 2014 Shonen Jump 2014-31 (oneshot)
  • Tokyo Ghoul:re (東京喰種:re) (2014) Weekly Young Jump 2014-46 Issue (series)
  • Hisoka Story Draft (2016) (oneshot)
  • Choujin X (超人X) (2021) Tonari no Young Jump (series)


Ishida seems to be in good friendly terms with Atsushi Nakayama, fellow manga artist in Young Jump and author of Nejimaki Kagyu, who even drew a Tokyo Ghoul illustration as a gift for Ishida's birthday.

Later Sui Ishida returned the favor, as he and other artists each drew an illustration for Nejimaki Kagyu's last chapter.


  • Ishida uses an LCD Tablet to draw.
  • Ishida uses PaintTool SAI to draw, among other tools.
  • Ishida seems to be a fan of the Japanese rock band 凛として時雨 (Ling tosite sigure) given he has named Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 74 after one of their songs.
  • He actively promoted TK's (lead singer) Tour 2016 "Signal to Noise" by illustrating fan articles.
  • He personally requested TK to sing the opening song for the anime's first season.[1]


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