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This page contains a list of the story arcs for Tokyo Ghoul, Tokyo Ghoul:re, and all spin-offs.

Tokyo Ghoul: Jack[]

Lantern Arc[]

Chapter Chapter Volume Chapter Picture
1 Chapter 1 1
Jack Chapter 1.jpg
2 Chapter 2 1
Jack Chapter 2.jpg
3 Chapter 3 1
Jack Chapter 3.jpg
4 Chapter 4 1
Jack Chapter 4.jpg
5 Chapter 5 1
Jack Chapter 5.jpg
6 Chapter 6 1
Jack Chapter 6.jpg
7 Chapter 7 1
Jack Chapter 7.jpg

Tokyo Ghoul[]

Introduction Arc[]

In the modern universe of Tokyo, Japan, where man-eating ghouls exist, the main character, Ken Kaneki, scores a date with a beautiful girl named Rize Kamishiro. To Kaneki's surprise, she turns out to be one of such ghouls who had set her sites on him as the next target to be eaten by her.

The ensuing attempt to play with her food leads up to a freak accident that injures the both of them, which has Kaneki forced to undergo surgery to save his life. However, it turns out that Rize's organs were used to replace his damaged body-parts, and as a result, Kaneki has been turned into a half-ghoul. Kaneki then spends the next moments of his life trying to make sense of the ghoul situation that has been forced upon him.

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
1 Tragedy 1
Chapter 001.jpg
2 Oddity 1
Chapter 002.png
3 Worst 1
Chapter 003.png

Nishiki Arc[]

Still trying to adjust to his new life as a ghoul, Kaneki encounters another ghoul named Nishiki Nishio, who has decided to claim the surrounding area as his feeding ground after Rize's demise put the territory up for grabs. Kaneki then learns that Hide also happens to know Nishiki through a connection at their school, and fears for the safety of his best friend's life.

Unsurprisingly, Nishiki attacks the two upon their walk home, and ends up knocking out Hide in the process. As a result, Kaneki begins to control his ghoul kagune in order to fight against Nishiki as he threatens to kill the one person Kaneki cares about.

After defeating Nishiki, Kaneki approaches the unconscious Hide; struggling to control his hunger for the need to eat human flesh. However, he is stopped at the last second by Touka who has decided to help him adjust to the ghoul's lifestyle. Kaneki is then brought to Anteiku Café, who is offered a place to stay by its ghoul manager, Yoshimura, in order to establish a new life as both a human, and a ghoul.

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
4 Coffee 1
Chapter 004.jpg
5 Feeding Ground 1
Chapter 005.png
6 Homing 1
Chapter 006.png
7 Deception 1
Chapter 007.png
8 Kagune 1
Chapter 008.png
9 Hatch 1
Chapter 009.jpg

Doves' Emergence Arc[]

A pair of dove investigators from CCG, Kureo Mado and Koutarou Amon, arrive in the 20th ward of Tokyo to hunt down the mother and daughter of the Fueguchi ghoul family. Due to the approaching threat of these investigators, Kaneki is brought to Uta's shop in order to have a ghoul-mask created that will help protect his identity.

The Fueguchi mother, Ryouko, seeks shelter at Anteiku in order to protect her daughter, Hinami. However, she eventually dies to the investigators as well; leaving the ghouls of Anteiku to look after the now orphaned Hinami. Touka seeks out Mado and Amon to get revenge, but fails to kill them, which later prompts Kaneki to ask her for ghoul-training in order to be more useful.

Later on, Touka and Kaneki disguise as school students, and arrive at the CCG Headquarters in order to spread a false rumor regarding Hinami's whereabouts. The plan buys a little time, but Hinami ends up running away from Anteiku. Touka is the first to find her, but are greeted on the scene by Mado. Kaneki meanwhile runs into Amon as the two battles ensue.

On Kaneki's side, he shows off the results of his ghoul-training with Touka and is able to break Amon's quinque. Kaneki is then able to make Amon retreat upon proving to the investigator with tearful begging that he is a ghoul that doesn't wish to kill him.

On Touka's side, Mado reveals that he had turned Ryouko into a quinque weapon for CCG, which forces Hinami to break emotionally. This enrages Touka to go all-out against Mado. However, Hinami intervenes, and shows off her duel-parent kagune that greatly injures the investigator. Touka then follows up, and finishes Mado off for good.

After the battles, Kaneki, Touka, and Hinami return to their life back at Anteiku. Amon also comes across Mado's corpse, which the CCG later hold a funeral for, and decide that further investigation in the 20th ward is required.

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
10 Antique 2
Chapter 010.jpg
11 Mask 2
Chapter 011.png
12 Mission 2
Chapter 012.png
13 White Dove 2
Chapter 013.png
14 Sudden Shower 2
Chapter 014.png
15 Mother and Daughter 2
Chapter 015.png
16 Confinement 2
Chapter 016.png
17 Rabbit Mask 2
Chapter 017.png
18 Savage 2
Chapter 018.png
19 Underground 2
Chapter 019.png
20 White Gate 3
Chapter 020.jpg
21 Condolences 3
Chapter 021.png
22 Newspaper 3
Chapter 022.png
23 Disappearance 3
Chapter 023.jpg
24 Hidden Blade 3
Chapter 024.png
25 Enlightenment 3
Chapter 025.png
26 Adversary 3
Chapter 026.jpg
27 Three People 3
Chapter 027.png
28 Ring 3
Chapter 028.png
29 Mado 3
Chapter 029.png
30 Bitter Taste 4
Chapter 030.png

Gourmet Arc[]

Continuing his life and training at Anteiku, Kaneki is befriended by a ghoul named Shuu Tsukiyama, who everyone warns Kaneki to watch out for due to being the infamous Gourmet ghoul that has always stirred up trouble in the 20th ward.

Yomo then introduces Kaneki to a friend of his, Itori, who claims to know information regarding what was behind the cause of the steel bar incident that changed his life. However, he will only get it if he provides information on Gourmet. During his search for Tsukiyama's Gourmet restaurant, Kaneki comes across a wounded Nishiki, who he decides to help, and learns that there is more to him than he originally thought, such as being in a relationship with a human-girl named Kimi.

Later on, Kaneki is brought to said restaurant by Tsukiyama himself as the Gourmet ghoul had been plotting to have Kaneki eaten. As a result, Kaneki is thrown into a trap amongst ghoul spectators who also wish to have a taste of him. Tsukiyama had originally planned for him to be hacked apart and served amongst the ghouls, but upon witnessing his one-eyed ghoul form in battle against his restaurant's scrapper, he decides to call the show off in the hopes of one day having Kaneki all to himself.

Kaneki returns to Anteiku, but is lured out to leave once more upon learning that Tsukiyama had taken Kimi hostage. However, through the combined efforts of Kaneki, Nishiki and Touka, they are able to defeat Tsukiyama. Afterwards, Despite Touka deciding that Kimi needed to be killed since the human knows of their ghoul identities, she runs away after Kimi compliments her kagune.

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
31 Yoriko 4
Chapter 031.png
32 Gourmet 4
Chapter 032.png
33 Flattery 4
Chapter 033.png
34 Slide 4
Chapter 034.png
35 Solitary Battle 4
Chapter 035.png
36 Preliminary Arrangements 4
Chapter 036.png
37 Banquet 4
Chapter 037.jpg
38 Dismantling 4
Chapter 038.png
39 Feast 4
Chapter 039.png
40 Invitation 5
Chapter 040.png
41 Moonlight 5
Chapter 041.png
42 Curettage 5
Chapter 042.png
43 Scar 5
Chapter 043.png
44 Incarnation 5
Chapter 044.png
45 Black Wing 5
Chapter 045.jpg
46 Light 5
Chapter 046.png

Aogiri Tree/11th Ward Battle Arc[]

Being given information on Gourmet, Itori reveals to Kaneki that Rize is not the ghoul's real name, and that Kaneki should look into her backstory if he wants the truth revealed to him.

At CCG Headquarters, Amon is given a new quinque, and is introduced to a well-known ghoul investigator, Juuzou Suzuya; the CCG's powerful problem-child. In addition, alongside a young investigator named Seidou Takizawa, his partner Kousuke Houji, and Suzuya's mentor, Yukinori Shinohara, the group join forces with Amon as they decide to take on the ghoul cases related to the 20th Ward. In the meantime, the CCG members of the 11th Ward led by Commander Itsuki Marude prepare their attack on the ghoul organization, Aogiri Tree, which has been discovered to be hiding out in the 11th Ward.

Elsewhere at Anteiku, Nishiki is now a full member of the café, and are visited by an 11th Ward ghoul, Kazuichi Banjou, who is also looking for Rize. However, they are interrupted by newly arrived members of Aogiri Tree; Ayato Kirishima, Nico, and Yakumo Oomori (Yamori). The three claim to be looking to bring Rize before their leader, the One-Eyed King, as a brief skirmish takes place within Anteiku. However, the Aogiri ghouls discover that Kaneki is a One-Eyed Ghoul, and take him captive as Rize's replacement.

At the hideout, Kaneki is brought before one of Aogiri Tree's superiors, Tatara, who, after stabbing into Kaneki's torso, confirms that Rize is dead, and that Kaneki was of no real use to them. Kaneki is then locked away, but is greeted by Banjou, who invites Kaneki along to attempt an escape with several of his followers. However, despite holding off the pursuit of the Bin Brothers, the escape doesn't go as planned as Yamori and Nico had ambushed them, and put the lives of Banjou's group at risk; forcing Kaneki to go with them in exchange for their lives.

At Anteiku, the members of the café, alongside Tsukiyama and Uta, plan Kaneki's rescue mission while Suzuya leads the charge to help the CCG break into Aogiri's Hideout. However, in another room of the compound, it is revealed that Kaneki had been chained up, and forced to endure endless torture from Yamori to the point of having his hair turn white from the stress. Throughout the torture, Rize appears in his mind to help Kaneki confront the issues of his past, such as accepting that his mother wasn't all she was cracked up to be. Reaching a breaking point, Kaneki decides to stop being the guy who gets walked on, and accepts his ghoul form.

Battles between CCG and Aogiri take place throughout the hideout as Kaneki breaks free, and battles Yamori to the point of Kaneki eating his Kakujya kagune. Having defeated Yamori, Kaneki breaks into the hideout's prison; freeing Banjou's group, and proclaiming himself as their new leader. Suzuya, upon walking into the torture room, finds what's left of Yamori, and believes to have found what will be his quinque; finishing Yamori off.

In the meantime, the ghouls of Anteiku break into the hideout to search for Kaneki. Yoshimura's group scouts out the enemies for information while Yomo's group follows the info provided to go the safest path through the hideout towards Kaneki. Yoshimura then decides to join the fray as his legendary One-Eyed Owl form in order to stall the CCG's advance for more time. However, Yomo's side reaches a CCG roadblock that forces his group to split up; leaving Touka alone to fight her brother, Ayato.

Flashbacks to a life the siblings once had growing up with, and without, their father, Arata, occur as the duel between Touka and Ayato rages on. About to defeat her sister, Kaneki interrupts at the last second, and takes over the duel claiming that he will offer Ayato a half-death to not have to kill him for the sake of his sister, but still teach him a lesson. Elsewhere, the battle between CCG and Yoshimura goes down where Shinohara and Kuroiwa are forced to activate their non-tested Arata forms with their quinques in order to stand a chance against Owl.

The duel between Kaneki and Ayato breaks out where Kaneki eventually discovers that Ayato had been hiding, deep down, his efforts to protect his sister. Despite Ayato's denial, Kaneki eventually wins the duel by pulling off the half-death; breaking every bone on the right side of Ayato's body, which knocks Ayato unconscious. The ghoul, Noro, suddenly appears before them to retrieve the defeated Ayato, and battles Yomo's group for a brief moment before retreating. Having been rescued by Yomo's group, Kaneki's role in this battle was finally over, and was asked to rest.

Meanwhile, the CCG continues to clear out the rest of the hideout as Amon is able to kill the Bin Brothers by showing off the strength of his new quinque. Not wanting to kill anyone, Yoshimura escapes the battle against Shinohara and Kuroiwa before their Arata powered quinques could fully consume their hosts. At that point, the battles of Aogiri Hideout had officially come to an end.

After the battle, it is discovered that Tatara and Eto had used their hideout getting assaulted as a diversion to attack, and are able to free ghouls as high as SS-rank, from the CCG's 23rd Ward prison. Nico also survived the assault, and believes that it is about time to reunite with his old colleagues.

Kaneki reunites with Banjou's group and his rescuers from Anteiku. However, he tells the ghouls that he won't be returning to Anteiku as there's stuff he needs to go out and accomplish away from the café. Banjou's group, and Tsukiyama, offer their support to help complete his quest. Touka does so as well, but Kaneki rejects her coming along in order to see her accomplish her goal of going to college, and bids Touka farewell. At this point, Kaneki's gang away from Anteiku has officially been formed.

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
47 Alias 5
Chapter 047.png
48 Ear Bone 5
Chapter 048.png
49 Caged Bird 6
Chapter 049.png
50 Banjou 6
Chapter 050.jpg
51 Edict 6
Chapter 051.png
52 Plunder 6
Chapter 052.png
53 Lecture 6
Chapter 053.png
54 Aogiri 6
Chapter 054.png
55 Plan 6
Chapter 055.png
56 Squirming 6
Chapter 056.png
57 Escape 6
Chapter 057.png
58 Crooked Smile 6
Chapter 058.png
59 Closed 7
Chapter 059.png
60 High Spirits 7
Chapter 060.jpg
61 Glimmer 7
Chapter 061.png
62 Kaneki 7
Chapter 062.png
63 Ghoul 7
Chapter 063.jpg
64 Nuisance 7
Chapter 064.png
65 Kakuja 7
Chapter 065.png
66 Removal 7
Chapter 066.png
67 Conscience 7
Chapter 067.png
68 Encounter 7
Chapter 068.png
69 That Day 8
Chapter 069.png
70 Siblings 8
Chapter 070.png
71 Two People 8
Chapter 071.jpg
72 Halfway 8
Chapter 072.png
73 Spark 8
Chapter 073.png
74 Persistence 8
Chapter 074.png
75 Secret 8
Chapter 075.jpg
76 Beacon 8
Chapter 076.png
77 Building 7 8
Chapter 077.png
78 Diversion 8
Chapter 078.png
79 New Light 8
Chapter 079.png

Post-Aogiri Tree/Timeskip Arc[]

Six months later, Amon and Suzuya have been promoted in CCG for their recent achievements. Amon's new partner turns out to be Akira Mado, the daughter of his former mentor, and attempts to bond with her during investigations on the ghouls of the 20th Ward. In the meantime, Suzuya is brought to the CCG's lab where he is finally given his very own quinque that had been made from Yamori's kagune.

Upon gathering information from his jailed foster father ghoul, Donato Porpora, Amon receives a vague hint to follow Alice over White Rabbit. Hide is also revealed to have joined CCG as a part-timer, and ends up getting promoted to being an assistant for Amon and Akira. At Anteiku, a ghoul named Roma Hoito has replaced Touka as the waitress due to the latter having to spend a lot of time away from the café for school studies.

Kaneki has also kept to his word, and now lives in the 6th Ward to make a name for himself in the ghoul underworld. Currently, Kaneki, and his followers such as Banjou and Tsukiyama, are searching for information on Shachi (Matasaka Kamishiro), an escaped SS-ranked prison ghoul who shares the last name of Rize's fake identity, in the hopes that it will lead them to Kanou. His search also brings his group to attack Madamn A. at the Ghoul Restaurant, but ends up having his plan blocked by two new One-Eyed sister ghouls (Nashiro and Kurona), who are Kanou's newest experiments; allowing for Madamn A. to escape.

After the restaurant attack, Kaneki returns to Itori's bar in the hopes that a list of names regarding CCG's escaped ghouls will provide him the whereabouts of Kanou or Madamn A, but is only able to learn that Kanou used to be a CCG coroner. Nico appears before him at the bar as well; revealed to be a friend of Itori. Nico explains that he was never a true member of Aogiri Tree, and reveals Aogiri's plan to Kaneki being that their true objective will only work once they get their hands on Kanou and Rize. He also informs Kaneki of the identity of their One-Eyed King.

Before leaving, Itori also informs Kaneki of rumors that a Rabbit ghoul wearing a black mask has been active as of late. Kaneki worries that it might be Touka, and, as well as needing to eventually search Kanou's hospital, decides that it's finally time to return to the 20th Ward.

At the 20th Ward, Kaneki leaves Touka a tiny rabbit toy while she was at the library, but doesn't actually greet her face-to-face. Kaneki's group also arrive at the hospital, but are told by Nurse Taguchi that Kanou left the country. Kaneki figures that Taguchi could be lying, which turns out to be true. Kanou is then seen within a hidden facility; still performing One-Eye experiments using a captured Rize.

At CCG, the 20th Ward ghoul investigations continue as Hide deduces that the Black Rabbit attacks are completely unrelated to the White Rabbit that killed Kureo. Shinohara also reveals information on the Binge Eater case that she disappeared during a steel bar accident, and that Kanou and Kaneki who were related to the incident, have recently gone missing. They decide that their next course of action should be to investigate Kaneki.

At another location, Kaneki's group attempt to ambush Taguchi in order to interrogate Kanou's location out of her. However, they are beaten to the punch by Naki's group from Aogiri Tree who are also looking for Kanou. Shachi, the ghoul Kaneki's group has been searching for, also enters the fray on the side of Aogiri, and battles Kaneki to the point of possibly killing him, but is ordered over the phone not to as he, and Naki's group, retreat with Taguchi at hand.

Later on, Madamn A. and her One-Eyed bodyguard, Kurona, head back into danger to retrieve her human pets as she doesn't want to leave them behind. However, she is ambushed by Kaneki's group who knew of this weakness, and are able to capture Madamn A. this time around due to Kurona bailing on protecting her once she considered the job impossible to complete.

Shinohara and Suzuya arrive at Anteiku to investigate Kaneki's disappearance knowing that he worked part-time there, but are only told a part of the story by Yoshimura; that the boy seemed off due to a recent heart transplant and left Anteiku soon after. Upon leaving, Shinohara suspects that they're hiding something.

Meanwhile, Aogiri Tree finishes up their interrogation of Taguchi, and were able to get a more percise location of where Kanou was currently hiding. At CCG, Amon, Akira and Hide, continue to investigate into Kanou's history and are able to discover a real estate that Kanou could be hiding at. Amon also confirms if what his foster father was referring to meant that either Kanou or Kaneki was the Alice he should be chasing after. In addition, Kaneki's group completed their interrogation of Madamn A, and were able to learn of the real estate as their next area to search. The stage is now set for Kaneki's group, Aogiri Tree, and the CCG, to meet each other at Kanou's summer mansion.

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
80 Promotion 9
Chapter 080.png
81 Subordinate 9
Chapter 081.png
82 Intelligent Person 9
Chapter 082.png
83 Priest 9
Chapter 083.png
84 Emerging 9
Chapter 084.png
85 One Eye 9
Chapter 085.png
86 Visitor 9
Chapter 086.png
87 Gossip 9
Chapter 087.jpg
88 Insecure 9
Chapter 088.png
89 Trick 10
Chapter 089.jpg
90 Pursuit 10
Chapter 090.png
91 Fortitude 10
Chapter 091.png
92 Lady 10
Chapter 092.png
93 Bait 10
Chapter 093.png
94 One's Heart 10
Chapter 094.png

Raid on Kanou's Lab Arc[]

Continuing his search for Akihiro Kanou, Kaneki's group (Tsukiyama, Banjou, and the gas mask siblings), as well as Madamn A, arrive at the doctor's summer mansion. Upon investigation, they stumble upon a hidden cell wall made of kagune, and decide to walk beyond it; entering into Kanou's hidden laboratory.

Walking through the hidden facility, Kaneki's group is stalled by the One-Eye sisters, Nashiro and Kurona, but Kaneki orders his gang to deal with them as he pushes forward through the lab on his own. Tsukiyama battles the One-Eye sisters in Kaneki's place, but is interrupted by Naki's group who have Eto alongside them. Kaneki's solo journey would then end up reaching a dead-end, but is greeted by Shachi who charges against Kaneki for another duel. Fights take place in the facility as Tsukiyama takes on Naki, the One-Eye sisters fight Eto, and Kaneki takes on Shachi.

Dodging the attacks from the One-Eye sisters, Eto reveals Nashiro and Kurona's tragic story to them, and calls out the two for following along with Kanou's plan where the two believe that their papa was truly Kanou even though their real parents have been long dead. This causes Nashiro and Kurona to break-down in denial, and while Banjou was seen witnessing their fight, Eto catches him off-guard, and pulls out Banjou's bones.

Fighting against Shachi, the SS-ranked ghoul eventually uses a major attack against Kaneki that forces the two into a room below them. Here, the two realize that they have landed in Kanou's primary lab where the doctor's been conducting experiments with Rize, and greets the two ghouls for their arrival. Shachi watches on as Kanou congratulates Kaneki for making it this far on his own strength.

Revealing that Yoshimura was the true creator of Aogiri Tree, Kanou offers Kaneki a chance to team up with him to one day show the truth of this flawed world to the boy. However, before Kaneki could give his answer, Yomo shows up to break the machine holding Rize captive, and escapes with her. During his escape, Yomo tells Kaneki to not stray from the path he's chosen, and leaves the boy a warning that the CCG have finally arrived at the mansion. Once Yomo left, Kaneki charges at Kanou, but is stalled by Shachi, who escapes with the doctor at hand; leaving Kaneki to fight with the failed experiments Kanou left behind.

At this point, the CCG have entered the facility, and break off into three groups. Suzuya goes off on his own, and runs into his old classmates, Nashiro and Kurona, who were attempting to escape after the fight with Eto. The second investigator unit led by Amon and Akira come across the room where Naki and Tsukiyama's groups were fighting, and the two ghoul enemies decide that their groups need to team up in order to survive against the CCG. The third unit led by Shinohara stumbles upon the main lab, and witness Kaneki after his kagune had begun to evolve into a Kakujya centipede form upon eating the experiments. Deeming centipede Kaneki a danger to keep alive, Shinohara readies himself for combat, and activates Arata form. Kaneki struggles to control himself remembering his past failures as Shinohara deduces that the ghoul has begun to go crazy.

In the meantime, Amon and Akira's unit continue their fight against the newly teamed up Naki and Tsukiyama group while Suzuya fights against the One-Eyed sisters. During the Suzuya fight, Nashiro and Kurona think back to a time when they were CCG Academy classmates with him, and discovered Suzuya to be a monster that doesn't feel anything. Meeting again in the present, they attempt to finish Suzuya off for good, but are beaten down by the investigator to the point of Kurona escaping with a heavily injured Nashiro.

In an attempt to end the stalemate, Akira throws an untested gas grenade that affects ghouls, and is able to temporarily immobilize Tsukiyama and Naki's group. However, Naki breaks free, and is able to severely injure Akira; forcing Amon to come to her aid, and provides an opening for the ghouls to escape. At that same moment, the battle between centipede Kaneki and Shinohara rages on.

Spliting away from Naki's group, Tsukiyama, and the gas mask siblings, come across the injured Banjou as they all agree that returning to Kaneki was their first priority. Meanwhile, Amon gets a brief glimpse of the One-Eyed sisters escaping as his unit, and the injured Akira, arrive at Shinohara's location. However, upon seeing Shinohara defeated, Amon charges forward as the next to fight Kaneki.

The fight between Amon and Kaneki rages on as Suzuya is seen also arriving at the main lab to provide back-up for Amon. They eventually break through to Kaneki where Amon reminds him of their past encounter in which Kaneki showed human traits as a ghoul. As a result, a portion of Kaneki's sanity returns. Kaneki uses this chance to escape the lab as the CCG stay behind to provide aid for Shinohara.

Still not fully sane, Kaneki reunites with his gang, but stabs Banjou in the chest when the latter steps forward to help him. Kaneki breaks down upon realizing what he had done, but is stunned to find that Banjou's kagune has finally awakened, and heals the injuries he obtained from Kaneki and Eto. Banjou then informs Kaneki that he is still his shield, and that Kaneki should think about saving himself before trying to help others.

At the lab, Shinohara is showen to have survived his fight with Kaneki as Amon berates Suzuya for leaving his partner on his own. Kanou is also revealed to have joined with Aogiri Tree as Kurona appears before him in the hopes that papa will heal Nashiro. However, he informs her that due to the immense damage she's suffered, Nashiro can't be healed. He then exits the lab with Eto and Shachi; leaving Kurona behind to stay with her dying sister.

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
95 Temporary Abode 10
Chapter 095.png
96 Infiltration 10
Chapter 096.png
97 Waiting Man 10
Chapter 097.png
98 Depths 10
Chapter 098.png
99 The Unknown 10
Chapter 099.png
100 Centipede 10
Chapter 100.jpg
101 Mix Up 11
Chapter 101.png
102 Black and White 11
Chapter 102.png
103 Thorn Shave 11
Chapter 103.png
104 Gas 11
Chapter 104.png
105 Private Servant 11
Chapter 105.png
106 Amnesty 11
Chapter 106.png
107 Rift 11
Chapter 107.png

Decision Arc[]

Having returned home, Kaneki was left in a depressed state due to his actions at Kanou's mansion. However he eventually decides that a change of scenery was needed, and takes Hinami along with him to meet the famous writer, Sen Takatsuki, at a signing event. At the signing, Kaneki and Hinami introduce themselves to Takatsuki, who gains an interest on Kaneki. The two leave as Hide also shows up at the signing in the hopes of secretly getting an autograph for Kaneki.

Commander Kuroiwa visits a healing Shinohara at the hospital as the two investigators discuss the threat of the Centipede ghoul, and the discovery that there may be two Owl ghouls. At the CCG, Amon's team continues to investigate their 20th Ward cases without Shinohara, and come to the conclusion that following their discoveries at Kanou's mansion, needs much deeper investigation.

After work, Amon is finally able to have dinner with Akira, who reveals during a drunk rant that she actually hates Amon for not being there when Kureo died. However, Amon answers her that Kureo's death affected him greatly to the point of wanting to protect those around him, as well as those that were close to Kureo. Amon carries the drunk Akira back to her apartment, and after discovering how lonely she has been without her parents, decides to stick around to take care of her during the night. The next morning, Akira thanks him for his efforts as the two finally begin to form a true bond.

Kaneki shows up at Uta's shop hoping for advice related to Yoshimura and Yomo possibly being enemies. Uta answers that despite having nothing on Yoshimura, he will gladly tell of a tale about Yomo's past.

Uta tells his story to Kaneki of a time when he used to manage the 4th Ward. Uta reveals that he met, and befriended, a battle hungry Yomo into becoming a part of Uta's gang, and learned of Yomo's motivation of wanting to become strong in order to kill Arima for the death of his older sister. Yomo and Arima eventually do fight, and ends in Yomo's defeat. However, he is saved at the last second by the arrival of Yoshimura as the two disappear from the 4th Ward. Uta explains that Yomo had changed to becoming a lot calmer working under Yoshimura and asks Kaneki what he should be doing now. However, before Kaneki could answer, he states that he will need to talk with Yomo first.

Meanwhile, Tsukiyama takes Hinami out to a café for a cup of tea, and informs her that, as the two closest to Kaneki, it is up them to cheer him up. Takatsuki also stops by the cafe during Tsukiyama's bathroom break, and after hearing about Hinami's struggle to help Kaneki, informs Hinami that she can't truly help him the way she is at the moment.

At CCG, the 20th Ward investigators are informed that Shinohara is close to returning to them as Seidou and Houji notice that Amon and Akira have gotten much closer to one another. Moments later, Takatsuki arrives at the CCG to reveal information that she gathered about Kanou's facility. In a private chat, she informs Amon of how the facility was actually owned by the CCG, and that the mansion's original owner, Nanao Yasuhisa, was the provider of a ghoul solution that helped the CCG make quinques and such. Learning that Nanao died despite being under CCG protection, Amon at this point begins to question the existence of the CCG; realizing there may be more to the agency than it lets on.

Kaneki is next seen arriving at Yomo's place for his side of the story, and comes across Rize, who's been left in a pathetic state of insanity due to ghoul starvation. Kaneki begins to fall apart due to having always relied on Rize's stength to push him forward, but is told by Yomo that everything he's done until this point has been on his own strength. Yomo apologizes for always hiding information from him, and decides to tell him what he knows.

At Anteiku, Touka continues to prepare herself for the Kamii University entrance exams as she, and Nishiki, run into Hinami and Tsukiyama on the street. Despite being hostile to Tsukiyama, the Gourmet ghoul calls them out for not being there like he has been to help Kaneki through his pain. Nishiki then brings Touka to Kamii, and lets her tour the school on her own. Walking around Kamii, Touka runs into Hide again, who reveals to her how Kaneki's character came off to him growing up together as friends; that Kaneki has always been lonely, and in pain, due to growing up without any family. Hide also shows Touka the hand-on-chin habit Kaneki developed that shows when he's lying.

At CCG, Director Yoshitoki Washuu reveals to his fellow investigators that his investigations have confirmed the existence of two Owl ghouls. In the meantime, Kaneki arrives at Anteiku to confront Yoshimura about the One-Eyed Owl King of Aogiri Tree possibly being the manager's child. Kaneki explains that information from Yomo brought him to this answer, which causes Yoshimura to tell him a tale.

Yoshimura explains the story of a ghoul named Kuzen that had fallen in love with a human-girl named Ukina, and produced a child that was part-human and part-ghoul. However, the organization that Kuzen worked for had caught on to their relationship; resulting in Ukina's death, and for the baby to live on its own away from the eyes of the organization. The baby grew up hating the world, and became the original One-Eyed Owl, but in order to continue protecting his child, Kuzen became the second One-Eyed Owl to stir the attention away from his child.

Kaneki realizes that Yoshimura was describing a story about himself, and is asked by the manager to continue being the person from both worlds that can help others who lost their way; including his child. Yoshimura also asks Kaneki to finally return to Anteiku.

Kaneki leaves Anteiku to think over what to do from now on, but is finally met by Touka for the first time since they parted ways. Kaneki reveals to her that he had been offered to return to Anteiku, but seeing that he still hasn't been truthful to her, and continues to do things on his own, Touka pummels him, and orders Kaneki not to return.

Afterwards, Kaneki returns to his hideout where he tells the gang that he wishes to disband the group in order to return to Anteiku. However, he wishes for the gang to follow him as well, which they all decide in doing so. Meanwhile, Touka continues to study for the entrance exams, but regrets that her actions may keep Kaneki from actually returning.

At the CCG, Amon offers Akira a key-holder gift, which she accepts, and informs Amon that his improved quinque has been completed. In addition, Director Yoshitoki Washuu joins forces with Commander Marude to lead a team of investigators that will destroy what they discovered to be the hideout of the One-Eyed Owl ghoul; Anteiku Café.

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
108 Artificial 11
Chapter 108.jpg
109 Hanged-Man 11
Chapter 109.png
110 Returning 11
Chapter 110.png
111 Railway 11
Chapter 111.png
112 Lights Out 12
Chapter 112.jpg
113 Spreading Wings 12
Chapter 113.png
114 Entwined 12
Chapter 114.png
115 Broken and Crumbling 12
Chapter 115.png
116 Second Meeting 12
Chapter 116.jpg
117 Dry Rice Field 12
Chapter 117.png
118 Unlocking 12
Chapter 118.png
119 Old Nine 12
Chapter 119.jpg
120 Touka 12
Chapter 120.png
121 Bull's Eye 12
Chapter 121.png

Owl Suppression Operation Arc[]

During a trip to the zoo, Suzuya thinks back to his time in slavery under the Big Madam ghoul, and remembers of the neverending torture he had to endure. He also remembers back to his time with the CCG of having been rescued, seen as a threat, and raised in the academy to the point of meeting Shinohara. Having been discharged from the hospital, Suzuya is greeted by a fully healed Shinohara, who informs his partner that they will be taking part in the Anteiku operation.

The rest of the chosen CCG Investigators prepare for the operation by having to write their final testament to their loved ones. Kuroiwa volunteers himself to join the operation while Seidou is picked to be one of the elected investigators. Despite accepting, Seidou hides from everyone (including his family) that he is certain he will die and completely terrified at the prospect. Hide is also chosen to take part, and agrees to join the operation after being informed by Marude that the raid will be on the location Kaneki had worked previously.

After receiving a new quinque from researcher Chigyou, Amon and Akira head over to Kureo's grave where Akira reveals the need to kill Owl for the sake of her dead parents. She tries to show her affection for Amon, but he ends up denying her kiss as the two return to the CCG afterward to join the Anteiku operation. Meanwhile, at a café, Kaneki overhears several off-duty Investigators mention the CCG's preparations to attack Owl in the 20th Ward, and decides to get moving as well.

While out walking, Yoshimura is greeted by members of the organization (known as V) that he used to work for during his time as Kuzen. The leader, Kaiko, asks Yoshimura to hand over his One-Eyed Owl child, and to swear loyalty again to V, but are turned away when Yoshimura refuses to submit. Kaiko leaves off stating to Yoshimura that his death is certain as he is still just a bird trapped in a birdcage. Elsewhere, Kaneki is able to get word to Yomo of the CCG's raid on Anteiku, who passes the information on to Yoshimura. He, Koma and Irimi share one last cup of coffee together as the three of them ready themselves for their final fight against the CCG.

The CCG raid team, led by Director Yoshitoki Washuu, are greeted at Anteiku's entrance by Koma and Irimi; having returned to their ghoul personas as the Devil Ape (Koma) and the Black Dog (Irimi). The battle between Anteiku, and the CCG, begins as ghoul reinforcements loyal to Anteiku arrive to back up Koma and Irimi. Yoshimura also appears on the battlefield as they begin to kill off the first waves of Investigators. Kaneki is seen elsewhere listening to the news that the 20th Ward has become a restricted warzone.

The battles at Anteiku continue as the Devil Ape ends up in a fight with Investigator Tanakamaru while the Black Dog is greeted by Investigator Hachikawa. Shinohara and Kuroiwa (backed up by Houji and Special Class Ui), having activated their Arata quinques, also stand before Yoshimura to finish the fight they started back at the Aogiri Tree Hideout.

Watching the battle from a far away rooftop, Kaneki says his goodbyes to his gang; having decided to join the fray to reach Anteiku. Nishiki, Banjou's group, and Hinami, have decided to take the opening they were given by Yoshimura to go into hiding, but Tsukiyama attempts to fight Kaneki to drag him away from a battle he believes that Kaneki won't survive. Kaneki wins, and despite a tearful Tsukiyama begging him not to go, Kaneki claims that he's sick of being useless.

Elsewhere, Yomo arrives at Touka's home, and informs her that they will be going into hiding to evade the CCG raid. Despite Touka wishing to go back, Yomo informs her that Yoshimura, Koma and Irimi are fighting so that she can live on, which has Touka coming to accept that her life at Anteiku is over.

Returning to the Anteiku fight, Suzuya enters the Owl duel as back-up against Yoshimura, and Hirako's squad arrives to help Hachikawa battle Black Dog. Irimi's fight eventually causes her to suffer an injury to the CCG as she uses her body to shield an old lady civilian from their attack. Hachikawa and Hirako's group take advantage of the injury, and are able to land a decisive blow upon Irimi, but before the Investigators can finish her off, Kaneki arrives on the scene to protect her.

Kaneki informs Irimi that he's already rescued Koma from death against Tanakamaru, and is given a rundown by Irimi of her current enemies. Thanks to the information, Kaneki is able to come out the winner over Hirako, and is able to retreat with Irimi to a safe location, who tells Kaneki of a sewer route, V14, that the ghouls can use to escape the 20th Ward. Kaneki next heads for Yoshimura's location, but ends up running into Amon's squad as they arrive. Kaneki's movements gets stalled by Amon as Yoshitoki and Marude get word that the Centipede ghoul has appeared, which catches Hide's attention as well.

Kaneki is forced into battling Amon to the point of breaking the Investigator's current quinque, but before Kaneki could continue on, Researcher Chigyou arrives to hand over two new quinques to Amon (one of which is a Kakujya type with Arata form), which he puts to use for another match against Kaneki.

Meanwhile, after taking a hit from Special Class Ui to the torso, an exhausted Yoshimura attempts to escape his fight for a brief moment of rest, but is caught off-guard by Suzuya who manages cut off one of the Owl ghoul's arms. In return, Yoshimura cuts off Suzuya's leg, which also takes the boy's ability to fight. Shinohara, who regrets what happened to Suzuya, gets ready to fight Owl with the rest of his CCG team once more.

The battle between Kaneki and Amon rages on, but ends with Kaneki cutting off Amon's right arm, which forces the Investigator to the ground. Amon throws his quinque in a last-ditch effort to stop Kaneki, which blows a hole in the ghoul's chest; leaving Kaneki to crawl as he attempts to continue towards Yoshimura.

The battle against Yoshimura also comes to a close as Kuroiwa provides an opening by cutting off the Owl's other arm, and Shinohara pulls out a secret quinque developed by Kureo that they use to land the final blow on Yoshimura. Before they could celebrate their victory however, the original One-Eyed ghoul child of Yoshimura appears to protect its father. The second One-Eyed ghoul knocks out Shinohara, Kuroiwa and Houji, which forces Ui to duel the second Owl solo, and calls for reinforcements. Akira, and all other ground Investigators with quinques are ordered to head for the location of the Owl fight to support Ui, but Seidou chooses to go against that order, and runs off to search for Amon.

Kaneki manages to evade his CCG pursuers falling into the 20th Ward sewers, but begins to lose his sanity again due to the injury he received from Amon. At this point, Hide manages to find him, and reveals that he already knows everything about Kaneki. Wishing to help his friend, Hide asks Kaneki to fight one last battle.

The battle against the second Owl continues as Ui is the next to be forced out of commission. Suzuya is left to watch the second Owl play around with his partner's body, and sees Shinohara's leg get cut off. This triggers Suzuya to remember all the times Shinohara had been a father figure to him, and realizes that he cares for his partner, and doesn't wish for Shinohara to die.

Kaneki, now fully healed, makes his way through the sewer, but is greeted by Arima at the V14 route entrance; standing amongst a pile of ghoul corpses. Kaneki prepares for a fight against Arima as the battle against the second Owl goes on. Suzuya attempts to fight Owl for the sake of saving Shinohara, but results in him falling from exhaustion. Support finally arrives at this point as Hirako, Hachikawa, Tanakamaru, and many other Investigators arrive to fight the second Owl.

Despite Kaneki's efforts in the fight, he continuously gets stabbed by Arima to the point that Kaneki begins to become unstable once more. Despite struggling to hold his sanity, Kaneki continues to fight in the hopes of getting in one attack that will defeat Arima, but fails to do so, and ends up being completely defeated. Kaneki's last moments have him entering a dimension within himself where he comes to the realization that he is no different from his mother who was only trying to protect herself from pain. He also apologizes to his younger self for becoming what he turned out to be down the line as the two decide that it's time that they take a rest. The very last moment has Kaneki remembering a clown ghoul that caused the steel beam incident.

Elsewhere, Seidou manages to find the injured Amon, but before he could get him medical attention, he is greeted by Aogiri Tree's Tatara, who attacks Seidou when the ghoul realizes that the boy is a subordinate of the Investigator Houji that destroyed Tatara's organization. The two skirmish as Seidou ends up getting the left side of his body bitten off by Aogiri Tree's Noro ghoul. Enraged at what happened to Seidou, the injured Amon charges forward to fight once more against Tatara.

The battle against the second Owl continues as Arima, and his squad, finally arrives to take over for the Investigators that have been fighting it. Arima battles with the second Owl to the point that the ghoul realizes the danger its in against Arima, and escapes with Yoshimura to a safe location. Here, the original Owl's true body comes out of its shell, and reveals the true identity of Yoshimura's child; Eto of Aogiri Tree, who is also the horror novelist, Sen Takatsuki.

With the operation finally over, having defeated 99% of the ghouls, Nishiki watches on, and warns a now catatonic Tsukiyama to eat something before he dies of starvation. At a CCG hospital, Shinohara has been left in a vegetative state, and will no longer wake up, which stuns Suzuya. Akira also confirms the deaths of Amon and Seidou, which causes her to break down in tears. Banjou's group and Hinami are seen searching for a new Hideout, and Investigators Hirako and Ui discuss how no one came out the real winner in the Anteiku operation.

Eto is shown working with Dr. Kanou, and have perserved Yoshimura in a test tube. A calmed Suzuya says his goodbye to Shinohara, and Yoshitoki and Arima inform Chairman Tsuneyoshi that they failed to defeat the One-Eyed Owl of Aogiri Tree. Having erased Kaneki's profile, Arima is given the boy's body to be made into his new quinque. At Itori's bar, she, Uta, Nico, Hoito and Souta laugh at Kaneki's demise, and reveal themselves to be the Clown Faction, Pierrot, that had been behind Kaneki's ghoul transformation. They are left deciding what to do next in order to have the last laugh. Yomo and Touka are last seen looking at the remnants of Anteiku as Touka states that she believes Kaneki will return to them one day.

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
122 Yellow Bell 13
Chapter 122.png
123 Homefront 13
Chapter 123.jpg
124 Way of Speaking 13
Chapter 124.png
125 Shattered Heaven 13
Chapter 125.jpg
126 Original Sin 13
Chapter 126.png
127 Solid Border 13
Chapter 127.png
128 Town Hope 13
Chapter 128.png
129 Acted Play 13
Chapter 129.png
130 Victory Obsession 13
Chapter 130.png
131 Reform Question 13
Chapter 131.png
132 Festival Open 13
Chapter 132.png
133 Crushing Mass 14
Chapter 133.jpg
134 Overcome Tragedy 14
Chapter 134.png
135 Final Rain 14
Chapter 135.png
136 Concealed Prison 14
Chapter 136.png
137 Overflowing Flowers 14
Chapter 137.png
138 Corpse Bloom 14
Chapter 138.jpg
139 Gracious Disorder 14
Chapter 139.png
140 Sharp Voice 14
Chapter 140.png
141 Scarred Children 14
Chapter 141.png
142 Drama Banquet 14
Chapter 142.png


Akira visits her father's grave to inform him that she had been promoted to being able to work alongside Arima, and is greeted by her new junior that she will be training: Haise Sasaki.

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
143 Ken 14
Chapter 143.png

Tokyo Ghoul: Joker[]

Joker One Shot[]

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
1 1
Gaiden Joker.jpg

Tokyo Ghoul:re[]

Torso Investigation Arc[]

Nutcracker Investigation Arc[]

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
8 Agent 1
Re Chapter 008.png
9 Inherited Feelings 1
Re Chapter 009.png
10 Pseudo-Limit 2
Re Chapter 010.png
11 The Value of Waiting 2
Re Chapter 011.png
12 Withered Souls 2
Re Chapter 012.png
13 Ah, It Shall Rain Blood 2
Re Chapter 013.png
14 Touched by the Rhyme 2
Re Chapter 014.png
15 Great Effort 2
Re Chapter 015.png
16 Right 2
Re Chapter 016.png

Auction Mopping-Up Operation Arc[]

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
17 Popular 2
Re Chapter 017.png
18 Ferry 2
Re Chapter 018.png
19 Party 2
Re Chapter 019.png
20 Rotational Movement 2
Re Chapter 020.png
21 Select 3
Re Chapter 021.png
22 Misrun 3
Re Chapter 022.png
23 Perry 3
Re Chapter 023.png
24 Caring Feeling 3
Re Chapter 024.png
25 Command 3
Re Chapter 025.png
26 Ah 3
Re Chapter 026.png
27 Calling Out to Within 3
Re Chapter 027.png
28 Situation in Disorder 3
Re Chapter 028.png
29 To Seek a Nest 3
Re Chapter 029.png
30 Freeze 3
Re Chapter 030.png
31 Piyyut 3
Re Chapter 031.JPG

Rose Investigation Arc[]

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
32 To Eat One's Fill 4
Re Chapter 032.png
33 Embracing Books 4
Re Chapter 033.png
34 Great Shape 4
Re Chapter 034.png
35 Dependence 4
Re Chapter 035.png
36 Suddenly 4
Re Chapter 036.png
37 Corpse's Secret 4
Re Chapter 037.png
38 A Certain M 4
Re Chapter 038.png
39 Depth 4
Re Chapter 039.png
40 Comprising 4
Re Chapter 040.png
41 F's Ace 4
Re Chapter 041.png
42 Filament 5
Re Chapter 042.png
43 Revealing Sound 5
Re Chapter 043.png
44 # 5
Re Chapter 044.png
45 Plan T 5
Re Chapter 045.jpg

Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation Arc[]

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
46 5
Re Chapter 046.jpg
47 Match 5
Re Chapter 047.jpg
48 N.T. 5
Re Chapter 048.jpg
49 Pulsing Signal 5
Re Chapter 049.png
50 Hand 5
Re Chapter 050.png
51 Shaving Cores 5
Re Chapter 051.png
52 Eve 5
Re Chapter 052.png
53 Dream 6
Re Chapter 053.png
54 Born Child 6
Re Chapter 054.png
55 Alice & 6
Re Chapter 055.png
56 The Second King 6
Re Chapter 056.png
57 Regretting Smile 6
Re Chapter 057.png
58 Playfully Faint 6
Re Chapter 058.png
59 Kneel 6
Re Chapter 059.png

Third Cochlea Raid/Rushima Landing Operation[]

Clown Siege/CCG Lab Infiltration Arc[]

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
99 White 10
Re Chapter 099.png
100 The Red Hands' 10
Re Chapter 100.png
101 The Toys' 10
Re Chapter 101.png
102 Great Wheel 10
Re Chapter 102.png
103 Almost Too Much Wealth 10
Re Chapter 103.png
104 Sudden Death 10
Re Chapter 104.png
105 Stage 10
Re Chapter 105.png
106 A Hopeless Course 10
Re Chapter 106.png
107 V 10
Re Chapter 107.png
108 Eternity 10
Re Chapter 108.png
109 Until the Pen 10
Re Chapter 109.png
110 That 10
Re Chapter 110.png
111 Set P 11
Re Chapter 111.png
112 Saved from the Web 11
Re Chapter 112.png
113 I Am 11
Re Chapter 113.png
114 Dear 11
Re Chapter 114.png
115 Question Child 11
Re Chapter 115.png
116 A Dream from Somewhen 11
Re Chapter 116.png

24th Ward Raid[]

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
117 Thumbs Up 11
Re Chapter 117.png
118 Good Speech 11
Re Chapter 118.png
119 Cruz 11
Re Chapter 119.png
120 VE/SS/EL 11
Re Chapter 120.png
121 One Will Hang 11
Re Chapter 121.png
122 At What Time? 11
Re Chapter 122.png
123 Fail 12
Re Chapter 123.png
124 One String 12
Re Chapter 124.png
125 X 12
Re Chapter 125.png
126 Rings 12
Re Chapter 126.png
127 Beginning 12
Re Chapter 127.png
128 Meal 12
Re Chapter 128.png
129 Suffering 12
Re Chapter 129.png
130 Meaningless 12
Re Chapter 130.png
131 Thinking Pig 12
Re Chapter 131.png
132 Two Meanings 12
Re Chapter 132.png
133 I've Raised Reapers for Three People 13
Re Chapter 133.png
134 I Know Not 13
Re Chapter 134.png
135 The Night Is Coming 13
Re Chapter 135.png
136 Despite the Bravery 13
Re Chapter 136.png
137 Izanagi 13
Re Chapter 137.png
138 Falling from the Tower 13
Re Chapter 138.png
139 He Laughs 13
Re Chapter 139.png
140 A Murder by N 13
Re Chapter 140.png
141 A Sufficient Stain 13
Re Chapter 141.png
142 Lament 13
Re Chapter 142.png
143 13
Re Chapter 143.png

Dragon War Arc[]

Chapter Chapter Title Volume Chapter Picture
144 A 13
Re Chapter 144.png
145 Title 14
Re Chapter 145.png
146 : 14
Re Chapter 146.png
147 1 14
Re Chapter 147.png
148 Where is the Stone 14
Re Chapter 148.png
149 Splitting Bamboo 14
Re Chapter 149.png
150 Ark 14
Re Chapter 150.png
151 Get Out 14
Re Chapter 151.png
152 One Sacrifice 14
Re Chapter 152.png
153 One Piece of Trash 14
Re Chapter 153.png
154 Trace 14
Re Chapter 154.png
155 Several Lies 15
Re Chapter 155.png
156 Interior 15
Re Chapter 156.png
157 Sign 15
Re Chapter 157.png
158 Right 15
Re Chapter 158.png
159 S 15
Re Chapter 159.png
160 Mourning 15
Re Chapter 160.png
161 Come, You Sweet Hour of Death 15
Re Chapter 161.png
162 Holding a Pomegranate 15
Re Chapter 162.png
163 Unbreakable 15
Re Chapter 163.png
164 The White One 15
Re Chapter 164.png
165 Faded 16
Re Chapter 165.png
166 e t 16
Re Chapter 166.png
167 Transparent 16
Re Chapter 167.png
168 Fragrant, But 16
Re Chapter 168.png
169 Towards the Group Factors 16
Re Chapter 169.png
170 Evolution and the Stars 16
Re Chapter 170.png
171 Disappear 16
Re Chapter 171.png
172 Enough 16
Re Chapter 172.png
173 Don't Dodge 16
Re Chapter 173.png
174 Do 16
174 cover.jpg
175 Lord of the Bugs 16
175 cover.jpg
176 Loss 16
176 color.jpg
177 Outcome 16
177 cover.jpg
178 White and Rabbit 16
178 cover.jpg
179 The Mountain Goat's Song 16
179 cover.jpg