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"Live beautifully with your head up high, just like that rose on your chest."— Shuu Tsukiyama, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 32

Shuu Tsukiyama (月山 習, Tsukiyama Shū) was the infamous Gourmet (美食家, Bishokuka) ghoul of the 20th ward. He was a fourth-year student studying Social Welfare at the Department of Human Sciences at Seinan Gakuin University.[2] He comes from the extremely wealthy and influential Tsukiyama family which his father, Mirumo Tsukiyama was the head of. Tsukiyama himself became the head of his family after the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation. He was also a member of the Ghoul Restaurant, known as MM until he betrayed them.

He joined Kaneki's group with the hidden intention of eating Ken Kaneki, obsessed with his scent and taste but eventually came to genuinely care for Kaneki. Two years later, his severe depression and anorexia after Kaneki's apparent demise left him emaciated and required constant care from his family servants. After finding out Kaneki was alive and meeting him, he recovers, being able to walk and eat on his own as well as take measures to help Kaneki regain his memories.

Sometime after the death of his cousin, Karren von Rosewald, he joined Goat as a direct subordinate of the One-Eyed King and joined the White Suits for a brief period of time and fought together with the other members of the organization during the Dragon War.

Six years after the war, he became one of the leaders of the organisation United Front together with Kazuichi Banjou and Ken Kaneki.


Tsukiyama is a tall, attractive, young man with a gentle look likened to his mother's.[3] He considers himself fashionable and usually dresses in European attire, though his sense of style is questionable. He typically wears formal suits or semi-formal dress-shirts and long pants decorated with bold contrasting colors (usually red and purplish blue) and eccentric patterns such as stripes, flowers, or geometric shapes. His brightly blue hair was usually neatly combed, with a characteristic long fringe neatly swept towards the left. Upon his first appearance, Kaneki thought to himself that he looked like a model.

He possesses a mask shaped like a crescent moon as a reference to his name.

Two years later, his lengthy depression had significantly altered his physical appearance. As a result of his starvation, he became emaciated with visible sternum and sunken facial features. His kagune, when out of control, wrapped him up and gave him a monstrous appearance. Due to his poor health, he had unkempt hair and nails and wore a plain sleeping robe.

After he found out Kaneki was still alive, he made a speedy recovery and resumed his previous appearance plus flamboyant mannerisms, however in a much more mellow manner.

During the Rushima Landing Operation, he wore a dark robe with black clothing underneath.

Manga Depiction

Anime Depiction


In the beginning of Tokyo Ghoul, Tsukiyama appeared to be a confident, friendly, and intelligent ghoul. However, these were merely acts to lure his "prey" into the Ghoul Restaurant and to conceal his eccentric, cruel, and selfish personality. He considered himself a strong predator who would seek to devour the finest meals he made of his "prey" and would not hesitate to resort to any merciless tactics in order to achieve his goals. As a result, he was disliked by most ghouls in the 20th ward. His interest in European literature and language was shown in his gestures and mannerisms, his dialogue often peppered with random phrases of English, French, and Italian. Family associates have likened his intellectual gestures to those of his young father.[4] (In the anime, he showed great anger towards others who disrespect his taste in food.) Tsukiyama felt insulted when Rize Kamishiro declined his invitation to join the Ghoul Restaurant, who mocked the "classy" eating habits of the restaurant that resembled the humans'. Therefore, Tsukiyama bore grudges over Rize and called her a "pig" for ridiculing his taste in food. He had poor control over his emotions, with intense outbursts or "meltdowns" especially when it came to losing something important or failing to capture his "gourmet target." During times when he was calm and rationale, he seemed to be quite intelligent and often came up with strategies to help his comrades. He compared himself to a noble "knight," especially later when in the service of Kaneki. Besides food, he also enjoys reading, fashion, and playing the piano.

In the earlier series of Tokyo Ghoul, Tsukiyama seemed to have little understanding of others' feelings and how relationships worked. He called his only human friend Chie Hori a "pet," in order to rationalize his lack of interest in eating her. He also did not understand Nishiki Nishio's feelings for Kimi Nishino and assumed that she might also just be a precious pet to him. Although he did not have many friends and generally not being well-liked by others, it was reflected during his first conversation with Kaneki that he actually wanted a good friend whom he could talk to share his interests with. However, he failed to acknowledge this and was revealed later in Tokyo Ghoul that he continued to consider his feelings of friendship and care towards Kaneki as a mere pursuit of "gourmet food." Despite his poor social skills, he occasionally showed genuine care towards people he valued. For example, he tried to cheer up Kaneki after his breakdown at Kanou's lab, brought flowers to please Hinami Fueguchi when she was feeling down, and gave encouraging words to Kanae when he first joined Tsukiyama's family.

As the story progresses, his personality underwent significant changes as a result of his encounter with Kaneki's group and lengthy depression later on. The deterioration of his health damaged his mental state and caused him to suffer terrifying bouts of violence. To address these, his servants resorted to drugging him to keep him calm. When he was calmed, he was somber and deeply withdrawn from the world. He is well-liked by his servants, especially Kanae and Matsumae, with whom he had developed a strong bond since he was young.

After his recovery from his depression, he shows significant maturation in his character. He has become more humble and recognizes the importance of his family and friends. He is deeply saddened when he learns his servants went overboard with hunting for the sake of finding food for him, and feels he should be responsible for Yuuma's capture by the CCG. He apologizes to his servants for the problems his condition had caused and expresses his gratitude. He is also determined to act on his own in order to save Yuuma and protect his other servants from further dangers. When he discovers that Kaneki is still alive as "Sasaki," he admits he has no longer considered him as "food" for a long time and is determined to help him get back his memories. He genuinely cares about Hori and friends from Anteiku and even admits he is egocentric.


Doves' Emergence

He is mentioned several times by members of the CCG as one the main concerns for the Doves in the 20th ward, with the bulletin board outside the CCG 20th Ward's Branch Office asking for information and is blamed by investigators for the loss of one of their men.[5]

Gourmet Arc

After noticing the "lovely gradation" in Misono Karube's eyes, Tsukiyama stalked her in her home and stole them by gouging them out; he then had them sautéd.

Tsukiyama later made an appearance at Anteiku, where he encountered Kaneki for the first time. After hearing about how Kaneki was able to confront the investigators — then noticing his enticing, unique scent — Tsukiyama took an interest in him. Aware of his unsavory reputation, Touka demanded that he leave. Though he complied, he promises Kaneki that they will meet again.[6]

Tsukiyama becomes obsessed with Kaneki's smell.

Tsukiyama visited at Kamii University to meet Kaneki and discussed books with him and told him a little about himself, with an intent to befriend him. He asked Kaneki to accompany him to a coffee shop soon, and Kaneki hesitantly accepted his offer. Before they go to the coffee shop, Tsukiyama played a game of squash with him, where he noticed that Kaneki was not very athletic. He then assured him that the coffee would taste better if they work up a sweat first. At the coffee shop, Tsukiyama told him about his perspective as a gourmet. As the topic shifted, Tsukiyama gave Kaneki a book recommendation, titled La Physiologie du Goût (The Physiology of Taste) by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. After Kaneki got a paper cut from one of the pages (in actuality, Tsukiyama had cut Kaneki with his nail), Tsukiyama gave him his handkerchief to soak the blood from the wound. However, in the anime, the book was replaced with the teacup that Tsukiyama crushed in his hand in a fit of rage when thinking about Rize; Kaneki cut himself on one of its ceramic shards and Tsukiyama handed him his handkerchief. After acquiring the bloodied handkerchief, he excused himself to the restroom where he indulged in the scent of Kaneki's blood. When they left the coffee shop, Kaneki asked Tsukiyama what he did about food. Tsukiyama, seeing this as an opportunity to invite Kaneki to the Ghoul Restaurant, does so. At the Ghoul Restaurant, Kaneki, yet unaware of Tsukiyama's real intentions, was separated from him so that the staff could "prepare" him; Kaneki was told to take a shower, dress in a tuxedo and stay in the waiting room.

During the presentation of the night's dishes, Tsukiyama presented Kaneki as the main dish and explained the lengths and efforts he went through to make Kaneki taste his finest. However, after Kaneki revealed himself to be a one-eyed ghoul while defending himself against the scrapper, Taro, Tsukiyama put a halt to the night's proceedings, killing the scrapper. He offered Taro as the meal instead, determined to have Kaneki entirely to himself now that he was aware of his extreme rarity. Tsukiyama then asked for Kaneki to forget about the experience.[citation needed]

Touka Kirishima vs. Tsukiyama.

Later on, Tsukiyama kidnapped Kimi Nishino, Nishiki Nishio's girlfriend, as another trump card to get his way with Kaneki. When Kaneki and Nishiki arrived at his "altar" to rescue Kimi, whom he had tied up, Tsukiyama revealed that Kimi was the night's "Gourmet Spice;" he planned to eat Kaneki while Kaneki ate Kimi. When Nishiki tried to attack him, Tsukiyama effortlessly beat him down. Kaneki then tried to stand up for himself, but to no avail. When Touka stepped in unexpectedly, Tsukiyama was unaffected by the slash she gave him across his eyes. However, after Tsukiyama and Touka battled, the latter lost, therefore coming to a conclusion to eat Kaneki's flesh to energize herself. Tsukiyama became enraged by the fact that Touka bit Kaneki, even more so when he sees the scar on Kimi's shoulder. Touka eventually claimed her victory, with Tsukiyama left to suffer from his injuries.[citation needed]

Aogiri Arc

Tsukiyama had escaped his untimely demise, having to resort to auto-cannibalism in order to recover the wounds he sustained in his fight against Touka, to which he proclaimed that he tasted delicious. Yoshimura invites him to join Anteiku's expedition to save Kaneki, to which he agreed but with the hidden intention of devouring him yet again. Although when Kaneki was saved and he offered his service to him as his "sword", Kaneki agreed but whispered that if Tsukiyama showed even the slightest bit of disloyalty, he would not hesitate to kill him. Tsukiyama was quite happy and thrilled that he chose to not eat Kaneki and loyally pledged to serve him.[citation needed]

Raid of Kanou's Lab

Naki charges at Tsukiyama.

Kaneki, Tsukiyama, and Banjou form an alliance to search for Professor Kanou. Tsukiyama gave information on Madam A, who provided experimentally modified humans as scrappers for the Ghoul Restaurant and possibly had connections with Kanou. Kaneki and Banjou's group sneak into the Ghoul Restaurant and annihilated all their members with Tsukiyama's aid. However, their capture of Madam A failed when Nashiro and Kurona intervened. The group next visited Kanou General Hospital and Tsukiyama acted as a distraction, pretending he was having a stomach ache while the rest of the group found out clues from Taguchi, the nurse who formerly took care of Kaneki after his transplant. The same night, while the trio was trying to capture Taguchi for interrogation, their plans were foiled by Shachi and Naki, who easily overpowered Kaneki's group. Thereafter, Kaneki conducted further martial arts training with Tsukiyama as his sparring partner. Tsukiyama helped the group to track down Madam A, killing her scrappers and threatened her. Fearing for her life, she provided information on Kanou's mansion. Consequently, they finally discovered his hidden lab. When Aogiri Tree appeared in Kanou's lab, Tsukiyama fought Naki and later teamed up with him to fight the CCG when they arrived as well. After the fight, Banjou's men tried to convince Tsukiyama to find their leader with him, only to have him show no interest in that objective. He contemplated slaughtering them for being a nuisance until Banjou showed up behind him. Once over, he was seen giving Kaneki books, hoping to cheer him up, proclaiming to be "the dagger hidden underneath his pillow."[citation needed]

When Kaneki announced the break-up of their group, Tsukiyama was unhappy with his decision; however, he proposed in his usual flamboyant manner to be "part of their small family." Kaneki told him that he still could not trust him, but, unexpectedly to Tsukiyama, allowed him to stay around even after disbanding. Tsukiyama was speechless, uncertain how to categorize his fast heartbeat at Kaneki's words.[citation needed]

Owl Suppression Operation

Tsukiyama in a deep state of depression.

When Tsukiyama learned of Kaneki's intention of going back to Anteiku to help out Yoshimura, he stated those actions to be suicidal, as even Kaneki could not achieve anything with the whole main force of CCG being there. Enraged and conflicted by his decision, Tsukiyama tried to take Kaneki down and presumably eat him before he met his inevitable end in the raid, but was easily subdued. He began to cry on the rooftop and begged Kaneki not to go. Kaneki thanked him for the concern but set off to his destination nevertheless. Until the morning following the raid, Tsukiyama had remained in the same spot and refused to eat anything with Nishiki warning him that he would die like that.[citation needed]

He was later retrieved from the rooftop by Chie.[citation needed]

Torso Investigation

Two years later, Kanae worried over what had become of him while bringing a massive suitcase to an apartment. Chie likewise mentioned that her "model", presumably Tsukiyama, had become boring as a result of his depression. To end this, she contacted Kuki Urie and Ginshi Shirazu, arranging to give them information about Torso in exchange for some belonging that carried Haise Sasaki's scent. She intends it as a present, in hopes of cheering him up. She ended up receiving a pair of Sasaki's boxers with an elaborate "ENERGY" logo.[citation needed]


A glimpse of Tsukiyama's poor condition.

Kanae delivered the gift to his master, who lied in bed in a pathetic state. Tsukiyama confessed that his sense of smell no longer seemed to work, but even so he sensed something nostalgic about the underwear and complimented the design. Later, Kanae met with Chie and returned the boxers to her, claiming that they had no effect. He lied about Tsukiyama's reaction to them and threatened to kill the human girl before storming away. However, Chie saw through his deception and thought fondly of the many years she had spent as Tsukiyama's friend. She was hopeful that her present would make Tsukiyama become "interesting" again.[citation needed]

Kanae was later gathering "gourmet ingredients" for his master while thinking about Kaneki, the cause of Tsukiyama's prolonged depression and starvation. He decided that if Sasaki really was Kaneki, he would kill him to prevent Tsukiyama from learning about his survival.[citation needed]

Rose Extermination

Still confined to his room and in poor health, Tsukiyama complained to Kanae about feeling extremely hot and hungry and his kagune enveloping his body. His bedroom was dark and filled with bones.[citation needed]

Tsukiyama later began binge eating and ate anything, both human or ghoul. The Tsukiyama family had a genetic disorder due to consanguineous marriages and as a result, his kagune had been affected negatively and was unable to control it. His father and Kanae worried and wondered what could be done before it was too late.[citation needed]

Tsukiyama being restrained by Kanae.

Mirumo asked Kanae to bring him wine, when suddenly Tsukiyama lost control, his kagune attacked servants and also Kanae when he tried to stop him. He shouted that he craved good food as he was "the Gourmet" and did not deserve anything less. After a short fight with Kanae, whom he injured, he was restrained by his servants and given a drug, causing him to calm down. When brought back to bed, he had forgotten everything, asking why his servants were in his room. He thanked them for their work and apologized for being in the state he was in. Then he asked Kanae to take care of his family and caressed his face, to which Kanae broke out in tears, albeit accepting the request.[citation needed]

Kanae later approached him and revealed that Kaneki was indeed alive, showing him the first envelope containing a photo of Sasaki which he was given by Chie. Tearing up, he then asked Kanae to explain.[citation needed]

Tsukiyama getting excited to see Kaneki.

After Tsukiyama found out that Kaneki was alive, he rushed out of his mansion to see him, though his health condition was still poor, consequently falling. Kanae accompanied him to the CCG office, pushing him in a wheelchair. When Tsukiyama saw Sasaki exiting the office with his squad, he became excited and dashed out of his wheelchair towards him, but again falling. Sasaki and the Quinx, with the exception of Urie, helped him up. Quickly Kanae rushed in, apologizing to them for the commotion and brought Tsukiyama back onto the wheelchair, leaving in a rush. The group worried for his well-being.[citation needed]

Later that day, Tsukiyama is in his room, searching for information on Kaneki on his computer, determined to get Kaneki's memory back. Shortly afterward, Tsukiyama finds out that one of his servants, Yuuma, was captured as well as tortured by the CCG. Blaming himself but determined to save him, Tsukiyama decides to act on his own by befriending Kaneki, in hopes that he would leave CCG and help Yuuma if he could get back his memories. Tsukiyama approaches Sasaki on a later da while said is reading alone in the park. He tries to initiate a discussion on books and Takatsuki Sen, who used to be Kaneki's favorite author. However, Tsukiyama is shocked when Sasaki admits that he does not actually enjoy her books. Furthermore, their conversation is interrupted by Saiko and Mutsuki's arrival. Tsukiyama decides to follow Sasaki wherever he goes in secret, looking for opportunities to speak with him again alone but realizes it is impossible due to the constant presence of his squad. Kanae then shows him picture no. 2, of Kaneki's "MISSING" poster. Tsukiyama decides to use it in his next plan.

Tsukiyama visits :re sometime around when the Quinx squad is ambushed by Kanae and hired Aogiri members. He shows slight irritation and confusion about why Touka and the others didn't inform him of Kaneki being alive as Sasaki, as well as why they won't help him in getting Kaneki's old memories back. They also don't seem to be positively surprised about Tsukiyama's survival. Tsukiyama leaves the cafe pondering on how even though he wants Kaneki back for his own selfish desires too, that selfishness isn't the only reason for him to wish for Kaneki's return.

Tsukiyama meets Sasaki again

Concerned with Touka's words and Aliza's worrying of Yuuma, Tsukiyama goes to find Sasaki in the park where they previously met, who to his surprise has been waiting for him. Before he has the opportunity to ask anything, he is instead told that their encounters are all strangely coincidental and numerous in amounts. Sasaki then straightforwardly asks if Tsukiyama is a ghoul, which led to confusion and uneasiness on Tsukiyama's part. Sasaki continues on to tell him not to answer anymore, as his reaction has explained it already; he proceeds on inquiring if Tsukiyama knows Fueguchi, Uta, or Kaneki himself. Admitting that he can't take it anymore and that the memories are bound to return, Sasaki pleas Tsukiyama to tell him everything he knows about the former Kaneki whilst breaking down in tears. At this point, Tsukiyama is reminded of the fragile and insecure Kaneki he met first and silently turns his back to the ghoul investigator and apologizes for not answering anything, as he himself doesn't know what to say anymore due to his conflicting desires. At this point, Tsukiyama admits to himself that he did find the days with Kaneki joyful and that he sees him more than as just mere "ingredients", and is unsure if Sasaki can handle his forgotten, tragic past.

As Tsukiyama rests in his family manor thinking about his servants and Kaneki, he finds his father bringing him coffee. After thanking his father and taking a sip of the coffee, he immediately notices something wrong, but instead cheerfully faces his father to compliment his coffee before being knocked out by the spiked coffee. He is then asked to be taken care of by Matsumae under Mirumo's order. After regaining consciousness in a car Matsumae's driving him with, he asks Matsumae about the whereabouts of his father, and that they need to return to save him. Tsukiyama's pleas are, however, ignored by Matsumae, who tells him that the idea is impossible and that his successful escape as the sole successor is the only factor that will allow the Tsukiyama Family to carry on. Tsukiyama is reminded of the Owl Suppression Operation where Yoshimura, Irimi, and Koma stayed behind to allow the others' successful escape and the feelings Kaneki had back then when deciding to return to help out. Finally understanding what Kaneki was thinking back then and how he himself begged him to not go, Tsukiyama stops asking Matsumae to return and accepts the fate silently.

Tsukiyama is cornered on the roof by Sasaki.

After successfully escaping to Luna Eclipse, the duo is welcomed by various company heads under the Tsukiyama flag and asked to head upstairs to wait for a helicopter. Shortly after, however, it was noted that the CCG is advancing faster than anticipated, and thus, Matsumae informs Tsukiyama that she and Mairo would stall some time for him before returning. Noticing that Matsumae isn't bringing her mask with her, Tsukiyama realizes her intention of not returning, yet still asks her to promise him in returning worryingly. Being informed that she can't promise him this time, Tsukiyama heads upstairs to the helipad with a sullen expression after reminiscing Matsumae and his past interactions. Upon reaching the helipad, however, Sasaki blocked his path while the helicopter was downed by CCG's S2 Squad. Being informed that Sasaki did not know he was a Tsukiyama, he is asked to surrender so that Sasaki can ask for ownership rights over him. Tsukiyama assaults Sasaki off guard and declares that he will never surrender as it is his duty to survive after all the sacrifices his family made for him; he states that he doesn't know anything about Sasaki to have him give up from questioning about the past.

After a brief exchanging of blows, Tsukiyama is soon overpowered by Sasaki and pinned down to the floor. Seeing that Sasaki is hesitating to finish him due to their past, Tsukiyama ends up telling him to finish him off directly before the investigator's right hand is abruptly cut off into the air. Kanae's appearance led Tsukiyama to a temporary confusion, as he wasn't entirely sure whether it was his servant or not. After confirming Tsukiyama's question on whether he was Kanae, Kanae told his master to rest and let him "clean the trash." When Kanae was eventually overpowered by Sasaki and about to face more blows, Tsukiyama crawled and grabbed Sasaki's leg and sleeve, telling told Kanae to run away before the Owl appeared and attacked the investigator.

Tsukiyama later observes as Kaneki awakens and severs Kanae's arm, and watches as Kaneki quickly dispatches him. As Kaneki stands before him, he asks whether Kaneki is truly his old self again. Kaneki confirms this before stabbing Tsukiyama in the chest with his kagune, making him regurgitate blood.

Sasaki drops Tsukiyama from the building.

After Eto was driven off by Kaneki and additional investigators including Ui reached the rooftop, Tsukiyama is revealed to have survived Kaneki's fatal blow, which results in him dropping Tsukiyama from the top of the building, Kanae following in quick pursuit, attempting to rescue him, calling out to her master, telling him that she will protect him at all costs. She expresses in German for her final wish for Tsukiyama to call her by her real name just once instead of Kanae, and apologizes to him for falling in love with him. Instead of rejecting her, Tsukiyama comforts her, telling her that no one will punish her for it, even calling her by her real name. Feeling relieved, Kanae pushes Tsukiyama away with her kagune, saving him but falling to her death while Tsukiyama screams for her.

Tsukiyama continues fleeing to survive for the sake of those who sacrificed their lives for him, but he's severely injured and his limbs have gone numb. A few Ghoul Investigators catch up to him, prompting him to wonder if it is the end for him. The investigators are unexpectedly dispatched by Touka and Yomo however, as Chie calls out to Tsukiyama from a nearby van; when Tsukiyama enters, he finds his father waiting there, having had escaped when he heard the helicopter Tsukiyama was supposed to have fled in was shot down and ran into his friends. Chie was the one who went to :re to convince Touka and Yomo to as she didn't know anyone else strong enough for the task. Chie was surprised that Tsukiyama had jumped all the way from the top of the building and survived, however, Tsukiyama reveals that Kanae had saved him and that Kaneki pushed him off. Chie, thinking that there was something more to Kaneki pushing him off, asks Tsukiyama why he would bother pushing him off when he could have easily finished him off on the spot.[7]

Rushima Landing Operation

When Miza and Naki were cornered by Koori Ui, Kuramoto Itou, Taishi Fura, and other CCG investigators, Tsukiyama joined them and provided assistance along with Irimi, Koma and other ghouls. He briefly engaged Koori, saying he owed the investigator something. After a brief battle, he and his entourage left with Miza and Naki.[8] He joined the surviving ghouls in the escape from Rushima.[9]

Post-Rushima Landing Operation

Tsukiyama takes over leadership of the Suits group.

Tsukiyama and the surviving Aogiri ghouls assembled to wait for Kaneki's arrival. When he did, Tsukiyama greeted him and told him what happened in the past was water under the bridge. He was present when Kaneki declared the new anti-human organization called Goat.[10] When the Clowns attacked the CCG, he was asked to collect some white suits by Kaneki.[11] After attaining the suits through Tycho Johannes, Naki furiously inquired what they were up to. Tsukiyama directed him to Kaneki, who was present in the room, and Tsukiyama watched as Naki fought with and was eventually beaten by Kaneki.

Tsukiyama along with Nishiki accompanied Kaneki to meet the Great Wheel Act representatives. When one of them introduced himself as Hisashi Ogura,[12] he questioned their motives with a thinly veiled threat. When Kaneki decided to talk with them. Gathering in a karaoke, Tsukiyama sang as Kaneki and Ogura continued their discussion. When they eventually agreed they needed to get Rc suppressants, Tsukiyama asked if Kaneki could correctly identify the drug, which he confirmed. After the Great Wheel members left, Tsukiyama watched as Kaneki and Nishiki performed a duet singing "Unravel."[13]


Shuu became the representative of the United Front, a ghoul organization in collaboration with the TSC. He served as the head of the Tsukiyama family. He reunified the former Tsukiyama group and upgraded the equipment used in their activities. Using his family fortune with consultation from his father Mirumo, he devoted it to Tokyo's reconstruction fund.


Ken Kaneki

Tsukiyama first meets Kaneki in Anteiku and becomes fascinated with his scent. After Kaneki reveals his half-ghoul nature in the Ghoul Restaurant, Tsukiyama becomes completely obsessed with eating him, seeing him as an exotic, one-of-a-kind dish that only he deserves to consume. As a result, he is always trying to find a way to devour Kaneki, which is why he joins the efforts to rescue Kaneki from Aogiri's hideout. After the Aogiri arc, he joins Kaneki's Anti-Aogiri band as his 'sword' and mentor and provided generous financial support for Kaneki's group.[14]

Tsukiyama is extremely protective of Kaneki, which he himself proclaims as hunger though it is implied that a part of him may have truly seen Kaneki as a potential friend. He cries and begs Kaneki not to join in the fray just before the Owl Suppression Operation, even going as far as attacking him to stop his actions. He questions what's the point of him waiting so long by Kaneki's side patiently (to devour him) if Kaneki is just going to sacrifice his life in vain as Tsukiyama sees the actions as plain suicidal and unable to change anything. He is defeated and the following morning Tsukiyama is still lying on the rooftop, refusing to eat or drink.

In Tokyo Ghoul:re, he is still grieving for Kaneki two years later. This has resulted in a complete withdrawal from the world, falling into a deep depression and losing all interest in food. His lengthy starvation leaves him in terrible condition, with his caretakers fearing he will die if nothing is done. Chie states the cause of his terrible condition was the "death" of Kaneki, and that evidence of his survival will bring Tsukiyama back to his senses. As such, it is clear that Kaneki is someone that he came to value more than his own well-being and that he was unable to move on after the loss.

When Sasaki informs him that he wants to learn about Kaneki, albeit reluctantly, Tsukiyama hesitates and notes the similarity of Sasaki and the Kaneki he first met - powerless and uncertain. He becomes hesitant at whether if he wants Sasaki to embrace his tragic past and has come to terms with himself that he views Kaneki not as a mere ingredient anymore, but as a person dear to him who he has genuinely enjoyed time with. Despite the role Kaneki played in the death of his family, Tsukiyama has forgiven him.

Chie Hori

Tsukiyama has been friends with her since they met in Seinan Gakuin University’s attached high school.[1] She was Tsukiyama's first and only human friend who discovered his ghoul identity and captured such evidences on camera. Their mutual obsession of perfecting their chosen interests and unusual morality made them unlikely friends, with Chie showing little concern over his predatory nature. She also seemed totally resistant to Tsukiyama's manipulative tactics, and even threatened to leak his ghoulish photos to the internet should he try to kill her.[1] While she was too small and slender for her to be a meal for Tsukiyama, he still finds her interesting because of her sly, fearless and sneaky nature; he refers to her as his "pet" or "little mouse."[1] Despite this, Tsukiyama trusts Chie to such an extent that he is willing to share with her his personal life including his obsession with Kaneki but often ends up getting mocked[15].

It was mentioned in Tokyo Ghoul: Void that over the years, they have stayed in contact and Kaneki must call on her through Tsukiyama to act as an informant for the group.[14] This way, Chie was able to use her skills to help Tsukiyama win Kaneki's trust, and at the same time grant herself enough influence to make even the arrogant and egoistic Tsukiyama listen to any of her requests.

In Tokyo Ghoul:re, Chie has been helping Tsukiyama to recover from his long depression by providing valuable pieces of evidence that Sasaki Haise (i.e. Kaneki Ken) is still alive and now a ghoul investigator. She also manages to skillfully persuade Kanae to reveal the truth to his master. However, she also understands that she is putting her own life at risk of being persecuted by CCG for helping ghouls. Because of this, Tsukiyama feels very grateful for her help and values her as his good friend.

Hinami Fueguchi

While a part of Kaneki's group, Tsukiyama sees Hinami as a potential key to gaining Kaneki's trust. He seems to believe that endearing himself to her will fool Kaneki into believing that his intentions to eat him are in the past. Although he uses her, Tsukiyama seems to like her as a good friend and treats her with real respect and care. In exchange, Hinami is quite fond of him and even defends him against Touka and Nishiki. It is later revealed in :re that he wishes to regroup with Hinami, along with Kaneki and Banjou's gang. He was saddend to hear that Hinami was locked up in Cochlea, wishing that she would come free out of Cochlea.

He was later reunited with her sometime after the foundation of the organisation Goat. While fighting the clowns in the Clown Siege together with Tsukiyama, she was happy when Kaneki announced that Tsukiyama would lead Goat after his department to the lab. She is willing to leave her well being into him, implying how good of a leader and friend Tsukiyama has become.

Touka Kirishima

He originally met Touka in the 20th ward when he had to fight with her and Ayato over territorial rights. He even states that he liked her cold side when she was fourteen and said he was "head over heels" for her back then. Tsukiyama acts friendly towards Touka, despite her low opinion of him. Touka is quite wary of him when he decides to participate in rescuing Kaneki from Aogiri Tree's Hideout.

Nishiki Nishio

Initially, Nishiki feels great disdain for Tsukiyama for kidnapping Kimi Nishino and using her in his plot to eat Kaneki. After the Gourmet Arc, he does not appear to be happy to see that Tsukiyama survived. However, while Tsukiyama lays motionless and emotionally drained on the rooftop, he seems to show concern, offering him coffee so that he wouldn't starve.

After a while the two of them both joined Kaneki's organisation Goat where they immediately gained a lot of trust and respect from Kaneki and the other members of the organisation.

While fighting the Clowns of succesfully in the Clown Siege the both seemed happy to be in one another's presence.

Kanae von Rosewald

Kanae is the Tsukiyama family's faithful servant (and possible distant relative), and refers to him as "Shuu-sama". It is later revealed that Kanae was taken by Tsukiyama family after Matsuri Washuu erased his family. In the past, Tsukiyama appears to be kind to Kanae, and tries to cheer him up by showing him the family's rose garden and giving him encouraging words, and calling him "his distant brother of the same blood". Kanae seems to have taken this to heart, as he still carries a rose with him for comfort.

Kanae bears a striking resemblance to him, with very similar personalities, prone to melodramatic behavior and uttering words in foreign languages (German). Kanae expresses great distress over what has become of Tsukiyama and often seen crying, talking to roses, or demonstrating intense emotional outbursts.

Kanae places his master's well-being and wishes above all else. In order to help Tsukiyama, he often desperately comes up with secret plans that unfortunately, often end up in failure or exacerbate the problem. He is determined to cheer up his master again by pursuing "gourmet food ingredients", but to no avail because he fails to accept the fact that Kaneki's death is the root cause of his master's depression. Furthermore, because of "over-hunting," he ends up being persecuted by CCG and putting Tsukiyama and his family in grave danger. It is also revealed that he becomes jealous over others that are close to his master and intentionally deceives Chie about Tsukiyama's condition, returning Sasaki's underwear rather than admit it caught his master's attention. Kanae intentionally tries to prevent Tsukiyama from learning that Kaneki is still alive. In his fragile state, Tsukiyama is unaware of how his caretaker is hiding truths from him.

As Tsukiyama's health continues to deteriorate later in the series, Kanae finally accepts that the only way to help his master is to reveal the truth that Kaneki is still alive. Thereafter, he co-operates with Chie's plans and continues to assist his master to meet up with Kaneki.

Tsukiyama seems to be unaware of Kanae's strong feelings for him, thus paying him not much attention- to Kanae's distress.

Kazuichi Banjou

Their relationship as members of Kaneki's group was a tense one, with Tsukiyama often mocking him or messing up his name. In turn, Banjou repeatedly stated his misgivings about Tsukiyama and found him untrustworthy. In :re, Tsukiyama reveals that he considers Banjou as one of his valuable friends whom he wishes to reunite with again.


During the Raid on Kanou's Lab, Naki and Tsukiyama formed a temporary alliance after dueling a bit due to the CCG investigation team's interference. Naki believes Tsukiyama to be a good guy (while Tsukiyama sees him as a trusting fool) but doesn't appreciate him talking in French (mistaking it as English).

During the Rushima Landing Operation. Tsukiyama came right on time together with Kaya Irimi and Enji Koma to help Naki and Miza fight against the CCG. Naki didn't seem to remember him, demanding to know who he was. Shuu Tsukiyama introduces himself to Naki and the White Suits, who question if he is an ally, even though Naki does not remember him. Tsukiyama, knowing Naki's poor memory, attacks Koori Ui who blocks the attack, and both state they owe a debt for the other. Tsukiyama forms a new alliance between him and Naki. With a new alliance formed they began fighting the CCG investigators side by side.

After they escaped Rushima together the two ghouls where both present during the meeting where Kaneki announced the forming of his organization Goat. Naki seems to remember Tsukiyama by now but he still calls him by other names as seen some time later. Because Kaneki took leadership over the White Suits from Naki and decided to share this with him, Tsukiyama became Second-in-Command of Goat and the White Suits. While fighting the clowns in the Clown Siege, Tsukiyama and Naki appear to be working well together, Naki even takes orders from him when Kaneki leaves for the lab, implying how good friends they became, trusting each other.

Miza Kusakari

During the Rushima Landing Operation. Tsukiyama came right on time together with Kaya Irimi and Enji Koma to help Naki and Miza fight against the CCG, saving them and the White Suits from great danger. This was enough for Miza to fight along side Tsukiyama against the CCG. After they escaped Rushima together the two ghouls where both present during the meeting where Kaneki announced the forming of his organization Goat. While fighting the clowns in the Clown Siege, Tsukiyama and Miza appear to be working well together and after Kaneki leaves for the lab she even takes orders from her companion, implying how much she respects him.


A long-time servant of his family, Matsumae has been caring for him since his childhood. As a child, she was the servant he would call when in distress and this relationship continued into his teenage years.

Mirumo Tsukiyama

At a young age, Tsukiyama was extremely close with his father who pampered him and constantly fawned over his potential and bright future. They spent a lot of quality time playing sports and music and Tsukiyama even picked up his love of foreign languages through his father's work. He also wrote a song for his father called "Papa's Glasses". As an adult, as he isolates himself from the household and becomes ill, Mirumo desperately tries to find food that his son will eat to get him back to good health. Mirumo is happy when his son starts to recover, though they haven't been shown spending time together. When Mirumo learns that the household is going to be under attack by the CCG, he drugs his son and asks Matsumae to bring him somewhere safe. This strengthens the idea that he loves his son dearly. Said love is required by his son, who desperately wants to protect and save his father (and employees) from the CCG's attack when he finds out that they stayed behind at the mansion.

Powers and Abilities

Ghoul Physiology: Living as a full ghoul, Tsukiyama possesses a koukaku kagune along with increased physical capabilities.

  • Koukaku Kagune: He can form a linear metallic ribbon that can wrap into a flexible spiral that doubles as armor to shield his upper body. To extend his reach, he can form it into a large, sword-like blade that is suited to thrusting and stabbing.
  • Superhuman Durability: During his fight with Touka, Tsukiyama was able to survive having his arm and part of his face torn off.
  • Superhuman Agility and Speed: During his fight with Touka Kirishima, Tsukiyama demonstrated speed and mobility that does not match the usual physical cababilities of most heavy-weight Koukaku ghouls. (When using the kagune)

Manga Depiction

Anime Depiction


  • In the first character popularity poll, Tsukiyama was ranked third. In the latest, he came in at fifth.
  • Tsukiyama (月山) means "moon mountain" and Shuu (習) means "practice, study, collection."
  • Tsukiyama likes self-discipline, humans that are tempting (irrespective of age and gender), and new stimuli.[2]
  • Tsukiyama's hobbies are sports, martial arts, playing musical instruments, and evaluating prey.[2]
  • When asked about Kaneki's battle suit, author Sui Ishida suggested that Tsukiyama made it for him.[16]
  • In the artbook Tokyo Ghoul: zakki, Ishida revealed that Tsukiyama was originally intended to be the main character of an entirely different series. However, he ended up using the character in Tokyo Ghoul instead.
    • He had Tsukiyama first appear together with Chie Hori in another work that he submitted for publication a decade ago.[17]
  • MM, Tsukiyama's Ghoul Restaurant alias, coincides with his seiyuu's (Mamoru Miyano) initials.
  • In the official omakes, Hinami calls Tsukiyama "flower man" or "fireworks man."
  • According to design notes, the library and room he appears in while thinking about Kaneki in Episode 5 is his parent's manor.
  • According to the Audio Drama, he has a 73m² bedroom and an excessively large bed.
  • In the same drama, he claims his favorite method to calm himself down as a child was to play Chopin while screaming at the top of his lungs.
  • According to the second Audio Drama, Tsukiyama becomes easily intoxicated when drinking and is (unsurprisingly) a very loud, emotional drunk.
  • Ishida revealed that Tsukiyama could play the piano so well he could make a decent living out of playing in jazz bars.
  • His birthday, March 3rd, coincides with the nationwide festival, Hina-matsuri.
  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, he is featured as the "Ace of Diamonds."
  • As a child, he expressed guilt over eating humans. His father reassured him that any human being eaten by him would feel honored.
  • As a child, he frequently played football (soccer) with his father and was apparently a prodigy at the sport.
  • He greatly resembles his mother, who passed away while he was still very young.
  • As a child, he composed a song on the piano for his father called "Papa's Glasses."
  • At the Kotobukiya Event, an exclusive pamphlet was made for his official CCG file. The Gourmet is filed under report number 150919-27004.
  • His hair is depicted as an ultramarine violet instead of light blue in the anime.


Tokyo Ghoul

  • To himself about his interest in Kaneki: "Kaneki of ‘Anteiku,’ huh? I have a strong interest in that scent."[6]
  • To Kaneki: "If you have offhand knowledge about the topics covered in the books then you're able to enjoy the work on a deeper level. One mere sentence is capable of projecting a variety of visions... If I can visualize freely walking about in the story world from the scrawling hand's point of view, then I can consider it to be exciting and moving. [...] It's only when I'm immersed in the world of a book that I can forget myself and everything else. A lot of fiction was what supported me during my painful and difficult times."[18]
  • To Kaneki: "Isn’t it arrogant to put a price on whether life is ‘higher’ or ‘lower,’ Kaneki? We are just bags of meat. The weak bow down and the strong devour them. Rather, if you compared them to all living things, it’s humans who have shaved away the most lives. We are different than them."[19]
  • To Kaneki (when he fails to stop him from going to save Yoshimura): "For dear life, Kaneki-kun... would you please not go?"[20]
  • To Kaneki: "You don't need to blame yourself just because you've hurt someone, just like when you're walking you can't really blame yourself to crush some ants... that's what being stronger ones means."[21]
  • To Kaneki: "I'm not going to protect you by being your shield or armor, but I'll be the dagger hidden below your pillow."[21]

Tokyo Ghoul: Days

  • To Hori Chie: "People live their lives without claws or fangs, but still, humans have prospered on the earth. What drives them, I wonder - and what's at the heart of it?"[1]
  • To Hori Chie: "I was wondering why I could not find you appetizing in the least, but it makes sense if it’s just like a human keeping a pet! Little mouse, from today on I will make you my pet!"[1]

Tokyo Ghoul: Void

  • To Hori Chie: "Oh Chie! Your words are sweet, smooth and delicate as rare cheesecake, but also perturbing that they pierce my heart... well, I've never tasted cheesecake before".[15]
  • To Hori Chie (after she dumped syrup on his head): "H-Hori! Do you have any idea how long it takes to do my hair right?!"[15]

Tokyo Ghoul:re

  • To Hori Chie (when she comes to pick him up from the rooftop): "Hori, could you tell me... just what gourmet food is...?"[22]
  • To Kanae (about Sasaki): "Kanae, I couldn't believe my ears at first that Kaneki was safe...that he's missing his memories...that he's caught by the CCG...that he's being forced to be a ghoul investigator...but more importantly, he's alive! How wonderful! Tout va bien! I'll bring back Kaneki's memories by any means possible!"[22]
  • To himself: "Let's spend time together again, Kaneki! Little Hinami, Banjou and those other three can also join! Let's fill this void of time!"[23]
  • To Sasaki (mentally): "You're showing your vulnerability like that... Kaneki was very strong... But that was not the case at first. A distant long-forgotten weakness... He couldn't...The times he didn't have the strength to choose... You might be the continuation of the Kaneki back then... What a vigorous weakness..."[24]
  • About his depression: "After Kaneki left, I slowly began to die. But inside my heart I was question myself. I... No doubt... enjoyed myself. The days I just gazed at the feast that was served in front of me... I really enjoyed those days."[24]
  • To Sasaki (after being asked to surrender): "'Surrender,' you say? I would never do that. My father... and the servants... have all risked their lives to make sure I survive... This body is no longer my own. Are you saying I should surrender, and just sit around carelessly at Cochlea until I get killed? I will fight in order to survive. Mister Sasaki... I don't know anything about you."[25]
  • About Sasaki: "I'm sorry Sasaki. You, who should've been going through life peacefully... I've brought it all to naught. Kirishima... I think I finally understand what you really meant. I am a bit... no, I feel so lonely... now that we've finally become strangers to each other."[26]
  • To Naki: "Allow me to join, monsieur!"[8]
  • To Kaneki: "Let bygones be bygones."
  • To GOAT: "Let the world be rocked by the GOAT's hooves!"


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