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"When you realize your own future's gone to shit, all you have left is to live for someone else."— Seidou Takizawa, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 115

Seidou Takizawa (滝澤 政道, Takizawa Seidō) is a former Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. A classmate of Akira Mado at the Academy, he was partnered with Kousuke Houji and assigned to the 20th ward to investigate the Gourmet. Though a great admirer of outstanding investigators such as Koutarou Amon and Kishou Arima, he also suffers from a major inferiority complex that brought him into conflict with his peers. At the end of the Owl Suppression Operation, he faced Tatara together with Koutarou Amon and was subsequently reported dead by the CCG.

In Tokyo Ghoul:re, he survived as an artificial one-eyed ghoul. As a member of Aogiri Tree, he is known as Owl (オウル, Ōru).[1]

After going against Aogiri and killing Tatara, Takizawa reunited with Akira Mado, and became a member of Ken Kaneki's organization, Goat.


As a human, Takizawa had short brown hair with long parted bangs and brown eyes. Like most investigators, he wore professional attire while working and had a preference for blue clothing.

After the timeskip and his reappearance as a one-eyed ghoul, his physical appearance is drastically altered. He looks more monotone and frightening. His hair is now white and visibly unkempt, its length past his chin. His fingernails, toenails, and lips are now black in color. He appears more tired due to the dark circles underneath his eyebrow-less eyes, one of which is where his left kakugan manifests. Clad in all black, he dons loose-fitting robes with wide, elbow-length sleeves that have a white symbol on the hood. He wears pants fitted below the knees and has wraps around his feet exposing his toes. After his restoration to sanity he wears a modification of his Aogiri Tree robes as a trench coat, black with white stripes across the midsection and on both sides of the collar. The collar is also flipped up, partially covering the backside of his head.

Human Depiction

One-eyed Ghoul Depiction



Takizawa has a very straight-forward and earnest personality, being a relatively normal young man. He holds strong admiration for his exceptional superiors, prone to fawning over them and admitting to collecting newspaper clippings of Arima's cases. However, he also has a deeply harbored desire to be respected and places considerable importance on seniority both in terms of rank and age. This leads to conflicts among his coworkers when he does not earn the respect he feels is owed to him, and he is easily upset when out-shined by those he considers his peers or younger associates. He is very excitable, both in terms of stuttering in excitement or becoming high-strung when agitated. When disappointed or frustrated, he is prone to pouting or acting gloomy for long enough for others to comment on it.

In this manner, he is somewhat immature but not particularly malicious or mean-spirited. However, his rivalry with Akira Mado tends to bring out the worst in him and they are rarely able to interact without bickering. He is easily frustrated with her or the equally exceptional Juuzou Suzuya, but ultimately admits to their superior talents and does express concern for them when things are serious.

Though he talks himself up, in reality he holds considerable doubts about his abilities when it comes to actual combat. He actively puts up a brave front, asking for field work to engage combat with ghouls. However, when actually faced with the reality of live combat and possible death, he breaks down and is overcome with feelings of fear. Even so, his commitment to his duty and comrades is stronger than any fears or doubts he might bear.


After his transformation into a half-ghoul and torture at the hands of Akihiro Kanou, his personality changed drastically. Having fully embraced his nature as a ghoul and the ideology of Aogiri Tree, he is a merciless killer with little regard for human life. He takes pleasure in killing, and expresses a belief in conquering fear through becoming the very monster one fears. While prone to erratic or wild behavior, he also shows moments of complete lucidity and awareness of his actions. His memories of his past remain intact, expressing resentment and frustration over being overshadowed by others in the past. As such, beneath his arrogant demeanor, his insecurities remain and have been preyed upon to make him view Kaneki as a rival. He also expresses feelings of resentment towards the CCG, hinting that he believes himself to have been used and abandoned by them.

In complete contrast to his human self, he has completely thrown away any concern for social norms or group order. He heavily imitates the mannerisms of Eto, with a sarcastic and cruel wit that leads to him mocking others. In terms of his feelings concerning other ghouls and himself, he comments at finding the idea of ghouls having affection for each other comical. He enjoys causing others physical or psychological pain, taunting them and giving them lectures on the philosophies he has learned from Aogiri. Even so, when confronted by important people from his past such as Akira, he expresses shame through covering his face and flees rather than deal with them.

Despite all the drastic changes however, displayed during the events of the Rushima Landing Operation, deep down he still remains the same: insecure and desperate for praise. He went so far as to strike down his Aogiri superior, Tatara, out of revenge for what he did to him during the Owl Suppression Operation, as a means to finally gain the approval of his ex-superior investigator Kousuke Houji, and to prove his ability to the CCG. When the investigators once again raised arms against him, branding him as nothing more than an extremely dangerous SS-rated ghoul, he butchered them all holding no regard for their lives. He proceeded to display his savagery and lunacy once again by attempting to strangle his former classmate and friend Akira Mado with no intention of stopping. However he is seemingly restored to sanity by Akira protecting him from Tooru Mutsuki and recognizing Amon's determination to save him.



Takizawa's early life was very average, the older of two children in a normal family. At some point during his youth, a ghoul killed their elderly neighbour Satou, an event that deeply shook his mother. Motivated by this, he decided to become an investigator and enlisted in the Academy.[4] A year prior to the series, he graduated from the Academy second from the top of the class behind Akira Mado.[10]

Aogiri Arc

Takizawa was deployed to the 20th ward together with Kousuke Houji and Yukinori Shinohara by headquarters. This was a measure to deal with the dangerous stand-alone ghouls in the 20th ward. Additionally, the CCG's 11th Ward Branch had become powerless, so the deployment was also meant to prevent the destruction of CCG's 20th Ward Branch. Otherwise, a pincer attack on the wards between the 11th ward and the 20th ward could not be avoided.[10]

Takizawa and Suzuya bicker.

When he was first introduced to Juuzou, he was immediately annoyed by the other investigator completely disregarding proper behavior and disrespecting him as his senior. He snatched away Juuzou's snack and began to berate him, but was silenced by a punch to the nose and spent the rest of the meeting sulking in his seat.[11]

He was later frustrated when he learned that Juuzou, lower ranked than him, has been assigned to the 11th Ward Special Countermeasures Unit. He complained about being forced to stay behind in the 20th ward, noting that he was always second best.[12]

Raid of Kanou's Lab

After the operation and award ceremony, Takizawa congratulated Amon on his promotion to First Class and praised him for achieving such a high rank at such a young age. He refused to do the same for Juuzou, bitterly noting they were now the same rank. At the meeting of the 20th ward's investigators, he was shocked to see his former classmate, Akira, had transferred into the department. His mood immediately plummeted, and others clarified they graduated in the same class. Shinohara explained to Amon that Akira graduated first in their class, leaving Takizawa to graduate second and this was a sensitive subject that should be avoided. When Takizawa was asked to give a report on the progress of the Gourmet case, he was interrupted by Akira, who disagreed with his assessment and gave her rather accurate assessment of the case. The others were impressed with her intuition and strong instincts, leaving Takizawa further annoyed with her presence.[13]

Takizawa and Hide share lunch.

Following Juuzou's promotion and Akira being assigned to the same ward, his mood became so poor that Shinohara and Houji expressed concern about him. Takizawa was seen sulking in the cafeteria, but quickly joined by Hideyoshi Nagachika, a recent intern who joined the CCG. As they ate their lunches together, Hide pressed Takizawa to discuss his troubles — expressing particular interest in Akira because of her beauty. Takizawa advised against underestimating her, comparing his rival to a ghoul in terms of her strength and ruthlessness in battle. When the pair finished lunch, he thanked Hide for listening to his worries and they parted ways.[14]

Owl Suppression Operation

After the raid on Dr. Kanou's lab, late one evening Takizawa and Amon discussed the findings from the operation. He complained that had they known the Gourmet would be there, he would have come with Houji instead of being stuck behind a desk. They discussed the appearance of Naki at the lab and the possibility of Aogiri's involvement. Their conversation was interrupted by Akira, and he took the chance to mock her over the injury Naki inflicted on her during the battle. They began to argue back and forth, accusing each other of pulling down their respective partners. Amon managed to stop them, berating them for their behavior and refocused their attention on their cases. Noting the late hour, Amon and Takizawa prepared to head out to a nearby restaurant for dinner. To Takizawa's horror, Akira accepted the invitation to join them.

Takizawa answering the phone while drunk.

They ended up at a small store, seated at the bar. They discussed Juuzou's unwillingness to visit Shinohara in the hospital, and Takizawa praised Houji as an investigator of incredible skill. He discussed his partner's career, having spent time working to break up dangerous gangs in China before returning to Japan. He expressed his desire to be promoted quickly, only to be countered by Akira stating that promotion should not be an investigator's goal. It quickly escalated into another round of arguments, with Amon struggling to keep the peace between them as they continue to exchange insults. Before too long, Amon realized that both Takizawa and Akira had too much to drink.[15]

Takizawa and Rocky.

Now both highly intoxicated, their arguments become even more heated. Takizawa lost his temper, jumping from his seat and ranting about how Akira had always been the best. He stated that he would get more achievements than anyone else, bragging that he would be quickly promoted. He told her to mark his words, calling her a "cold-blooded woman" and boasted in his drunken state that he would beat anyone. His rant was interrupted by his phone ringing, and he answered without bothering to check the number. He lashed out at the caller, calling them a "bastard" and demanding to know who was interrupting his great "battle against Destiny." When Houji greeted him and informed him there was a problem at work, Takizawa immediately calmed down and was horrified at his actions. Humiliated, he slunk away from the store to sober up and bemoaned his situation.[16]

Takizawa next appeared visiting his family, greeted by his mother and the family's dog, Rocky. He had dinner while discussing work with his mother, who noted how unusual it was for him to visit home without calling. She told him about how his sister had been having fun at college, and his father was always off playing golf during his vacation time. He interrupted her by complimenting her cooking, which she noted was strange and bothered him about not having a girlfriend to take care of him. She recalled Akira was his classmate and noted that she was very beautiful — in horror, he begged her to stop talking about that. His mother finally stopped with the small talk, asking him directly what was wrong.

He recalls talking to Houji earlier, and being given the details for the upcoming operation. Though told he would be taking part in the combat operation, this time, Takizawa was visibly distressed and not comforted by Houji's attempts to reassure him. He was shocked to learn that all investigators in the ward would be taking part in the operation, and was even further upset when handed a letter and envelope. Because he would be taking part in the operation, he was expected to write a last testament in preparation for the possibility of being killed in action. Back in his room, he agonized over what he should write. He started by apologizing to his parents for moving on, but was not satisfied by this since it sounded like he was going to commit suicide.

Takizawa breaks down in fear.

Later on, his sister expressed surprise at him being home. Takizawa criticized her bleached hair, calling her a Westerner and she became angry with him, storming out to go have dinner with her friends. Their mother apologized for her behavior, but he shrugged it off and reassured her that it was fine. Back in his room, he again agonized over writing his testament and the details of the upcoming operation. As he thought about the known details about the One-Eyed Owl, he became more and more distressed. His testament discussed his childhood and the reason he became a ghoul investigator, something he considered a great accomplishment. He tried to reassure his parents that even if he died and got eaten, he probably would not taste very good. However, he broke down and wrote across the entire page that he did not want to die. Afterwards, he curled up in a corner and wept with a crazed expression.[4]

During the Owl Suppression Operation, he was assigned to Squad 1 under Akira's leadership. He fought alongside Akira and Misato Gori, keeping the members of Enji Koma's gang, the Apes, at bay with his ukaku quinque.[7]

As the battle seemed to be winding down, he was surprised to receive news that Juuzou had been wounded in combat. Though clearly worried, he called the boy stupid and criticized his reckless behavior. He then noticed Akira not paying attention, yelling at her to wake up because the operation was not over yet. He was confused when she vaguely stated that something was wrong, as she seemed to realize something had happened to Amon elsewhere.[17]

When news about the appearance of a second Owl reached their squad, Takizawa approached Akira and requested permission to break formation and look for Amon. Before Misato or Akira could stop him, he took off running and apologized to them for disobeying their orders. As he ran, he recalls staring in awe at Akira while they were still at the Academy and staring at her as she walked away with Amon. He realized he had only ever seen her "from the side," and cursed himself as a fool.[18]

He eventually found Amon, wounded and barely conscious. Takizawa was horrified when he saw the extent of the other man's wounds, and wept while begging him not to die. Amon reassured him that he would not, because otherwise, it would make him become a murderer, referring to Ken Kaneki. Mutsumi Chino and his squad happened upon them and began to radio for medical assistance — but they were ambushed by Tatara and several cloaked members of Aogiri. As Takizawa watched in growing horror, the members of Squad 4 were slaughtered. Realizing that he was the only one left, he panicked and froze up completely, unable to move. Though missing an arm, Amon forced himself to his feet and ordered Takizawa to escape while he held the ghouls off. He tried to protest, even as he became even more overwhelmed with fear — crying hysterically and even wetting his pants in his terror. Even so, he found the courage to fight and open fire at the ghouls, killing Tatara's escorts.

Takizawa about to be mortally wounded by Noro.

Tatara recognized his quinque, Douhi — referring to it as both "Fei's kagune" and "Houji's quinque." Enraged, he charged forward and hoisted Takizawa up by his shirt, demanding to know if he was Houji's subordinate and whether he has someone named Yan in his custody. Confused and terrified, Takizawa screamed to be let go. In response, the ghoul agreed to do so and tossed him into the air while calling for Noro. He was caught in midair, with Noro's kagune tearing his left arm completely off as he stared in horror at the wound. Bleeding profusely, he quickly lost consciousness as Amon screamed in horror and charged the ghouls.[19]

In the aftermath of the battle, he was reported as having been killed in action.[20] With the announcements of the deceased, Misato confronted Akira over her seemingly cold attitude over losing her partner and her classmate. Houji listened in with a pained expression, but said nothing as Akira said to have liked them both. Though smiling, she began to weep as the other woman looked on in shock. Koori Ui and Take Hirako discussed the discrepancies in the official reports, noting that many investigators declared dead were never recovered. Meanwhile, Akihiro Kanou prepared to begin a new round of experiments using captured investigators.[21]


Takizawa's arm regrowing.

Captured by Aogiri, Takizawa was given to Dr. Kanou and given the designation "OWL 15." Of the sixty-three investigators subjected to the ghoulification process, he was the only one considered a successful product. Some time after his surgery, he was imprisoned in a cell and visited by the doctor. Rather than answer his questions, Kanou removed his clothing and showed Takizawa his regenerating left arm. Horrified by the deformed limb, Takizawa began to panic while Kanou explained the stages of the transformation to him. As he began to vomit, he was informed that further tests would be conducted later and left alone in his cell.

In the time following his initial transformation, Takizawa was repeatedly subjected to extensive torture at the hands of Dr. Kanou. This process was intended to force the development of new Rc pathways, strengthened his body and removing any lingering human weaknesses. His torture would eventually shatter his mind and diminish his life span.[22]


Takizawa returns as a one-eyed ghoul.

Dr. Kanou and Eto observed the battles happening on the Auction ground, and decided to send Takizawa to take care of things for them, referring to him as Owl.[1]

He was briefly glimpsed on the roof of Zeum hall, sniffing the air. Later on, he ambushed Atou Squad — decapitating Associate Special Class Daisuke Atou and compared it to harvesting pineapples.[23] While the squad looked on in horror, Takizawa spun the head around while explaining it to be a method to accumulate the blood, which he made a show of dripping into his open mouth. One of the investigators, Ryuuta Sawaike, began to panic and opened fire with an ukaku quinque — this proved utterly ineffective, and Takizawa smiled cruelly before launching an attack against the surviving investigators. He killed four people in quick succession, displaying inhuman strength and agility. The survivors attempted to retreat, fleeing down the hallway in hopes of finding reinforcements but Takizawa gave chase, catching their leader and breaking his arm with a kick as he demanded their "brain jam."[24]

Takizawa kills Investigator Atou.

Some time later, he cornered two survivors who watched in horror as he devoured one of their comrades. When command contacted the squad to give them new orders, he used a stolen radio to respond to them — creating the illusion that all was well.[25] He began to talk to the two survivors, explaining to them the reason for their fear and his significantly altered mindset. One of the investigators, Hina Tougi, recognized him from having given a lecture to her class at the Academy and desperately attempted to get him to remember her. He recalled her having talked during the lecture he gave on quinque, and she agreed with a hopeful expression. However, Takizawa immediately turned on her and killed her by shoving his arm through her chest and tore off her head — scolding her for her rude behavior.

He was ordered to relocate from the building entrance, taking several severed heads with him, and made his way towards the administrative building. There, he spotted Haise Sasaki, Ginshi Shirazu, and Saiko Yonebayashi — reporting that he had spotted "three delicious things."[26] As the team came across Naoto Hayashimura, he ambushed them and was amused when Sasaki managed to partially deflect his kick. He sampled the blood that splashed across his cheek and was amazed at how delicious it is. Noticing the investigator's wound healing and hearing Shirazu call him by name, Takizawa realized who he was facing and began laughing at the irony of Eto setting things up. He launched another attack, but Sasaki impaled him through the stomach with his rinkaku and held him at bay.

Takizawa combats Haise.

However, Takizawa responded that it did not bother him since he was used to the pain and began laughing hysterically. He brought out his kagune and easily destroyed Sasaki's tentacles. Sasaki ordered the others to escape, allowing them to radio command about the new ghoul. Matsuri Washuu was shocked at the news of such a powerful ghoul sneaking into the operation area, and assigned a tentative rating of SS~. He ordered Sasaki to continue fighting alone and to lure the unknown ghoul away from the Administrative building. Watching all of this play out, Takizawa praised Sasaki as a good leader for thinking about his subordinates and wistfully noted that his boss was also like that and requested that they have a private talk about secrets.

Takizawa recalls the past.

He was later glimpsed choking Sasaki one-handed, clearly overwhelming his counterpart.[5] He explained the necessity of weakening an enemy before talking to them, and threw Sasaki into a wall when he started trying to break free. Takizawa began talking again, recalling his past feelings of inferiority and resentment for having always second best. He called Sasaki Dr. Kanou's masterpiece, and wondered whether this was true anymore, expressing the desire to prove himself. Once again, he threw Sasaki into the air and impaled him with his kagune.[27]

He later threw Sasaki through the auction house's wall, lightheartedly comparing it to a play. He then thrashed Sasaki around, brutally launching him into various areas of the auction hall, in which he continuously chanted that Sasaki was weak. He complained how he was compared to Sasaki, and questioned why he was hesitating. Shortly after, he addressed Sasaki as "Ken Kaneki" — sending Sasaki into a distorted struggle with his self-recognition. Later, using the building's PA system, Takizawa broadcast Sasaki's pain-filled screams across the premises and wallowed in amusement at his agony. Later, he proceeded to slowly torture Sasaki, while lecturing him about how no one would come to his aid. He later questioned Sasaki of his meaning, achieving no response before he calmly dismissed Sasaki as dessert. He was cut short by Hinami, who came to Sasaki's aid. He questioned why she interrupted him, addressing her as "Hina."

Hinami Fueguchi responded by saying that Sasaki might be useful to Aogiri and suggested that Takizawa return to the Entrance Hall to provide backup for Ayato Kirishima and the others. But Takizawa said he would decide and attacked Hinami and ordered her to return to her position saying he would take responsibility for the "trash" and eat him. Hinami managed to fend off Takizawa's attacks and surprised him by suddenly going to the offensive, she lashed at him with her kagune, injuring him and severing his right hand. However, he quickly recovered from his wounds and complemented Hinami on her strength before he reattached his hand and activated his kakuja.

His new state gave him the strength to overwhelm Hinami but he became even more deranged and began to spout nonsensical sentences and repeatedly banged his head against a wall due to the side effects of his incomplete kakuja.

Takizawa and Haise impale eachother.

In this state, his mental condition continued to breakdown as he battled against Sasaki. Their battle demolishes the Grand Hall, while Takizawa rambled about eating his parents and screaming nonsense. He quickly gained the upper hand, repeatedly smashing Sasaki into their surroundings but his opponent tore a piece of meat from his cheek to increase his own strength. Their battle came to an end with both seriously wounded, and interrupted by the arrival of Kishou Arima and Squad 0.

Takizawa and Akira reunite.

As he picked himself up from the aisles, Takizawa and Akira spotted each other from a distance. He giggled with a strange expression, briefly greeting his former rival before fleeing. Abandoning Hinami, he presumably joined the rest of Aogiri's forces in their retreat.

Rose Extermination

Takizawa taunts Ayato.

Takizawa attended a meeting of Aogiri's prominent members, seated alone in a corner of the greenhouse. He observed an argument between Ayato Kirishima and Tatara over whether to rescue Hinami from Cochlea, and got Ayato's attention by laughing at him. When confronted, he mockingly commented about how funny it was to see ghouls caring about each other, and claimed it made him want to eat sweets. Ayato attempted to turn things on him, pointing out that Hinami went to stop him — but Takizawa interjected and corrected him, taunting the other with how Hinami went to save Sasaki. This comment caused Ayato to charge him, with Tatara stepping in before a fight could start. As their leader berated Ayato for his actions, Takizawa continued to laugh in the corner.[28]

Rushima Landing Operation

During Eto's speech to the Aogiri members on Rushima, Takizawa spotted the Hachikawa Squad spying, and recognized Chuu Hachikawa.[29] He and Shikorae pursued the escaping Hachikawa Squad. Following Shikorae biting off Hachikawa's nose, the two ghouls tag-teamed and killed the investigator. After Mutsuki and Hogi had fled, he suggested to Shikorae they eat Hachikawa together.[30]

Takizawa pierces Tatara with his kagune.

While Tatara fought Houji in his kakuja form, Takizawa interfered with Tatara and saved Houji from getting burnt by Tatara's kakuja while he laughed. Takizawa managed to overwhelm Tatara, blasting ukaku shards at him and striking his abdomen until Tatara spewed fire all over him. Through unleashing a newly formed kakuja though, Takizawa overcame the fire and delivered a powerful slash that cut off Tatara's left arm. While he was preparing to strike again, he was ambushed by Yumitsu Tomoe. After easily knocking her out, he took her quinque and proceeded to stab through Tatara's head with it. Right after, Takizawa killed Tatara by impaling him with his kakuja blade. Relieved that everything was over, he stood in front of the CCG troops and frantically attempted to celebrate and talk with them after disengaging his kakuja, seeking acknowledgement for killing Tatara. To his surprise, Houji ordered the CCG to battle Takizawa. Enraged and feeling betrayed, Takizawa murdered the CCG troops, beheading Houji in the process. In the aftermath Takizawa held Akira up in the air, choking her, while expressing his wish to be regarded as a hero for killing Tatara and saving the CCG with tears overflowing his face. Akira disagreed with him, feeling that Houji was only trying to do him good by ending him personally as his former superior. He tightened his grip, further suffocating her. Just before he could finish his former friend, however, he noticed Amon just a moment before he had his hand severed by him and proceeded to casually greet him.[31]

Takizawa wounds Amon by stabbing through his own body.

Takizawa mockingly called this harsh, pointing out that Houji was already dead and Amon only came in time to save Akira. He reattached his forearm and lunged forward, kicking Amon across the room while accusing him of just being another person there to kill him. Instead, Amon clarified that he has come to save all of them, including Takizawa. He responded to this statement with anger and confusion. [22] The fight continued, as Takizawa quickly reflected Amon with his shards. While the latter recovered, Takizawa swiftly caught him off guard and locked him with his hands, while impaling him with his kagune. After he injured Amon, he mocked his fighting abilities as he was a failure. When Amon called him out on his past actions while labelling him as an investigator, Takizawa got enraged and charged Amon immediately after, only to get stabbed in his eye by Tooru Mutsuki. Takizawa began to curse in pain as he prepared to fight the new arrival.[32]

Akira protects Takizawa.

He dodged the initial attacks, but was struck in the abdomen by a kagune strand. Taking advantage of this, he used it to pull Mutsuki to him and stabbed the other through the latter's stomach with his kagune. He mocked his opponent's strange expression, getting close enough for Mutsuki to spit a mouthful of blood into his eyes. Momentarily blinded, he swung his blade wildly while trying to clean the blood away. Mutsuki took advantage of this, kicking him between the legs and knocking him to the ground in pain. He is quickly pinned down by multiple tails, and stomped on to further stun him. Mutsuki prepared to stab him again, but Akira leaped between the combatants and shielded Takizawa while he looks on in shock. [33] Shocked, Takizawa pleaded Akira to stop, as Akira apologized for her past mistakes. Amon stepped in, ordering Takizawa to escort and save himself and Akira. The latter called Amon a fool, while allegedly claiming to only care about his life.[34] He was with Amon's group while in his way out of the island, holding Akira.[35]

Post-Rushima Landing Operation

He was present with Banjou as the latter was attempting to heal Akira.[36] As Akira's condition grew worse, Takizawa frantically asked if Banjou could do anything to prevent her condition from worsening.[37] During Nico's sudden visit, a worried Takizawa insulted him after the former suggested Akira to be treated by Kanou, saying that the doctor would never aid in Akira's recovery.[38]

After Nico assisted them in contacting the Great Wheel Act and learn more of what currently afflicted Akira, Kaneki devised a dual plan. Two teams were made, one to assist the CCG in dealing with the Clowns and another to infiltrate the CCG facilities and steal Rc suppressants for Akira. Even though he was not initially included, Takizawa volunteered to go with the lab team, elaborating that he knew how the drug worked as well and was one of the best fighters of the group. Kaneki accepted his participation.[39]

CCG Lab Infiltration

Once Furuta's plan was set into motion, the two teams of Goat were mobilized as well. Takizawa stood by and waited for Kaneki's arrival at the lab location along with Kurona Yasuhisa and Ayato Kirishima.[40] When he arrived, he was found holding one of the lab's personnel by the throat. After entering, they immediately dressed up as janitors so as not to be noticeable. After searching through documents, Kaneki found out the drug's location: Research Facility 4.[41] They immediately set off and, after a brief reconnaissance of the room by Ayato, they captured all the doctors inside. However, one managed to run off and Takizawa immediately recaptured her. In vain, as she activated one of several liquid-filled tanks labelled "re." One contained Koutarou Amon.[42] Amon broke the glass and got ready to fight, seemingly berserk and out of his right mind.[43] Kaneki made a brief attempt at reaching him and failed. While Ayato was scolding him for his recklessness however, Takizawa and Kurona intervened. Saying that since they were not the King, they were free to do as they pleased. They both decided to stay and fight, while Takizawa himself pleaded with Kaneki to get the drug to Mado and in return he would bring Amon back to Goat HQ. He then activated his kagune and referred to Amon, Kurona's and his own positions as misfits that should stick together.[44]

Takizawa manages to damage Amon's kakuhou.

The fight began with Amon mutating into a kakuja and hurling projectiles towards the Goat members. They dodged and responded with a double X-shaped cut to the chest. Amon continued shooting, unfazed, while Takizawa landed on the wall. After jumping off, he shot Amon with a few projectiles of his own and watched as Kurona briefly took him down. He rushed to aid her by impaling Amon, but his cells being rejected by Amon's mutated ones resulted in a mini explosion that threw him off. Kurona was taken out, but he subsequently activated a new kakuja and stated he was going to go all in.[45] Whilst fighting Amon, Takizawa pondered over his past actions and wrongdoings, regretting them while wishing to be righteous like Amon and Kaneki, gaining the upper hand and ultimately defeating Amon, and eventually bringing him to the Goat organization.[46]

Post-CCG Lab Infiltration

Kaneki returns Amon's chain to Takizawa.

Takizawa approached Kaneki after Kichimura Washuu's display of public execution of a fake Kaneki. The two conversed, and Kaneki thanked Takizawa for saving Amon, though Takizawa claimed he did not do it for him. Claiming that he has completed his job, Takizawa declared that he would go on to live his own life, leaving Goat to live as a normal ghoul. He then went on to ask if Kaneki truly cared about humans and ghouls coexisting, claiming that he felt Kaneki had a motive that was not quite different than his own. Takizawa then took off Amon's necklace and tossed it to Kaneki, asking him to bring it back to Amon, only for Kaneki to toss it back at him. According to Kaneki, Takizawa was completely empty inside. If they didn't "tie him down with a chain," he would just go off and die. Takizawa shrugged and left.[47]

The Dragon War

Takizawa approached Yumitsu Tomoe, who appeared to be starving. The two sat and conversed about the Oggai.[48]

During Koutaro Amon's battle with Donato Porpora, Takizawa and Yumitsu Tomoe look on and converse. Takizawa states that life is full of surprises, and that he had come to return something to Amon - being the latter's chain necklace.[49] As Amon continues to get thrashed around by Donato, Takizawa explained that Amon couldn't kill Donato as it would leave him empty inside.

Seidou Takizawa's final appearance in :re.

With Amon nearly defeated, Takizawa tosses the necklace to Amon and questions why he would still wear it. This causes Amon to reflect on his relationship with Donato. Now with renewed determination, Amon defeats Donato.[50]


His whereabouts after the dragon battle are unknown. There have been many first hand accounts of a half-kakuja hunting renegade ghouls in various places. [49]


Akira Mado

They were classmates at the Academy, and he feels uneasy with her. He greatly resented her natural talent and cold demeanor, referring to her as a "cold-blooded woman" and comparing her to the ghouls they fought. As coworkers, their rivalry continued to the extent that they would argue whenever they were in a room together. Both his mother and Hide tease him about her, though he protests the idea of dating his rival. However, after their final conversation, he recalls staring at her in awe when they were younger and calls himself an idiot for having "only seen her from the side." As such, it is possible his feelings towards her are more complicated than a simple case of jealousy.

After his transformation into a ghoul, he retains some attachment to her in spite of his insecurities. When given the opportunity, he betrays Aogiri and claims he wanted her to see him being a "hero." Rejected by his former comrades, he kills the others from her squad and confronts her over her perceived "betrayal." Takizawa was in the middle of choking Akira to death; after she harshly reminds him of the numerous people he has killed, when Amon intervenes. The one-eyed ghouls proceed to fight and throughout the battle Takizawa mocks Akira about her opinions. For a brief moment Takizawa stops taunting Akira after he realizes she has finally noticed him; he does not appear happy with the revelation due to his current status. Takizawa ends up gaining the upper hand but his victory is short lived when a member of Akira's Quinx Squad, Tooru Mutsuki, ambushes Owl. Right before Mutsuki can land the finishing blow Akira takes the fatal hit much to the astonishment of Takizawa. This selfless act and Akira's apology finally caused Takizawa to regain his humanity and he fled with her to save her life and was desperate to save her.

Koutarou Amon

He deeply admired Amon and had been quite the fan of him prior to being assigned to the 20th ward. They seemed to have a good relationship, frequently having dinner together after working late. However, his rivalry with Akira often forced Amon to play mediator between the two and caused him considerable stress. When he heard Amon had been wounded in battle, Takizawa disobeyed orders and went to find him. He ended up sacrificing himself trying to protect Amon, showing great loyalty to his friend.

After being captured and experimented on by Aogiri, their relationship has been significantly altered. Takizawa no longer admired Amon, looking down on him as a Floppy and violently rejecting the other man's reprimands and offers of help. During the CCG Lab Raid, however, Takizawa was determined to bring his former comrade back to his senses. During the confrontation, Takizawa again pondered about how he still looks up to the former investigator and that he himself wishes to be noble as Amon. When he realized his own future may be bleak, he wishes to live for someone as bright as Amon and even for Akira, to make her happy by bringing Amon back home.

Ken Kaneki / Haise Sasaki

During their initial encounter, Takizawa is amused by Sasaki's strength and comments on how delicious his blood tastes. Upon realizing who the other man actually is, he targets him and becomes more conversational. He praises Sasaki as an excellent leader for thinking about the safety of his subordinates, and expresses the desire to speak to him privately. During this confrontation, he reveals feelings of jealousy towards Dr. Kanou's "masterpiece," and strives to prove himself superior to his predecessor. After Kaneki declares himself as the One-Eyed King, he takes up residence with Goat and their relationship becomes more respectful and cordial, based on shared goals. Takizawa volunteered to help locate the Rc suppressants in the CCG Lab and Kaneki willingly switches his plans without argument. When Amon assaulted Kaneki, Takizawa was willing to risk his life so the leader of his group could escape.[44] During his decisive fight with Amon, Takizawa displayed a form of admiration towards Kaneki, wishing to be righteous like him.[46]

Kousuke Houji

He looked up to Houji as his partner, and had great admiration for his past exploits. Houji was keenly aware of his many doubts and insecurities, offering advice or reassurance to him. Takizawa saw him as a leader who would put himself before his partners in danger and liked him for that, even after the timeskip. In truth, he remained deeply attached to his former superior and craved his approval. When given the opportunity, Takizawa betrayed Aogiri to protect his former superior, but flew into a violent rage when rejected by Houji, beheading him in the process.

It was later revealed that Takizawa still held affection for his former partner, reminiscing his former boss during the final moments of their battle. It is revealed that he could not fully rid the feelings he once held shown through his tears, whilst Houji allowed himself to die.

Juuzou Suzuya

His relationship with Juuzou was rocky from the very beginning, and remained as such throughout the story. He deeply resented Juuzou for not treating him respectfully as a senior but became depressed when the younger investigator was quickly promoted.

Hideyoshi Nagachika

The two became friends while Hide was an intern, and would have lunch together in the cafeteria. He would complain about his frustrations and doubts, but Hide's attempts to gain confidential information from him failed.

Akihiro Kanou

Dr. Kanou is the man responsible for Takizawa's transformation, considering him a successful attempt to "recreate" Kaneki. He was also Takizawa's primary tormentor, subjecting him to numerous invasive tests and brutal torture for the purpose of increasing his strength.


Eto refers to him in a friendly manner, and is the primary party giving him orders. He refers to her in a disrespectful fashion, amused at her sneaky behavior in setting up an encounter between two of Kanou's experiments. He has notably adopted several of her mannerisms, including her nickname for Hinami and some of the philosophies she has previously expressed. As such, it is likely that Eto has been a powerful influence in shaping him into his present state.


In their first encounter, Takizawa was terrified of the powerful ghoul to the point of nearly breaking down. His position as Houji's subordinate and partner made him the focus of Tatara's hatred, leading to his near-fatal maiming by Noro. Later, he despised Tatara for the violence he suffered at the ghoul's hands and had spent his entire time with Aogiri plotting revenge. When the opportunity presented itself, he betrayed Tatara and killed him in an effort to "become a hero."

Hinami Fueguchi

They are familiar with each other as fellow members of Aogiri, though there is a little loyalty between them. He addresses her in a teasing fashion, mimicking the affectionate manner that Eto would speak to her in the past. While speaking with her, he addresses himself as "big brother," and readily attacks her when she refuses to allow him to kill Sasaki.

Ayato Kirishima

Their relationship is a tense one, as a direct result of Hinami being captured by the CCG. He openly mocks Ayato during a meeting, teasing and agitating him into a fight. He seems to consider Ayato's concerns for Hinami amusing due to view of ghouls as indifferent monsters.

Michie and Seina Takizawa

Takizawa is extremely devoted to his family, with a normal relationship with them. His mother doted on him, fussing about him being single and teasing him about his attractive classmate, Akira Mado, while Takizawa made the decision to become an investigator to protect her. His relationship with his sister seems to have been typical of siblings, getting into a brief argument with each other over her fashion choices.

After becoming a half-ghoul, while suffering a kakuja-induced psychotic episode, he screams apologies to his parents. He claims to have eaten both of them, which was confirmed later on.

Chuu Hachikawa

Takizawa knew Hachikawa, and called him by the nickname "Hachiko" when Takizawa spotted him spying on an Aogiri meeting.[51] After having killed the investigator, Takizawa suggested to Shikorae to eat him together.[30]


Takizawa and Shikorae appear to work well together. After fighting Hachikawa, he asked him if he wanted to eat his corpse, to which Shikorae agreed.

Kurona Yasuhisa

They seem to share a good relationship as they are both one-eyed ghouls and former classmates of the Ghoul Investigator Training Academy. They also made a great team during their battle against Amon.

Powers and Abilities

His abilities as an investigator were never shown, as he was frequently stuck working in the office instead of the field. However, he possessed enough talent to graduate second in his class from the Academy just behind Akira Mado.

Ghoul Physiology: He has inherited Yoshimura's kakuhou, and gained an ukaku kagune as a result, becoming a half-ghoul in the process. Due to the hybrid vigor, Takizawa's abilities are said to be more potent than those of a natural-born ghoul.

  • Ukaku Kagune: The kagune features the Owl's distinctive "plumage" of spikes along his shoulder blade, which can fire a barrage of crystallized Rc cells across long distances, and can also swiftly shred through flesh. These crystallized shards can destroy quinques like the one Chuu Hachikawa wielded with ease. Takizawa's shards can also vary in size, some growing to be as large and wide as a pillar when fired from his kagune. He also has the unseen ability to extend his kagune into a large wing, which differs from Yoshimura's usage. During the battle on Rushima, he demonstrates greater versatility and is able to rapidly shape his kagune into a multitude of shapes. This includes forming an elongated and armored limb for greater striking power, a large scimitar blade from his right shoulder, sharp tentacles he uses for stabbing, and precisely-aimed projectiles that batter rather than pierce the target.
  • Ukaku Kakuja: Takizawa possesses an incomplete version of Yoshimura's kakuja, and the usage appears to significantly degrade his mental state, causing him to ramble nonsense and engage in self-harm. The kakuja manifests as a partial mask covering his face, and a massive blade emerging from either shoulder. During the events on Rushima and while fighting Tatara, his kakuja developed. His face is now covered in a large mask of an owl's face and despite retaining his berserk fighting style, he is calmer and more methodical. He no longer rambles incoherently, thinks about his moves, takes down Tomoe and Tatara and manages to regain his composure to converse with Houji and the CCG. His kakuja evolves even further, allowing him to fight on equal ground with a highly destructive and unstable Amon who is in the kakuja state as well.[46] In his complete kakuja form, he is able to produce two large scimitars blades from his shoulders and also multiple smaller ones protruding out of his back.
  • Superhuman Strength: Takizawa has displayed inhuman strength while shattering concrete and being competent enough to rend human bodies apart with minimal effort. This strength is amplified additionally by activating his kakuja and kagune, enabling him to block and parry attacks from ground-shattering opponents.[46]
  • Superhuman Regeneration: He was able to regrow the arm he lost from Noro. When he battled Hinami, Takizawa was able to reattach his severed arm in a matter of seconds.
  • Superhuman Durability: Takizawa was able to endure being stabbed by Sasaki's rinkaku kagune and receive no sign of being in pain or injured by it. His durability is amplified additionally by activating his kakuja, which enabled him to endure being shot point-blank by Tatara's flames at his kakuja form without sustaining any injuries.

Douhi: An ukaku quinque, formerly belonging to his partner, Houji. It has a shape similar to a crossbow and sufficient strength to kill two unnamed members of Aogiri with single shots to the head. It seems to be an average weapon, with no special attributes displayed. It was destroyed after Tatara and Noro attack him.

Manga Depiction

Anime Depiction


  • He enjoys watching sports and police dramas, and likes dogs.[3]
  • Takizawa was ranked seventeenth in the latest character popularity poll.
  • On a deleted Twitter post, Sui Ishida mentioned that Takizawa has pineapple-patterned boxers. (The English translation of the post reads: "Seidou Takizawa tends to wear the underwear of pineapple print.") Ishida quickly deleted the Twitter post, as he wanted this to be revealed in a later chapter.
  • He is heavily associated with The Devil (XV).
    • In Chapter 123, his tears form the number "15".
    • He was OWL #15 during the ghoulification experiments that transformed him.[22]
  • In Chapter 141, the number "6" appears in his blood. This references the Tarot Card The Lovers (VI).
  • In :re Chapter 24, the numbers "3" and "7" appear in blood on his face. These reference the Tarot Cards The Empress (III) and The Chariot (VII).
  • In :re Chapter 31, while covering his face after looking at Akira, his former rival, the word "jealous" or "jealousy" can be seen in his left hand.
  • While the original Owls (Yoshimura and Eto) are referred to using the Japanese word Fukurō, Takizawa is referred to using the English word "Owl" instead.[1]
  • In the manga, Takizawa was with Amon when he was injured by Noro. In the 11th episode of Tokyo Ghoul √A, Takizawa encountered Noro before reaching Amon.
  • While Kaneki offered insight into what human food tastes like to ghouls, Takizawa's commentary sheds light on how humans taste to ghouls.
  • His transformation into a ghoul is foreshadowed in the original series, through several subtle hints.
    • In Chapter 56, shadows cause his left eye to appear black while angry.
    • His Tarot Card, The Devil, is associated with corruption and destructive urges. The traditional imagery is that of a man partially transformed into a demon as a result of surrendering to temptation.
  • His ramblings imply a tragic irony, as he joined the CCG to keep his mother safe from ghouls, yet later on not only was she killed but he also ended up consuming her after he became a ghoul.
  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, he is the "Six of Clubs" (as an investigator) and a "Red Joker" (as the Owl).
  • Both he and Kaneki called out for their mothers while they were in the states of half-kakuja.
  • After becoming a ghoul, he developed a mannerism of biting his own fingers.


Tokyo Ghoul

  • To himself: "I am... always second best."[12]
  • To Hide (describing Akira): "She's an asexual weapons fanatic. She's more like a ghoul than the ghouls are."[14]
  • To Akira: "I want to get promoted and be useful to everyone! Is there something wrong with that?"[15]
  • To Akira: "It's your fault I was always 2nd place. You were always ahead of me in practical skills, classroom learning, and assignments... but I'm going to achieve more than anyone else and climb to the top! You just watch me, you cold-hearted bitch! More than anyone else, yo-..."[16]
  • To himself: "Now that I think about it... it was only ever from the side that I saw her. Fuck... I'm such a clown."[18]
  • Takizawa's Will: "Dear Mother and Father, Long ago there was a period of time when Mother began to feel insecure after a ghoul killed Satou-obasan, who lived in the neighborhood. When I saw that, I felt that I wanted to protect Mother and made the decision to become a ghoul investigator. Even now, the determination I held then is strong. I am very proud of this job where I must put my life on the line for the sake of other people. This time, I was included as a member of a large suppression operation. If I do not make it back, please do not be too sad. As always (blurred). The meals I was able to eat we- (blurred) delicious. (Blurred) of Seina and Rocky. I DON'T WANT TO DIE."[4]

Tokyo Ghoul:re

  • To Atou: "You're like a freshly picked pineapple!"[23]
  • To Tougi and Kukiyama: "You've grown up being told to clean the food off your plate, right? Don't be picky, they say. I don't like carrots, but now everything that I can eat tastes awesome. You're shaking a lot. I get it. You're scared. Because the fear you feel is different. Like big and small, men and women, young and old. What you two are afraid of is... what is different from yourselves. So if you become the same, it's not scary. Killers, monsters,... ghouls. If you become what you're afraid of, fear will fade. What you two are afraid of, is the Door of Death in front of you. So I'll have you become that. Once you're Death, death is no longer scary. You're scared because you're a living person. Got that?"[26]
  • To Sasaki: "Between the first and the second is a huge gap. Being second is just a consolation for the loser. Yes, a consolation for them not to think that, as long as there's someone above them... they're nothing but a loser. The gap between a perfect 100 mark and a 99 is not just one point. I want to prove myself now... you were that doctor's masterpiece. I wonder... how about now?"[27]
  • To himself: "Mommy! Daddy! I'm sorry! I can't help it! I couldn't help it!"[52]
  • To Kaneki: "In the academy... I learned that an investigator should lay down his life for his superior. What are we gonna do if the boss of the organization dies too early on? We'll knock some sense into Amon, and take him home with us. I promise. Alright, king of the sheep? So don't worry."[44]
  • To Amon: "Why... When you're so damn weak... Weaker than me... A... Amon... You really are an idiot, aren't ya? Did you really think I'd save Mado? A murdering traitor like me?"[34]
  • To Amon: "Ironic, isn't it? For we, who lived for justice this whole while, to be reduced to these bodies..."[46]
  • To himself: "'Don't give up'? Give up what?! I... there's no going back for me. Not anymore."[46]
  • To Amon, internally: "Amon. You always burned so bright. Bright enough to blind. Your rectitude was nothing but torture to me. But I realized. I can't spout pretty words about justice like you can. I won't take back the crimes I've committed. Seidou Takizawa died in that prison. I can no longer walk the straight and narrow path. If I could, I'd want to turn time back. I, too... want to be like you... but now that that's never going to happen... I'm just a loose cannon. Loose cannon. Bit different than a ticking time-bomb. Just one thing. That's all. 'This above all else.' Something like that. The one thing that holds everything else in place. And I'll... see it through."[46]
  • To Kaneki: "It's just a small chain... And yet it feels so heavy to me..."[49]


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