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Ryou ova

Name Ryou
Japanese Name リョウ
Romaji Ryou
Species Human
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliations Unknown Biker Gang
Relatives Aki Sasada (Former Lover)
Ward 13th Ward
Manga Debut Jack: Chapter 1
Seiyuu Tatsuhisa Suzuki
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Ryou (リョウ, Ryou) was the childhood friend of Taishi Fura and Aki Sasada. He was killed by the Lantern Ghoul. His death triggered Taishi's quest for revenge to find his killer.

Appearance Edit

Ryou was a slender young man with messy dark hair, piercings in his left ear, and a bandanna around his neck. His appearance was very laid-back and casual.

Personality Edit

Ryou was considered a delinquent, and skipped school frequently as well as being involved in various conflicts. In contrast, he had a sense of fairness as he would never dare lay a hand on someone weaker than him. He also valued his friendship highly, as evidenced from his self-sacrificing act to protect Fura from Lantern.

Plot Edit

Sometime in the past, he played baseball with Fura and Aki and they were a team. He then had a falling out with Fura and he became Aki's boyfriend later on. One night, he and his gang were caught in a chase between them and the Tokyo Police and had managed to escape the police and hid in an alley. Ryou then talked with Aki on how things were bad without Fura when the two of them ran into Lantern who presented the heads of two of their fellow gang members and attacked them. The two of them ran when Fura arrived and Aki got her eye cut out by Lantern. Ryou was impaled after pushing Fura out of the way. He then told Fura that he should play baseball and died.

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