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Route V14 (ルートV14, Rūto Vī Jū-yon) is an underground passage leading to the 24th ward located below the 20th ward.

During CCG's attack on Anteiku, the Owl Suppression Operation, many ghouls tried to escape through this passage. However, Kishou Arima was sent there to intercept the ghouls trying to escape and slaughtered many of them easily. Later, Arima defeats Ken Kaneki there after he had wondered through and seemingly killed him. During their battle, Enji Koma and Kaya Irimi had managed to escape through the route due to Kaneki engaging Arima.

The CCG thought the One-Eyed Owl, Eto Yoshimura, would pass through the route to interfere with the Owl Suppression Operation. However, Eto may have either taken another path in order to enter the ward or Arima allowed her to pass.

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