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"My hope... Hope? That's right, in this fading world, my only desire is to connect. For the seeds I plant to grow into flowers and for those bloomed flowers to drop seeds. For people to say that the coffee I pour for them is delicious. And through those two, my own flesh and blood, for me to see my sister once again. For me to able to believe the things I did in this life were not meaningless... That is what hope is."— Renji Yomo, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 71

Renji Yomo (四方 蓮 示, Yomo Renji) is Yoshimura's right hand. He is an old friend of Uta and Itori. Due to his feeding habits and his avian-shaped mask, he has earned the nickname Raven (カ ラ ス, Karasu).[2]

Two years after the Owl Suppression Operation, he returns as the manager of the coffee shop :re, alongside Touka Kirishima. Following its destruction he joins the newly formed organization Goat, thus relocating to the 24th ward along with its other members.


Yomo is a tall, well-built man with silver hair, and stubble. He has an immovable stone-like glare. He is normally in a long trenchcoat common with ghouls and wears a black shirt he has kept since his days in the 4th ward. His ghoul mask resembles a raven.

Manga Appearance

Anime Appearance


Quiet and reserved, Yomo was originally a hot-blooded ghoul who would retaliate violently, especially against Uta back in their juvenile days in the 4th ward. Before working at Anteiku, Yomo was a very vengeful person. He harbored immense hatred towards Kishou Arima for killing his sister, Hikari. This hate caused him to lose his composure when he was up against Arima and attack in a blind fury. Since his meeting with Yoshimura, he gradually became more composed and loyal to the manager while he worked on the behind-the-scenes jobs unquestionably. Although he displays a cold demeanor, Yomo does care about his friends and coworkers. When caring for Hetare, he is overprotective and curiously invested, even trying to teach it new words and calling him "Shooting Star Wing" based on his appearance.



Yomo used to live with his sister, Hikari Kirishima, until she was killed by a teenage Kishou Arima[3] six years before moving to the 4th ward where he settled down for a while after befriending Uta (though not before multiple conflicts with him). After Arima appeared in the 4th ward, Yomo fought with Arima out of rage for his deceased sister, only to find out that he made his sister's kagune into his new quinque, or at least implied so. Midway through, Yoshimura stopped the fight and rescued Yomo.[4]

Doves' Emergence

Yomo lets Kaneki attack him to calm him down.

During the confrontation between Ken Kaneki and Koutarou Amon, Yomo was somewhere watching, and later came forward to Kaneki to calm him down. With his ghoul powers going out of control, Kaneki stabbed Yomo in the stomach before he realized who it was. When Kaneki saw his face, he started crying.[5]

Gourmet Arc

During the Gourmet Arc, Yomo admitted he watched Kaneki, Touka Kirishima, and Nishiki Nishio fighting Shuu Tsukiyama.

Aogiri Arc

During the CCG's attack on Aogiri Tree, Anteiku also planned an attack on the 11th Ward Base of Aogiri Tree to rescue Ken Kaneki. Arriving there, they split up and Yomo teamed up with Shuu Tsukiyama and Uta, who later had to fight against Noro.

Raid of Kanou's Lab

Yomo appeared at the end of Kaneki's confrontation with Akihiro Kanou, freeing Rize Kamishiro, leaving Kaneki in a state of confusion and shock. Moments before his departure, he warned Kaneki of the approaching Doves.[6]

He later confined Rize in a shipping container.

Owl Suppression Operation

Yomo comforts Ken by telling him, that he was fighting with his own strength.

Yomo later was approached by Kaneki in his home, who wished to know of Yomo's actions at Kanou's lab and of Yoshimura's relation with the One-Eyed Owl. Kaneki also expressed his desire to see Rize as she had been the one to give him strength and was furious when Yomo denied his request.[7] After Kaneki's reunion with the starved Rize, Yomo comforted him saying that through all the battles Kaneki had been through, he had always fought with his own strength rather than Rize's. He makes Kaneki some coffee, which Kaneki remarked was similar to Yoshimura's.[8]

He did not partake in the battle, instead he took care of Touka, as per Yoshimura's orders. He told Touka that they could not remain in the 20th ward anymore and denied Touka's request to fight in Anteiku's battle. He told Touka what she needed was time to think rather than punishment for her past deeds.[9]

After the aftermath of the CCG's attack on Anteiku, he reminded Touka to get ready to move and that Kaneki had lost his way and therefore could not return to Anteiku. Regardless of Yomo's thoughts, Touka told him that she believed in Kaneki's return.[10]

Post-Owl Suppression Operation

At some unknown time, Shachi visited Nishiki and Yomo who had been taking care of Rize due to his agreement with Yoshimura. Shachi told them since Yoshimura's capture by his daughter, he could not be saved, and urged them to be rid of Rize as keeping her would be too dangerous for them. As he left, Nishiki asked him why he still cared for her. Shachi remarked it was a stupid question and stated it was his duty as a parent.[11]


He was at [[::re]] with Touka Kirishima when Haise Sasaki and the Quinx Squad entered the coffee shop, Yomo wore an expression of surprise and shock, and was reprimanded by Touka for not greeting their customers.[12] After Sasaki had sat down, Yomo intervened, and sat in front of him. He closely scrutinized Sasaki's face and, without a word, left the table.[13]

A month after the Auction Raid, he was in :re along with Nishiki and Touka when Uta visited during Christmas. After Uta asked them what they wanted to do regarding Kaneki, now known as Haise Sasaki, Touka stated she will continue doing what she had decided to do. To this, Uta and Nishiki seem pleased. Yomo, however, appeared solemn.[14]

Rose Extermination

Yomo, Touka, Chie Hori, and Mirumo Tsukiyama arrived at the Luna Eclipse building to rescue Tsukiyama at Chie's request. He and Touka saved Tsukiyama from several ghoul investigators.[15]

He drew Touka's attention to Sen Takatsuki's press conference on the TV.[16]

Third Cochlea Raid

Yomo vs. Arima.

Yomo intercepted an attack from Arima aimed at Ayato Kirishima, saving him. They got away from Arima by jumping deeper into Cochlea. On the SS level, Ayato revealed he figured out their identities, and after Touka reconciled with her brother, he left with them to save Hinami Fueguchi.[17] When Arima closed in on them again, he reminisced about the time his sister first showed her baby, Touka, to him. When Arima attacked him, Touka tried to take the attack but Yomo pushed her out of the way and took the blow.[18] He was impaled through the throat with Narukami, coughing blood before falling to the ground.

He then recalled blaming Arata Kirishima for his sister's apparent death. After he had left Arata Kirishima, he thought to himself that he was the weak one and he was just blaming others just to make things better. After an unknown period of time, he became a waiter at Anteiku. While working there he was nervous and broke a coffee cup, but Yoshimura took it in stride. They talked about Touka and Ayato, Yomo saying he would only watch over them from afar without telling them he was their uncle.[19]

As a desperate move to defeat Arima, he charged a lightning-like bolt and fired it towards the investigator. Arima blocked it with Narukami, which caused the quinque to crack in the process. Before Yomo was shot at by Narukami once more, Sasaki appeared and blocked the blast with his kagune.[19]

Yomo obliterated by Higher Mind.

While Sasaki held Arima off, Yomo and the rest of the group reunited with Hinami, and ran to the waste compactor in hopes of escaping Cochlea through the ghoul disposal channel.[20] After they disabled the compactor, Ayato's group reunited with Banjou and they continued their escape from Cochlea. However, while proceeding through the press, Nimura Furuta activated the machine, killing many of the ghouls who attempted to escape.[21] After advancing further to the exit, they encountered a group of investigators led by two Special Classes, Kiyoko Aura and Mougan Tanakamaru. As they overwhelmed Touka, Yomo rushed to clash with Mougan, and while his attention was dragged off to Kiyoko, Mougan rammed his quinque into Yomo's stomach, obliterating the ghoul in a single, powerful blow.[22]

Post-Third Cochlea Raid

Yomo and Hirako having a conversation about Arima.

A month had passed since the Cochlea Raid and Yomo had apparently recovered earlier before this time. He walked into :re from the front entrance to see Touka slamming Kaneki's face into the counter-top. With a shocked look on his face, he called to Touka, making her aware of his presence before sharing that preparations were complete on Tsukiyama's end. He helped Kaneki up, and waited with him outside as the old Anteiku employees gathered. They all left to the meeting at Tsukiyama's as Kaneki formed the group Goat.[23]

Later in :re, he spoke with Hirako over coffee, saying that not all ghouls would agree with Kaneki's ideology, taking notice of Kishou Arima killing his sister and his hatred for him. Hirako then mentioned his past with Arima, saying there was no way he could kill him now, as he was already dead and that mutual understanding could be sharing everything with one another, as they were doing right now, believing in Kaneki. Yomo agreed to this opinion.[24]


Hikari Kirishima

Yomo looked up to and admired his sister, as she raised him after their parents were killed. Her death caused him to become a hot-headed ghoul, engaging in violent fights in order to become strong enough to kill Arima and avenge her. He watches over her children so they do not end up following their parent's footsteps.


Yoshimura rescued a young Yomo after he was badly hurt by Take Hirako and Arima in the 4th ward and took him under his wing. After meeting Yoshimura and working under him, Yomo's anger and vengeance for his sister gradually subsided, with Uta later wondering what it was that Yoshimura might have given to Yomo for his anger to fade. Yomo initially worked at Yoshimura's cafe, Anteiku, as a waiter but later took on jobs behind the scenes, such as body collection. Yomo heavily respected Yoshimura and followed his orders without question, faithfully fulfilling his last wishes before Anteiku's destruction.


When Yomo came to the 4th ward, he ignored the rules and raised havoc through cannibalism. Because of this, Uta, in his role as a mediator, clashed with Yomo multiple times but Yomo was so powerful that he had to withdraw from the fights since they would have killed each other. Having become curious about Yomo, Uta approached him to learn more about him. Subsequently, they became friends, and according to Uta, are now on good terms. Yomo is aware of Uta's relation with the Clowns but has never questioned nor judged Uta's affiliation with the group.

Although they are still friends as adults and frequently aid one another when required, their relationship doesn't prevent them from going against one another when they have a clash of interest. Yomo was willing to fight against Uta for the Clown's involvement in the Dragon Incident to which Uta responded with gleeful enthusiasm, provoking Yomo into trying to kill him. Despite these complications, their friendship has remained intact.

Itori has noted that Uta isn't capable of change unless Yomo is there to support him which can be seen as Yomo was the only person capable of changing Uta's nihilistic view of the world.


An old friend of Yomo and Uta from their days in the 4th ward, Itori calls him by the nickname 'Ren-chan'. Their relationship is described as 'undesirable but inseparable'.

Touka Kirishima

Yomo and Touka worked together at Anteiku, with Touka often accompanying him on body collections. He used to train with her and he stopped her from fighting in the CCG attack on Anteiku. Yomo currently poses as Touka's brother and they run the coffee shop [[::re]].

In reality, Yomo is Touka's maternal uncle. However, he tries to hide this fact from her, and instead opts to watch her well-being from afar, but he will intervene to protect her so that she lives a peaceful life in the human world, therefore not hesitating to shield her and Ayato from Arima's onslaught.

Ken Kaneki

Yomo was a guide of sorts to Kaneki and often kept a watchful eye over him. Initially cold and distant to Kaneki, Yomo eventually took an interest in him and urged Kaneki to walk his own path. When Kaneki first started working at Anteiku, Yomo also trained him to fight. He is one of the very few who have referred to Kaneki by his given name, Ken.

Kishou Arima

Arima killed his sister whilst he was absent on said encounter and since that incident, Yomo harbors deep hatred towards the ghoul investigator.

Even after being informed of Arima's true intentions for ghouls (and possibly his half-human heritage), Yomo's hatred for the late ghoul investigator did not falter. Remarking that if the man who took his sister's life is still alive and standing before him, Yomo wouldn't hesitate to kill Arima on the spot.

Arata Kirishima

Yomo was disapproving of his sister getting married to Arata but became content with it later. When his sister died, Arata tearfully apologized to Yomo for not being strong enough to protect Hikari, leading Yomo to angrily blame Arata and wish for his death even though he already knew Arata was trying to protect his and Hikari's children. After Arata's capture, Yomo watches over Ayato and Touka so that they do not end up like their parents.

Ayato Kirishima

Yomo is the maternal uncle of Ayato. Despite having little to no interactions in Tokyo Ghoul, he helps Ayato and Touka in breaking into Cochlea to rescue Hinami. He intervenes to shield Touka and Ayato from Arima's onslaught showing his affection for the two of them.

Take Hirako

The two men, despite their differences, agreed to come to a mutual understanding through Kaneki. A level of trust and perhaps comfortability came easily to them, enough so that Renji shared his secret being the brother of Hikari thus, the uncle of Touka and Ayato, and his long term hatred of Arima, in turn, Take, who does not share much of his own feelings, finally expresses his own thoughts of Arima during the long years as his subordinate. While hearing Take's response, he listened calmly, without anger but instead put thought into the other man's words.

Powers and Abilities

Ghoul Physiology: Yomo is an ukaku ghoul, possessing an ukaku kagune and increased physical capabilities.

  • Ukaku Kagune: Befitting his moniker, Yomo's kagune takes the form of two black wings (two large black talons in the anime) sprouting from his shoulders. It can launch great waves of crystalline projectiles. His kagune is also capable of producing lightning-like bolts composed of Rc cells in a similar fashion to Narukami able to crack the quinque.[19]
  • Pseudo-Electrokinesis: Yomo's kagune while in use is surrounded by a lightning-like aura, capable of generating electricity that can be utilized in an offensive and destructive manner. 
  • Superhuman Strength: Yomo kicked Noro's head easily while he was on a rescue for Kaneki. Yomo's physique is also sturdy enough to block Narukami from directly cutting his body at point-blank.[17]
  • Superhuman Durability: Yomo endured being pierced by Kaneki's kagune through his abdomen without flinching and quickly recovered afterwards. Yomo also showcased the ability to block Kishou Arima's direct attack with his bare hands.[17]

Manga Depiction

Anime Depiction


  • An omake revealed that he gets drunk very easily from fermented blood and becomes extremely talkative.[25]
  • In the first character popularity poll, Yomo was ranked sixth. In the latest, he came in as sixteenth.
  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, he appears as the "Jack of Clubs."
  • Yomo's kagune can produce lightning-like bolts similar to Narukami, T-Human, and Touka's kagune.


  • To Kaneki: "I think I know... the reason that Yoshimura-san... is partial to you. I also... want to see what you'll become from here on out. Return... Ken."[5]
  • To Kaneki: "Don't be fooled by Kanou or anyone else's sweet talking. Just walk your path using your own strength. I know you can do it. I'm sorry... for never being able to explain properly."[8]
  • To Touka: "All we can do is live while losing things."[9]
  • To himself before facing Arima: "My sister... My hope... Hope? That's right, in this fading world, my only desire is to connect. For the seeds I plant to grow into flowers and for those bloomed flowers to drop seeds. For people to say that the coffee I pour for them is delicious. And through those two, my own flesh and blood, for me to see my sister once again. For me to able to believe the things I did in this life were not meaningless... That is what hope is."[19]
  • To Uta: "I'm not having fun. This shit... None of it is fun. You're... My friend. I don't want to kill you or be killed by you."[26]


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