Departed Spirit: play (亡霊 play, Bōrei play) is the ninth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Shuu Tsukiyama finds out about Ken Kaneki and how he is still alive. He runs out into the street without his wheelchair, approaching Haise Sasaki before falling down. Kanae von Rosewald then takes him back home, thinking about how stupid Tsukiyama was for going in front of a ghoul investigator. Later, Sasaki and the Quinx are at Uta's mask shop to get their measurements for Operation Mask, however Sasaki does not get permission to carry out the operation. That evening at the Tsukiyama estate, Mirumo Tsukiyama speaks to Kanae about Tsukiyama, who is researching Kaneki in the meanwhile. Soon after, a servant shows Mirumo the video Shiki Kijima uploaded to the CCG website, on which he (Kijima) shows the torture of Mairo and says that if they want to save their comrade they'll have to get the location out of Kijima. As a reaction to this, Tsukiyama speaks about planning a rescue with Kanae using Sasaki, and later meets with Sasaki in a park, but before he can get close, Tooru Mutsuki and Saiko of the Quinx interrupt and Sasaki leaves.

To get some time for Tsukiyama to speak with Sasaki, Kanae pays a group of Aogiri Tree members (Shousei Idera, Hooguro, Grave Robber and Torso) to get rid of the Quinx. Kanae leads them into a park house and Ginshi Shirazu and Kuki Urie follow him up. Sasaki, Mutsuki and Saiko follow, but they're stopped by Hooguro and Shousei with the rest of the White Suits. Sasaki tells Mutsuki to go ahead to Urie and Shirazu, but they are stopped by Torso. Mutsuki tells Saiko to hide, and overpowers Torso, who doesn't even fight back, however before Torso is finished off, Grave Robber interrupts and throws Torso out of the building. Urie and Shirazu beat Kanae, and go back just in time to save Mutsuki, and then head down to see Sasaki having defeated all the White Suit members singlehandedly.

Meanwhile, Saiko is being strangled by Shikorae. Sasaki notes that she is missing, and they go looking for her, however she is saved by a robed giant, and found by the Qs. Eto watches from afar.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode adapts the following chapters:
  • Title pun: Replay.
  • There are some scenes that are completely cut based on the manga adaption:
    • Kijima's recording on the CCG website where he shows Yuuma's severed tongue is censored.
  • Shuu Tsukiyama mentions Kaneki's group in this episode, contradicting the events of Tokyo Ghoul √A where the story detaches from the manga and Kaneki joins Aogiri Tree instead of forming his own.
    • Before this, it was not 100% confirmed whether Re:'s anime adaption followed its own established anime story or the manga's, although earlier elements pointed to it following the latter.

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