One who writhes: TAKe (蠢くモノ TAKe, Ugomeku mono TAKe) is the eighth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Shuu Tsukiyama is always hungry and cannot control his kagune. In the meantime, Tatara refuses Ayato Kirishima's request to rescue Hinami Fueguchi from Cochlea. Haise Sasaki is approached by the ghoul investigators Nimura Furuta and Shiki Kijima who tell him that he is going to work with them on the upcoming Rose Investigation.

In the CCG HQ, Sasaki and the Quinx Squad are informed by the investigator Koori Ui about the Rose ghoul gang (actually members of the Tsukiyama crime family), who attack Furuta and Kijima. They are saved by the investigator Hairu Ihei. Gang member Yuuma is arrested and tortured by Kijima in Cochlea.

Sasaki visits Uta to learn more about the mask and Sen Takatsuki's book, who in turn lies about both of those things. Sasaki then asks him to make him a new mask. Chie Hori delivers Sasaki's photos to Kanae von Rosewald and Tsukiyama recognizes him as 'the' Kaneki.

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