In the End: turn (その、果てに turn, Sono, hate ni turn) is the sixth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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While being beaten by Seidou Takizawa, Haise Sasaki begins to have hallucinations of Ken Kaneki. Elsewhere, Nutcracker is taken down by Ginshi Shirazu and Saiko Yonebayashi of Quinx Squad. Dealing the final blow, Shirazu stabs Nutcracker through the chest. As she dies, she remembers back to when she was a child and painfully states that she just wants to be pretty. Shirazu is shocked and tells her not to say things that sound human. Big Madam fights both Kuki Urie and Tooru Mutsuki. Urie nearly goes insane and stabs Mutsuki in a fit of rage and grief. Mutsuki refuses to be fazed and unleashes his kagune, wrapping it around Urie to comfort him. Big Madam then comes face to face with Juuzou Suzuya. Despite his torture at her hands, Juuzou is unable to kill her. Big Madam is finally killed by CCG investigators after being wounded by Hanbee Abara from Suzuya Squad.

The odd ghoul Scarecrow wanders the halls of the building, before stumbling upon the control room where he begins playing with the buttons, accidentally pressing one that activates the intercom, allowing the entire area to hear the sounds of Sasaki's agonised screams as he is beaten by Takizawa. Hinami Fueguchi rushes into the auction room along with Saiko who also heard his screams. Hinami immediately starts fighting Takizawa in an effort to save Sasaki. Finally, Sasaki fearfully accepts that he is Kaneki and fights Takizawa. Both of them impale each other with their kagune and then they both fall down.

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  • Title pun: Return.
  • Anime/Manga differences:
    • Juuzou never calls Big Madam "Father" after being killed by CCG investigators.
    • Sasaki's heavy injuries he received from Takizawa have been toned down.

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