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Auction: MAIN (オークション MAIN, Ōkushon MAIN) is the fourth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.



It's the night of the big ghoul auction, Tooru Mutsuki finds himself alone and powerless on the stage, while the rest of the CCG find themselves embroiled in another large-scale brawl against Aogiri Tree.

This episode shifts the focus away from the Quinx Squad to instead give us more insight into the world of the ghouls, as we see several different factions interacting at the auction house. The captive humans fetch exorbitant prices from the wealthiest of ghoul barons, and it's mentioned that there are multiple ghoul-run conglomerates with profits in the billions.


  • This episode adapts the following chapters:
  • Title pun: Remain.
  • Anime/Manga differences:
    • Several Investigator's gruesome deaths caused by ghouls are censored in some of the scenes.
    • Atou's decapitation caused by Takizawa is not shown entirely, instead, giving a point of view shot in the act.