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Eve: fresh (前夜祭 fresh, Zenyasai fresh) is the third episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.



An assistant to Shuu Tsukiyama, Kanae von Rosewald, brings him Haise Sasaki's underwear that was previously collected by Chie Hori. He despairs that he could not recognize the scent as Ken Kaneki's.

Quinx Squad continues to investigate Nutcracker. After finally managing to get Saiko Yonebayashi out of her room, they meet up with Juuzou Suzuya and his squad who have also been assigned to the case. Learning of a nightclub where she has been sighted, they infiltrate the club which involves them cross-dressing. While at the club, Sasaki is recognized as Kaneki by two members of the Clowns, Nico and former Anteiku employee Roma Hoito, who lament that Kaneki is not himself. Roma, who longs for the tragic woe of the old Kaneki, wonders if he would revert back to himself if Sasaki were to die. The Quinx spot Nutcracker and a drunk Tooru Mutsuki manages to convince her to escort her to the ghoul auction, where humans are sold off to powerful ghouls. At the same time, Kuki Urie, who has not accompanied the rest of the squad, is testing out his upgraded kagune.

Kanae meets up with Chie Hori and hands her back the underwear, telling her that it had no effect. Kanae asks whom they belong to, to which Chie answers Haise. Kanae threatens Chie with death if she should ever step out of line, noting that she is just a human, and leaves. Chie recalls her high school days in which she first met Tsukiyama, who befriended her.

A member of the Washuu Clan, the stern Matsuri Washuu, debriefs Sasaki and Juuzou, who requests to participate in the upcoming auction infiltration. Matsuri allows it, and also assigns Akira Mado, Nobu Shimoguchi and Take Hirako to the event. Elsewhere, Aogiri Tree is also planning to attend, with Eto informing Ayato Kirishima that he is to act as a bodyguard for the ghoul Big Madam who will be attending. Ayato agrees and brings along Torso as well, who is still obsessing over Mutsuki. The Quinx train heavily during the days preceding the event before the night of the auction finally comes around.


  • Title pun: Refresh.
  • The episode features a song performed by the popular American Youtuber and singer AmaLee, entitled Parabellum.
  • Anime/Manga differences:
    • Saiko imagining working at her mother's bar is cut.
    • Shirazu and Saiko eating lunch with Hanbee before the Nutcracker Operation is cut.
    • Hanbee, Shirazu and Saiko visiting a comatose Shinohara at the hospital is cut.