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Recollection: Morse (心覚え Morse, Kokorooboe Morse) is the ninth episode of the second season of Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Kaneki and his ‘dragon’ kagune is out of control and kills everyone in its path. Furuta meets Mutsuki and tells her that the Oggai was the reason why Kaneki turned into a beast and that everything is her fault. Kanou is confronted by Kurona and before shooting himself with a gun, he confesses that people will now figure out the possibilities of using ghouls for medical purposes. The ghouls meet up with Hide and go to the CCG Headquarters in order to form an alliance and save Kaneki. After agreeing to work together, Nishino reveals to them that the only way to destroy this monster is by finding and extracting Kaneki’s body in order for the kagune to decay. Touka then remembers that she gave Kaneki her parents’ ring and suggests to use metal detectors to find his body through the massive kagune that has spread around the city. As the CCG and the ghouls work together to find his body, ‘dragon’ starts releasing monsters made from its own mass that attack everyone. The CCG fights off the monsters as the rest carry on with the search. Mutsuki then comes up to Urie and Yonebayashi blaming herself for the situation and trying to kill them but the Quinx squad talks to her, making her realize that she has been part of their ‘family’ all along.


  • Adapted from the following chapters:
  • Title Pun: Remorse.
  • Anime/Manga differences:
    • A flashback of Kanou's mother is cut.
    • Chie stopping Tsukiyama from going after Kaneki after turning into Dragon is cut.
    • Touka informing the others that the monster is Kaneki is cut.
    • Ayato wasn't present during the ghouls' and humans' interrogation.
    • Hideyoshi does not show his face to Touka.
    • Mutsuki is unaware that Touka is Kaneki's wife.
    • Mutsuki fights Urie and Saiko instead of going after Touka.
    • A flashback of Sasaki discovering that Mutsuki was a girl is cut. Instead he told them about it.
    • Mutsuki never mentions his family to Urie and Saiko.
    • The scene where Shinsanpei fights Higemaru and Hsiao is cut.
    • Mutsuki only impaled Urie instead of hurting both Urie and Saiko together.
    • The scene where Mutsuki unleashes the hidden potential of his suppressed Rc cells is cut.
  • Some scenes are rearranged and merged, and some are added for the anime.
    • Furuta mocking Mutsuki that he is the reason for turning his beloved teacher into a monster.