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Awakened Child: incarnation (めざめた子 incarnation, Mezameta ko incarnation) is the eighth episode of the second season of Tokyo Ghoul:re.



In the banquet of Kaneki and Touka’s wedding, Mutsuki and the rest of the CCG forces invade and start attacking them. Meanwhile, Urie and Kuroiwa go to confront Furuta in the CCG headquarters and try to prove that he does not take sane and reasonable decisions. When they go inside his office, they are attacked by Roma who ends up being the SSS rate ghoul named Dodgy Mother and Shikorae, where Kuroiwa gets badly injured but Urie manages to kill them both. Furuta stabs Kuroiwa in the head and later on, Maruda comes in and shoots him but doesn’t kill him. He is accompanied by Hide who asks for Urie’s help. Deep underground, Touka is fighting with Mutsuki while Tsukiyama, Nishio, and Yomo are against the Suzuya squad and Kaneki fights the Oggai squad. Soon, Suzuya starts attacking Kaneki and they engage into a huge fight but Kaneki realizes that Touka is cornered and in danger and goes to her rescue. After being brutally torn to pieces by the Oggai squad, Kaneki releases his inner beast and produces probably the biggest kagune ever seen.


  • Anime/Manga differences:
    • Shinsanpei does not participate in the Goat Wipeout Operation.
    • Yomo never faces off with Mutsuki and Shinsanpei.
    • The scene where Roma and Shikorae slaughters most of the members of CCG except Urie and Kuroiwa is cut.
    • Roma and Shikorae's past is cut.
    • Urie hallucinating if Shirazu wasn't killed in the Rose Operation is cut.
    • Urie's sword and shield Kagune are merged instead of being separate.
    • Hinami does not face off with Suzuya Squad.
    • Touka does not face off with Juuzo.
    • Kaneki faces off with Juuzo alone instead of both Juuzo and Hanbee.
    • Kaneki does not use his Kakuja against Juuzo.
    • Kaneki eats a random Oggai member instead of Hajime.
    • Kaneki was defeated by the Oggai Squad instead of Juuzo and his squad.
    • The scene where Roma's head is shriveling up after being impaled by Urie was not shown.
    • Furuta never appears in the 24th Ward to mock Kaneki.
    • Shio and Rikai were never killed by Oogai Squad.
    • Most of the conversation between Kaneki's personalities is cut.
      • The black haired child version of Kaneki doesn't appear in this episode.
      • Prisoner #240 is fully capable of speaking whereas he couldn't in the manga.
    • When Kaneki transformed into Dragon, Touka and Mutsuki were present whereas in the manga they weren't.
    • The scene where Matsuri's failed attempt to stop his uncle from escaping is cut.
  • Some scenes are rearranged and merged, and some are added for the anime.