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Fragments: member (欠片 member, Kakera member) is the second episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Haise Sasaki removes Serpent's mask after defeating him in battle. He finds Nishiki Nishio underneath, who calls Haise "Kaneki". A wave of memories hits Sasaki, driving him insane. As Sasaki looks to turn on his fellow CCG agents, Akira Mado tranquilizes him.

Upon returning to his senses, Sasaki demotes Kuki Urie as leader of Quinx Squad and promotes Ginshi Shirazu in his place. Sasaki spars with his mentor, Kishou Arima, and tells him that he is worried that his past memories of Kaneki were coming back.

Torso meets with Ayato Kirishima and is asked to become a member of Aogiri Tree. Torso realizes that he can take advantage of this to capture Tooru Mutsuki. Sasaki, Ginshi, and Mutsuki begin investigating a ghoul called the Nutcracker who is known for crushing the testicles of her victims. Stopping by a coffee shop owned by Touka Kirishima called :re, Sasaki recognizes her and is recognized in turn by Touka. After drinking her coffee, Sasaki starts to feel an odd sense of nostalgia and cries. He also thinks to himself that he has never seen anyone so beautiful.


  • This episode adapts the following chapters:
  • Title pun: Remember.
  • The episode features a song, Remembering (We Meet Again), which is performed by Tate McRae.