Bonds: proof (紲 proof, Kizuna proof) is the seventh episode of the second season of Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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  • Anime/Manga differences:
    • When Touka asks if Ken is a virgin, he spits out his coffee instead of spilling his cup.
    • Some of the ghoul corpses that were killed by CCG are censored.
    • The scene where Urie went to Mutsuki's room is cut.
    • Shinsanpei does not appear alongside Mutsuki to attack Kaneki and Touka at the :Re cafe.
    • Mutsuki does not show a dismembered hand and photo of Yoriko to Touka.
    • When Touka and Kaneki had sex, most of the process was cut and replaced with memories of their past and at the end, both Touka and Kaneki cried instead of only Kaneki in the manga.
    • Kuroiwa's wife wasn't present at Takeomi and Yoriko's wedding.
    • The scene where Misato accidentally catches a bouquet thrown by the bride is cut.
    • A conservation between Mutsuki and Urie about Ken Kaneki is cut.
    • The scene where Shinsanpei reveals that his aunt lost both of her legs to Kaneki is cut.
    • Hajime never infiltrated Goat's hideout.
    • Mutsuki and Shinsanpei weren't present when Yoriko was arrested for being associated with a ghoul.
    • The scene where Yoriko felt guilty for hurting Touka with her cooking is cut.
    • The scene where it was revealed that Kaneki doesn't have much time left to live due to refusing to eat either humans or ghouls is cut.
  • Some scenes are rearranged and merged, and some are added for the anime.

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