Brilliance: FACE (赫赫たる FACE, Kakkakutaru FACE) is the sixth episode of the second season of the Tokyo Ghoul:re anime.

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  • Title pun: Reface.
  • Anime/Manga differences:
    • Mutsuki doesn't reveal their true gender to Saiko after the Rushima Operation.
    • Mutsuki is transferred to the Oggai Squad instead of the Suzuya Squad after the Clown Siege operation.
    • Matsuri, Mutsuki and Shinsanpei don't participate in the battle against the Clowns.
      • Mutsuki is bedridden instead for the operation.
      • Matsuri is depressed over his father's death.
      • Shinsanpei is keeping his aunt company at the hospital.
    • The scene where Furuta does not show Koori the severed head of Hairu and tells him there's a way to revive her are cut.
    • A flashback between Urie and Dr. Shiba about Rc cell levels are cut.
    • Kuki Urie faces Donato Porpora alone. In the manga, both he and Higemaru face him.
    • A flashback of Saiko training and strengthening her kagune in her room while having a conversation with Hsiao is cut.
    • The body double of Ken Kaneki being executed is not shown.
    • Furuta never changes his name to Kichimura Washuu during the ceremony.
    • Goat doesn't participate in the defense against the Clowns.

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