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Brilliance: FACE (赫赫たる FACE, Kakkakutaru FACE) is the sixth episode of the second season of the Tokyo Ghoul:re anime.



Mutsuki has lost her mind after the fight with Torso, making her realize that she is in love with sensei, aka Kaneki. Furuta has become the head of the Washuu clan and is now leading the CCG. He instructed Suzuya to become the new Arima and announced their next plan of action in order to fight off the Clowns. After stopping the various assaults that happened simultaneously in the 9th, 2nd, 18th, and 19th Ward, the Clowns army came right outside the door of the CCG headquarters where Suzuya started fighting with No Face and where they realized that the majority of the Clowns are humans that are forced into fighting against their will. Meanwhile, Urie is fighting against Donato and after losing the battle he goes berserk and Saiko tries to get him back to his senses. Before the episode ends, Furuta visits Mutsuki in the hospital and then we see him in a huge meeting of the CCG, making a speech about how they will destroy all the ghouls and presenting a new Quinx Squad named Oggai.  


  • Title pun: Reface.
  • Anime/Manga differences:
    • Mutsuki doesn't reveal their true gender to Saiko after the Rushima Operation.
    • Mutsuki is transferred to the Oggai Squad instead of the Suzuya Squad after the Clown Siege operation.
    • Matsuri, Mutsuki and Shinsanpei don't participate in the battle against the Clowns.
      • Mutsuki is bedridden instead of going to the operation.
      • Matsuri is depressed over his father's death.
      • Shinsanpei is keeping his aunt company at the hospital.
    • A flashback between Urie and Dr. Shiba about Rc cell levels are cut.
    • Kuki Urie faces Donato Porpora alone. In the manga, both he and Higemaru face him.
    • A flashback of Saiko training and strengthening her kagune in her room while having a conversation with Hsiao is cut.
    • The body double of Ken Kaneki being executed is not shown.
    • Furuta never changes his name to Kichimura Washuu during the ceremony.
    • Goat doesn't participate in the defense against the Clowns.