Encounters, Confusions: MovE (出会い、とまどい MovE, Deai, tomadoi MovE) is the fifth episode of the second season of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Kaneki wakes up at the coffee shop where Touka greets him. Later on, they gather up the ghouls from all the districts and Aogiri Tree along with a team of inspectors that were instructed by Arima to protect Kaneki. Kaneki announces that he wants to create an anti-human organization named Goat, in order to give ghouls hope and try to communicate with humans instead of slaughtering each other. Kurona as well as the White Suits decline his offer and leave while the rest decide to stay. Renji talks with Take about Arima’s death while someone from his squad comes in to tell them that there has been an attack in the headquarters of CCG. Meanwhile, Banjou, Nishiki, and Takizawa try to treat Madou’s wounds when suddenly Nico, who has been summoned by Roma’s scrap of kagune, comes in and tells them that she can only be saved if she gets treatment by a real doctor. Kaneki on the other hand, confronts Naki who resents him for killing Yamori and challenges him to a fight. Naki loses and decides to follow Kaneki and help out Goat. Kaneki, Nishiki, and Tsukiyama meet with Ogura from the Great Wheel Act, a human organization that supports ghouls that decides to join them as well. Madou wakes up, and after Amon has a deep conversation with Kaneki in the rooftop, he goes to her to give her back her cat. Touka comes in and takes Madou for a walk where she tells her that she was the one that killed her father and then tries to make her understand that ghouls and humans are very alike, after all.

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  • This episode adapts the following chapters:
  • Title pun: Remove.
  • Anime/Manga differences:
    • In Kaneki's flashback, he does not conceal his face as the One-Eyed King as he was about to fight Kiyoko and Mougan.
      • Kaneki also does not transform his kagune as a giant centipede tail.
      • He also does not proclaim himself as the One-Eyed King
    • Kaya Irimi and Enji Koma are not present.
    • Fuka and the Cochlea Prisoners are not present.
    • During the brief fight between Kaneki and Naki, Tsukiyama was not present.
    • Kaneki does not tell Naki that Yamori is a symbol of strength for him.
    • The meeting with Ogura takes place in a secluded section of the 24th ward rather than a karaoke parlor.
    • Touka asking Akira what her father would be like if he hadn't chased down ghouls is cut.
  • Some scenes are rearranged.
  • The reconciliation between Akira Mado and Hinami Fueguchi is based on the real-life reconciliation between a Vietnamese family and Vietnam veteran Richard Luttrell.

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