Those Left Behind: vive (遺したもの vive, Nokoshita mono vive) is the fourth episode of the second season of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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The episode concurrently starts with Kishou Arima's flashback on his memories during his stay at the Sunlit Garden, as he captures a butterfly.

Shuu Tsukiyama arrives to assist Naki, Miza Kusakari, Shousei Idera, and Hooguro in their fight against Special Investigator Koori Ui and the CCG. He then swiftly massacres a whole handful of them, and engages his fight against the investigator. Meanwhile, back at Akihiro Kanou's lab, Nishiki Nishio coils Kanou with his kagune, despite Kurona Yasuhisa doubting him whether he is an ally or not. As he kicks through the interfering Quinxes, Shikorae frees Kanou from his grasp, while Roma Hoito backstabs him in the torso.

Back at the Aogiri Tree Lair, the Quinx Squad confronts Seidou Takizawa, as Takizawa mocks Kuki Urie that he probably "finished" Tooru Mutsuki off. As Urie's Ginkui disables Owl's kagune, Akira Mado sacrifices herself by taking the hit from Urie's sword as a human shield to protect Takizawa from subsequent death. Before collapsing, Mado reminisces a memory from the past during her academy days. As Takizawa looked upon the honor list seeing Mado being the highest honor, he then jealously congratulated her as she passed by.

Back to the present, Mado orders the Quinx Squad to stand down as Takizawa doubtfully questions her on what was she trying to do. She then replied that she protected a ghoul, which was against the law, plus she also admitted that she was a failure, and immediately collapses while finishing her sentence. Urie tries to stop Takizawa, but Koutarou Amon arrives after recovering from his injuries to stop them from getting close to Mado. He then orders Takizawa to grab Mado and escape to the wharf, which he reluctantly agrees to do.

Nishiki outnumbers the experimental Quinxes, while trying to hold off Roma and Shikorae, as Kanou leaves.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode adapts the following chapters:
  • Title pun: Revive.
  • Anime/manga differences:
    • Takizawa fights against the Quinx instead of Mutsuki.
    • Akira gets gravely wounded while protecting Takizawa from Urie instead of Mutsuki.
    • Mustuki's time with Torso appears to be cut.
    • Torso's corpse is not shown.
    • Amon escapes the Quinx instead of being captured by them.
    • Urie found a traumatized Mutsuki in the cave after the Rushima Landing Operation instead of during the fight against Amon.
    • Donato does not behead Haisaki. Instead, he snapped his neck.
    • Kaya Irimi was not present.
    • Eto's dialogue about the One Eyed King was given to Arima instead.
  • Some scenes are rearranged, and some are added for the anime.

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