White Darkness: VOLT (白い闇 VOLT, Shiroi yami VOLT) is the second episode of the second season of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Ayato Kirishima, Kazuichi Banjou and his gang storm into Cochlea and massacre several CCG guards. As Ken Kaneki walks into Hinami Fueguchi's cell, he internally reveals that he intends to save her as his last job and get killed by Kishou Arima. Arima arrives at Cochlea and attacks Ayato. As Ayato is about to be killed, Renji Yomo and Touka Kirishima arrive and save him. It is revealed in a flashback that Yomo is actually Touka and Ayato's uncle as their mother, Hikari Kirishima, was his sister. Hikari was killed by Arima while her husband Arata Kirishima wasn't able to save her. Arata became a kakuja in order to be stronger but was eventually killed by Kureo Mado and Yukinori Shinohara while Yomo joined Anteiku. Touka, Ayato and Yomo continue their battle against Arima.

During their escape from the hallway, Kaneki and Hinami come across Nimura Furuta who mocks the two and tries to kill them, but is quickly defeated when Hinami pierces his chest with her kagune. Kaneki arrives just in time to save Yomo from being killed by Arima. As they all escape with Hinami, Kaneki tries to buy them some time by fighting Arima. As they face off, they descend into the depths of Cochlea, both landing into a flower pit at the very bottom. Arima arms himself with the Owl's quinque and injures Kaneki many times while calling him weak, stating that he had the opportunity to kill him many times. Kaneki unleashes his kakuja for battle. Meanwhile, Nimura and several V agents turn on the machine that Touka, Hinami and the other fleeing ghouls are using to escape, crushing many of the prisoners.

Suddenly, Eto breaks out of her cell and chases Nimura after defeating the other V agents. As she is about to kill him, he reveals that Akihiro Kanou turned him into a one-eyed ghoul by matching him with Rize Kamishiro's kagune, and he uses it to destroy her kakuja and severely maim her. As she lays against the wall, she states that he does not exactly share the interests of V or the Washuu and pries on what he desires. Furuta cryptically answers that his desire is to bring "super peace", before prancing off and leaving her for dead.

Back at the pit, Kaneki is once again torn apart multiple times by Arima and is about to give up and allow himself to die. In a dream state, he sees a hallucination of Hideyoshi Nagachika, who encourages him and tells him to live on, no matter what happens. Coming back to reality, Kaneki continues his battle with the investigator, which comes to a close as Kaneki launches himself at Arima's quinque and destroys it. After Kaneki declares the fight over and declines the notion that he would kill him, Arima slices his own throat with the severed quinque he held onto.

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