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And Once Again: Place (そして、もう一度 Place, Soshite, mōichido Place) is the first episode of the second season of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Yoshitoki Washuu announces to the CCG that Aogiri Tree's base has been discovered on the nearby island of Rushima, and that the plan to invade the island to take down the organisation once and for all is to commence. On Rushima, Eto talks with Tatara about their impending doom, with the latter stating that the majority of their bases have been taken in the 23rd ward. Eto says that there is something she must attend to back on the mainland, and bids Tatara farewell for a final time.

Haise Sasaki is now partnered with Nimura Furuta, and is interrogating Shunji Shiono, Sen Takatsuki's editor, about Takatsuki's suspected status as a ghoul. Later, Sasaki explains to Furuta that there is a press conference being held that night in which Takatsuki is set to appear. As he walks to the conference, Takatsuki/Eto appears and announces to the whole world on live television that she is a ghoul, and that her new and final book is a story about ghoulkind and their struggle. The book, King Bileygr, features a group modelled after the Washuu Clan, which are associated with ghouls in the novel. Haise shows up at the conference, revealing to Ayato Kirishima, who had accompanied Eto, that Hinami Fueguchi is set to be executed in a few days. Eto readily walks off with Haise to her arrest.

In a flashback, Eto is seen as a teenager struggling to become an author. Shiono casually dismissed her without much word and left. Downtrodden, Eto wandered the streets and stole a man's wallet to get by. Shiono was reprimanded by his boss who believed that Eto's draft was fantastic, and Shiono rushed to find her, eventually discovering her at a temple and offering to work for her. At an unspecified point in time, Eto visited Anteiku but found that her father, Yoshimura, was inside mingling happily with Kaya Irimi and Enji Koma. A distraught Eto crumpled up a copy of Dear Kafka, her debut work, and left it at the doorstep for her father to find. Later on, Shiono brought Eto some food to find her asleep. When he opened the fridge, he found contents of human flesh inside and was shocked.

In the present, Kishou Arima and Furuta attend a V meeting, in which Kaiko, a high ranking member, instructs Furuta to find out if Eto is the fabled One-Eyed King, and for Arima to hunt down Matasaka Kamishiro, known as Shachi, and discover the location of Rize Kamishiro. In a secluded area, Shachi sits and remembers back to the time he found Rize, who said she needed to run from someone. Shachi took her in and raised her as his own. Arima suddenly attacks with his squad, interrupting his thoughts, and does battle with Shachi. Arima demands to know where Rize is, but Shachi refuses to answer. As the fight continues, Arima stabs and shocks Shachi with Narukami, killing him. Shachi weakly tells Rize to run.

As Eto is taken to Cochlea, she and Haise discuss her novel, with Eto stating that the Washuu Clan are indeed in league with ghouls. Haise refuses to believe it, until Eto brings up the Rc Scan Gates, which are programmed to remain unresponsive should any member of V pass through, including herself, Yoshimura, the Washuu's, and finally, Rize. Whilst imprisoned, Furuta enters Eto's cell and discusses with her about who the One-Eyed King is. Furuta explains that society can very easily be controlled by those in power by simply propping up a common enemy to fight, thereby drawing people's attention away. Eto responds that Furuta knows nothing about the One-Eyed King. Furuta spitefully hands her a pate made from her former editor. In tranquil response, Eto mocks Furuta over being an illegitimate child to Tsuneyoshi Washuu.

It is revealed that Haise and Eto set up a secret recording device in her cell and captured Furuta's words on tape. Eto asks Haise to perform a final task for her: to kill the One-Eyed King. In the 6th ward, Kazuichi Banjou and his crew are reading King Bileygr and discussing it before Ayato appears and greets himself. Ayato states that he requires Banjou's help with rescuing Hinami from Cochlea. Banjou rounds up a large batch of Gas Masks to assist. Touka Kirishima and Renji Yomo watch and follow. As the team prepares to breach Cochlea, the alarms begin going off. Inside, Haise is walking the corridors whilst officers panic around him, before entering Hinami's cell and announcing that they are leaving.


  • This episode is adapted from:
  • Title pun: Replace.
  • Anime/Manga differences:
    • Because the Rushima Landing arc follows two major events concurrently in the manga, the episode focuses primarily on Kaneki's side of the arc on the mainland.
    • Eto's speech about the One-Eyed King to Aogiri is cut.
    • The Special Class Investigators Meeting is cut.
    • Sasaki and Furuta greeting Shiono for interrogation was not shown.
    • Sasaki wasn't escorting Eto to her press conference. Instead, Ayato was her escort.
    • Arima stabs Shachi in the back instead of slashing out his eye first.
    • The reveal of Furuta allying with Kanou and being the one who dropped the steel beams on Rize is cut.
    • The reveal that Furuta disguise himself as one of the Clowns members, named Souta is cut.
    • Sasaki's flashback of his time imprisoned in Cochlea is cut.
    • Sasaki freeing Fuka and various other Cochlea Prisoners is cut.
      • Additionally, Fuka does not appear in this episode.
    • Sasaki apprehending Investigators and going into the computer room to search for Hinami's cell was not shown.
    • Sasaki's flashback of Hide is cut.
    • Touka and Yomo did not blend in with the Gas Masks group when they snuck into Cochlea, instead they acted separately from Ayato and Banjou's group.