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Daybreak: Beautiful Dream (夜明け Beautiful Dream, Yoake Beautiful Dream) is the twelfth and final episode of the first season of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Matsuri Washuu receives information that most of the ghouls are exterminated, and muses that he will gain the majority of the credit. His helicopter is then attacked and destroyed by the One-Eyed Owl, using a hook to clip onto the Lunar Eclipse and smash through one of the windows.

The One-Eyed Owl then attacks Haise Sasaki while he is confronting Shuu Tsukiyama and Kanae von Rosewald. Eto reveals herself and mocks Sasaki, stating that Kishou Arima would've dodged her attack easily. She then orders Kanae to assault Sasaki, which he does, causing him to enter his subconscious.

The manifestation of Ken Kaneki mocks Sasaki for being powerless, but is then choked by Sasaki who tells him to die. Sasaki then unlocks repressed memories that reveal that his mother was abusive and would beat him when he pestered her. Kaneki reveals that his salvation is to do something to make everybody love him and die in style. Sasaki muses that it was wrong for him to want something, and accepts his past to "stop dreaming". He then tears off Kanae's arm while Eto muses that he has "awoken".

Meanwhile, Koori Ui and his men find the remains of investigators Shiki Kijima and Hairu Ihei, amongst others. The last known survivor is a traumatized Nimura Furuta, who is left alone by Ui and his men. Furuta's cries then turn to uncontrolled laughter.

Sasaki uses his kagune to tear off a steel bar which he lodges into Kanae's left eye. He dodges Kanae's attacks effortlessly and impales him through the stomach with his own kagune. Tsukiyama recognizes that Kaneki's memories have returned, but Sasaki impales him with his kagune, which Eto notes as cold-blooded.

Ginshi Shirazu continues to fight Noro, while wondering how Sasaki is faring. Determined not to leave his sister Haru Shirazu alone, he frames out and attacks Noro with his newly formed kagune, while signaling Kuki Urie to attack. Shirazu is then attacked by Noro. Before his death, Noro remembers how a young Kuzen had left his baby daughter, Eto, in his care. He tells Eto that he'll be "going on ahead" as Urie deals the killing blow.

Urie finds Shirazu mortally wounded, half of his stomach completely gone. The Quinx run over to him in a panic. Urie reassures Shirazu that Sasaki will be coming after he asks about him. The squad reassures Shirazu that he will survive, and Urie tries to motivate him by telling him that Haru is waiting for him, but Shirazu cannot hear them, as he is slipping away. The squad frantically tries to bring him back, but as Urie says that putting down an SS-rated ghoul will reward a lot of money, and that the credit will all go to Shirazu, he succumbs to his wounds and dies, much to the squad's despair.

Sasaki questions Eto as to why she's come, to which Eto answers that she wanted to pass the time by seeing the unfolding conflict between Kanae, Tsukiyama, and Sasaki. He reveals to Eto that Yoshimura wanted him to save her. Eto laughs it off and calls Haise sweet as he cuts off the head of her kakuja kagune, missing her main body. Sasaki, however, admits that he sees no reason to save "a piece of trash".

Eto becomes enraged and reforms her kakuja kagune, sprouting extra eyes, mouths, and limbs. She drives Sasaki to the side of the building, and Sasaki is able to make it to the roof. Having gained the higher ground, Sasaki is able to impale Eto's kakuja kagune. Eto licks her blood off of Sasaki's left eye, and confesses her love for him as he bisects her and her upper half falls to the ground. Sasaki admits that he is honored while referring to Eto using her human alias: Sen Takatsuki.

Matsuri and other investigators approach the remains of the Quinx and Itou Squad, calling out for any investigators that can still fight, namely Takeomi Kuroiwa and Urie. Urie, however, calls him out for not feeling anything regarding the dead investigators. Matsuri leaves while expressing disappointment at Urie.

Ui and his squad get to the roof and witness Sasaki devouring the Owl's kakuja kagune. Sasaki maintains his identity and states that he was heavily wounded while fighting the Owl, and that he needed to replenish himself. He admits that while he was able to inflict heavy wounds on the Owl, it ultimately escaped. Sasaki confirms the connection between Rose and Aogiri Tree, while preparing to dispatch Tsukiyama.

Sasaki throws Tsukiyama off the building, but Kanae jumps to save him. He confesses his feelings for Tsukiyama and apologizes for loving him. Tsukiyama reassures him that he will not be punished for his feelings, while calling him by his real name: Karren. She saves Tsukiyama and wonders whether or not she deserves to be happy in her final moments.

Sasaki returns to the Quinx Squad to find them mourning over Shirazu's death. Urie blames Sasaki for not being there to save him, but Sasaki responds that Urie is to blame because of his own weakness, and joins the rest of the squad to mourn Shirazu.

In the aftermath of the battle, a surviving Tsukiyama is saved from investigators by Touka Kirishima and Renji Yomo, who are accompanied by Chie Hori and his father, Mirumo Tsukiyama. Concurrently, Aogiri Tree attacks the vehicles with the corpses of investigators and steal Shirazu's body, as Furuta watches it unfold. At the graveyard, the investigators mourn the dead, while Urie stares into the distance.


  • There are some scenes that are completely cut based on the manga adaption:
    • In Shirazu's final moments, he never requested Urie to put his sister out of her misery.
    • Kanae's corpse is not shown onscreen.
    • Noro's mummified face after being killed is not shown onscreen.