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The Absent One: writE (欠落者 writE, Ketsurakusha writE) is the eleventh episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Shiki Kijima, Nimura Furuta, Haise Sasaki, and the Quinx Squad are killing ghouls on the Tsukiyama Estate. In the meantime, Shuu Tsukiyama begrudgingly says goodbye to his friends who tell him to go to the rooftop where a helicopter is going to take him away. Koori Ui sends Sasaki on the roof. Tsukiyama arrives there too and comes face to face with Sasaki. Sasaki tells Tsukiyama to surrender but Tsukiyama attacks him.

Meanwhile, Kanae von Rosewald is now insane and attacks CCG investigators in the hideout. Hairu Ihei is wounded badly by Matsumae and makes a final stand but Matsumae decapitates her. Kijima arrives on the scene but Matsumae slices him up and cuts him in two with his own quinque killing him. Furuta protects himself from one of Matsumae's attacks by using another agent as a human shield, and then kills Matsumae with Kijima's quinque. The Quinx Squad come face to face with Noro. Sasaki fights with Tsukiyama and in a moment of weakness, loses his hand by an attack from Kanae.

Noro is destroyed by Ginshi Shirazu but he doesn't die. Kanae tries to kill Sasaki, who starts to remember that Kishou Arima was mocking him for his defeat at his hands. Sasaki escapes Kanae who is revealed to be a woman named Karren. Eto arrives on the scene with her form as the One-Eyed Owl.


  • Title pun: Rewrite.
  • There are some scenes that are completely cut based on the manga adaption:
    • Shimoguchi's death and his final moments are not shown onscreen.
    • Hairu smiling before her death and her severed head after being decapitated is not shown onscreen.
    • Kanae's flashback where he secretly tried on female staff maid uniform is cut.
    • Kijimi's death is changed a bit, with the chainsaw landing on his head at the end, killing him.