Sway: think (ゆれる think, Yureru think) is the tenth episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Kanae von Rosewald comes face to face with Eto who first toys with him and then attacks him with her full power. It's revealed that Kanae loves Shuu Tsukiyama but he doesn't, so Kanae wishes he could kill Haise Sasaki. Eto tells him that she will "be his god" and captures him. Back on the CCG HQ, Sasaki asks Koori Ui to reconsider his plan about ghoul impersonation and Ui agrees. The same night, Sasaki wears Ken Kaneki's mask and along with the Quinx Squad start a patrol.

Sasaki is recognised by ghouls as Eyepatch, so he starts finding information about him. He learns that Eyepatch was the one who "killed" Koutarou Amon and he sees again a Kaneki hallucination crying about killing Amon. Tsukiyama meets again with Sasaki who asks him if he is a ghoul and if he knows Ken Kaneki. Tsukiyama refuses to tell him. CCG's chairman, Tsuneyoshi Washu, gives Ui permission to kill the Tsukiyama family. On the same night, Tsukiyama's father drugs him in order to keep him safe.

The CCG are at the front of the Tsukiyama Estate ready to attack. Tsukiyama's father allows himself to be arrested while Tsukiyama takes control of the family as the CCG arrives in his hideout. In the meantime, Kanae is tortured and mutilated by Eto.

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