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Those Who Hunt: START (狩る者たち START, Karu mono tachi START) is the first episode of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.



Quinx Squad leader Kuki Urie and his underling Ginshi Shirazu search Tokyo in order to find the ghoul serial killer Torso. Torso has been killing women and eating their torsos, leaving the rest of their bodies behind. They meet the photographer Chie Hori who gives them valuable information that Torso works as a taxi driver.

Quinx Squad member Tooru Mutsuki discovers the taxi driver and is attacked. The assault leads Kuki and Ginshi to locate the killer and lure him into a trap using a roadblock. The exceptionally strong ghoul Serpent appears and all of the officers at the roadblock are massacred, which allows the taxi driver to escape. Haise Sasaki appears to face Serpent, but he suffers hallucinations of Ken Kaneki trying to drive him to brutally kill his opponent. The hallucinations cause Sasaki to unleash his kagune.


  • Title pun: Restart.
  • Anime/Manga differences:
    • The scene where Torso cradles a headless corpse is not shown.
    • Mutsuki's true gender wasn't revealed when Torso beat him in the taxi.