White (白, Shiro) is the ninety-ninth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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A month following the events that transpired on Rushima and at Cochlea, Ken Kaneki is living in a safe house with Take Hirako and the members of Squad 0. The children awaken him abruptly and all of them subsequently depart for :re. After Take and the 0 Squad leave to eat, Touka greets Kaneki. She brews some coffee for him, who in turn compliments her by comparing it to the manager's. Touka inquires about his hair and he explains that Dr. Shiba said it is caused by the suppression of his Rc cell activity which has caused temporary melanin production that causes his hair color to change. They chat briefly, while the news announces the wanted statuses of Kaneki and Take, as well as reports the injury of two investigators, Kiyoko Aura and Mougan Tanakamaru and the deaths of Kishou Arima and Shinme Haisaki. He jokes about how he can longer get a job and Touka asks him what he likes to be called. He responds with "Kaneki". During the small conversation, he assures her he is still the person she knew and ends when Touka hits him for misunderstanding her question, and more generally for his actions during the Anteiku and Cochlea raids, just as Renji Yomo entered the shop. He announces the time has come and they leave the shop. Outside they meet Irimi and Koma, much to Kaneki's shock. Koma teases Kaneki that he looks like he's seen a ghost to which Irmi kicks him for stealing her line. They reveal that it was all thanks to him blocking Arima's way in V14 that they survived. They flashback, noting that they had lost many friends and were barely escaped with their lives. They eventually met with Touka and the others. Arima didn't end up coming after them because someone (Kaneki) held him off. Just then Nishiki Nishio arrives - sharing that he left Roma Hoito with one of Banjou's subordinates - and in time to go with Kaneki and the others while Koma and Irimi said they will look after the shop.

The group arrives at a secret facility of the Tsukiyama family where they are welcomed by Shuu Tsukiyama himself. He leads them into a big room, where many previous Aogiri Tree members awaited, including Ayato Kirishima, the White Suits and Miza, along with Kurona Yasuhisa. Tsukiyama stated that Hinami Fueguchi and Banjou were at a female investigator's house (likely referring to Akira Mado) and their other investigator affiliate (likely Seidou Takizawa or Koutarou Amon) was absent. Naki, however, recognizes Kaneki as the one who killed Yamori and assaults him, refusing to believe his killer and a human sympathizer like him is the One-Eyed King. He refuses to cease and acknowledges that members of the CCG are there. This is until one of the White Suits hold him back. Miza approaches Kaneki, introducing herself and asking him what he intends to do as the King. She claims that one of his friends had saved her in the island and that she's interested in his goals. Kaneki reminisces his last talk with Eto, who tried to convince him that, for the world to change and for ghouls to stop suffering, they must break its shell like that of an egg's and then rebuild it. As the strongest ghoul of this world, the one who killed Arima, he is the only one capable of doing so. Kaneki then reveals his decision: to take up the will of the former King and make ghouls and humans understand each other. Kurona laughed at his goals, reminding him that such a thing goes against the very nature of both species. Kaneki, however, insists and is sure that it can become possible, setting himself as an example: a former human turned ghoul. He is not disillusioned, though, knowing well that the CCG will not budge and agree to terms so quickly, which is why he intends to force them into negotiating. Then, the ghouls he freed from Cochlea lead by Fuka enter, and bow to him. Thus, Kaneki establishes a new organization called "Goat."

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