Old School (旧派, Kyūha) is the ninety-eighth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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The Quinx Squad believes they managed to kill Floppy, Koutarou Amon, but instead, the one-eyed ghoul dons his kakuja form. Urie tells his team to stand back, wary of the unnaturally large kagune. Its grotesque appearance frightens them before Amon attacks and injures Kuki Urie and Ching-Li Hsiao, spurring Touma Higemaru to take action alongside Shinsanpei Aura, who still needed time to heal. Higemaru decides to buy time, asking Saiko Yonebayashi to act as backup and releases his third frame before taking the offensive against Amon. However, after Tooru Mutsuki attacked as well, Higemaru was slammed into a wall. After Mutsuki as well had been injured, Urie rejoins the fray, trading blows with Amon, he receives a powerful thrust into his side, causing Saiko to use her kagune to defend him. Mirroring his past situation with Ken Kaneki, only with himself as the ghoul, Amon shares some of his own wisdom with Saiko before she crushes him with her kagune.

Matsuri Washuu reports to the remaining CCG investigators the results following the conclusion of the Rushima Landing Operation resulting in over a 98% extermination rate, including the announcement of Kishou Arima's death, Cochlea's breach, and the one responsible for both, Haise Sasaki. Several of the survivors being Kuramoto Itou supporting an injured Takeomi Kuroiwa, and Koori Ui nearby a tearful Taishi Fura. Meanwhile, the ghouls on Rushima Island gather, including Chie Hori with Mirumo Tsukiyama; Akira Mado carried by Seidou Takizawa accompanied by Yumitsu Tomoe; Shuu Tsukiyama, Kaya Irimi, Miza Kusakari, along with the White Suits; and Roma Hoito as Nishiki Nishio's captive with Kurona Yasuhisa not far behind the two. Matsuri continues to inform the investigators about Yoshitoki Washuu's demise by a ghoul and Itsuki Marude's apparent suicide. Akihiro Kanou had gathered Okahira and his assistants, one of which was Kimi Nishino, who had brought research material. Matsuri, declaring his hunt for Marude, receives the report of another death.

Chairman Tsuneyoshi Washuu is dead on his desk, three blades in his skull and various in the remaining of his body, as Uta inquires about Nimura Furuta's father. The entirety of the Washuu Clan has been killed. The latter only brushes it off before declaring himself the Washuu King who controls both the Clowns and V, in the presence of Kaiko and Donato Porpora.

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