Body Alone (身一つ, Mihitotsu) is the ninety-seventh chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Kaya Irimi taunts the shocked expressions of her foes. Kuramoto Itou wonders why he constantly has to go against unexpected opponents as they thought the Black Dogs were wiped out. Kaya briefly fights Itou, and dodges Takeomi Kuroiwa's sudden attack, causing them to exchange blows before she switches opponents with Shuu Tsukiyama. Tsukiyama breaks Takeomi's quinque and kicks him. While Itou fights Naki and Miza Kusakari, he tells Takeomi to use his spare, and immediately afterwards, sustains an injury to his brow ridge. Shousei Idera and Hooguro praise the successful hit. Meanwhile, Kaya and Koori Ui are in a high-speed battle. Koori stabs the face of a ghoul meaning to flank him and the two exchange words when Taishi Fura attacks Kaya from behind. Koori uses the opportunity to get in an attack on Kaya but his quinque is grabbed by a hooded individual, taking him by surprise.

Shikorae checks on Roma Hoito, while Kurona Yasuhisa informs Nishiki Nishio the attack she dealt was non-lethal, not hitting Roma's kakuhou. While yelling incomprehensible sounds, Roma charges at Nishiki, attempting to hit him. She's stopped when Kurona cuts through her kagune, gets slashed across her midriff and yells to Shikorae as she is about to be stabbed by Kurona's kakuja blade. Shikorae uses his ukaku then his koukaku to fight Kurona and receives a powerful kick from Nishiki who gets updated on Shikorae's multiple kagune types. Internally, Roma is confident of his ability but they all absently watch as he flees.

Koutarou Amon and Kuki Urie cross weapons before Ching-Li Hsiao back-kicks Amon from behind and begins her onslaught with Kuai 1/4. Urie then delves Ginkui's blade into the one-eyed ghoul's shoulder before Saiko Yonebayashi joins, hitting Amon with her kagune, surprising them when he takes the hit. She attempts to gain ownership rights over him since he once saved her life during the Rose investigation but Urie harshly reprimands her, his words even affecting Tooru Mutsuki. He then attacks Amon with Ginkui's mouths, decimating the ghoul's entire upper half.

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