The Clot (疑う血, Utagau Chi) is the ninety-sixth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Kuki Urie evaluates the situation he has entered upon. After seeing Tooru Mutsuki was fine and Koutarou Amon had escaped Ginkui's hold, he mentally prioritizes what needs his immediate attention. Mutsuki updates him on Houji Squad's decimation and Akira Mado's violation of the Ghoul Countermeasures Law. Questioning what may have truly occurred and trying to see both viewpoints, as well as acknowledging that Tooru acted recklessly, Urie decides to prepare for the attack. He directs the Quinx Squad, using one of Arima Squad's strategies. Fighting with Amon, Urie causes the other to use his kagune, leaving an opening for Ching-Li Hsiao, as she lands her kick, the distraction allows Shinsanpei Aura to stab Amon in the back, cueing Touma Higemaru to use his kagune from the front side of Amon. When it was time for Saiko Yonebayashi to make her hit, Higemaru was too close, however, breaking the formation and causing him to get hit by Amon. Shinsanpei blocks one of Amon's hits, but his kagune is crushed by Amon's hand, getting hit to the ground where Amon cuts his leg off.

Seidou Takizawa is beside Akira when Amon tells him what his initial intentions had been, instructing Seido to take Akira and meet his "friend." This bewilders Seido and Amon throws him his silver cross necklace. Understanding, Seido picks Yumitsu Tomoe to come with him, deciding to take Akira as his "hostage." The conversation is heard by Urie who does not quite understand what it all means before Amon and the Qs begin to fight.

Roma Hoito watches while mocking Nishiki Nishio as he is fighting outnumbered against the Aogiri Quinx, this angers him as he slices through the Quinx with his kagune. Unexpectedly, Roma is in his face, shocking him but she is also caught off guard, Shikorae calling out to her, as Kurona Yasuhisa's kagune skewers her into the air. Kurona decides and tells Nishiki she will pursue Akihiro Kanou with him.

Shuu Tsukiyama and Koori Ui fight, Naki attempting a sneak attack while yelling, which Ui blocks. Koori and the Itou Squad switch, Takeomi Kuroiwa taking over directly. Kuramoto Itou goes for a side attack against Tsukiyama but is blocked by the kagune of an unknown person donning a Black Dobers mask. Itou and the unidentified person remember each while another unknown person stands behind.

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